Slide Title - Forsyth County Schools

Slide Title - Forsyth County Schools

Class of 2020 Parent Orientation Thursday, August 18, 2016 Hosted By: NFHS Counseling Department Our North Forsyth High School Community Values: Preparing for COLLEGE and CAREER Developing LIFE SKILLS Expanding OPPORTUNITIES Pursuing EXCELLENCE North Forsyth High School

North Forsyth High School Counseling Department Tracey Winkler: Administrator Kathy Wigley: Lead Counselor; A & ESOL Whitney Adams: Last Names B - Da Josh Owens: Last Names De - Hi Sarah Kate Marshall: Last Names Ho - Mi Kenya Mattie: Last Names Mo - Sc Kim Haynes: Last Names Se - Z Ranita Christopher: Counseling Secretary Kim Grogan: Registrar

Tonights Agenda This presentation will cover: High School 101 Pathways at North Forsyth High School Advanced Placement Move On When Ready Post Secondary Planning Financial Planning: HOPE Scholarship, Zell Miller Scholarship, HOPE Grant PSAT Planning for Success Packet What is in your packet:

Planning for Success High School 101 Sample Four Year Academic Plan High School 101 Class Schedule Grading Scale Cumulative vs. Core GPA Minimum Graduation Requirements Preparing for College Admissions Student Schedule

Grading Scale On-Level & Honors Advanced Placement (AP), International Baccalaureate (IB), Dual Enrollment (DE) A (90 100) = 4.0 A (90 100) = 5.0 B (80 89) = 3.0

B (80 89) = 4.0 C (70 79) = 2.0 C (70 79) = 3.0 Grade Point Average (GPA)

HOPE/Core GPA vs. Cumulative GPA HOPE/CORE - Only includes courses from these areas: English Math Science Social Studies Foreign Language * Calculates up to a 4.0 Cumulative:

Includes all courses Determines class rank Determines Honor Graduate status (3.5 GPA) Prints on transcript Graduation Requirements Academic Advisement Promotion Requirements Credits How many credits are required to be in the 10th grade? 5 credits must be earned for students to be promoted to the 10th grade.

How many credits are required to be in the 11th grade? 11 credits must be earned for students to be promoted to the 11th grade. How many credits are required to be in the 12th grade? 17 credits must be earned for students to be promoted to the 12th grade. *Students are assigned to their Instructional Focus class based on the total number of high school credits earned by the student at the start of each school year.

Raider Academic Assistance We encourage parents to consistently check progress via parent portal. We encourage students to meet with teachers to discuss their academic progress and develop a student success plan. Each department has a before and after school tutoring schedule that can be found on the NFHS Website.

Raider Academic Assistance Instructional Focus (IF) Wednesdays from 10:08-11:43 Social Emotional Learning Implementation of the 7 Mindsets Two rotations for students to: 1. Receive remediation from teachers 2. Reinforce difficult content 3. Make up a test or assignment

Communication Is Key Protocol for communication: 1. 2. 3. Student to Teacher (self-advocating) Parent to Teacher Student/Parent to Counselor NFHS Pathways Advanced Academic Pathways World Language Pathways Fine Arts Pathways

Career Tech (CTAE) Pathways NFHS Pathways Students are encouraged to complete a pathway. A sequence of 3 or 4 courses is needed to be a Pathway Completer. Students can complete more than one pathway. Some pathways require an End of Pathway Assessment.

Advanced Academic Pathways English, Math, Science Earn 4 required credits 1 credit needs to be AP/IB/MOWR Earn 2 sequential credits in a world language Social Studies Earn 3 required credits 1 credit needs to be AP/IB/MOWR Earn 2 sequential credits in a world language World Language Pathway

Earn 3 credits in the same World Language AP & MOWR courses will also count Spanish French Russian German Latin Fine Arts Pathway Music Earn 3 Band credits or 3 Chorus credits

Drama Earn 3 Acting, Tech Theatre, or Musical Theatre credits Visual Arts Earn 3 Visual Arts, Drawing, Painting, Photography, or Ceramics credits Journalism Earn 3 Journalism credits (Yearbook or Newspaper) Career Tech (CTAE) Pathways

Agriculture Leadership in Horticulture Audio Video Technology and Film

Business Technology Computer Science Food and Nutrition Engineering and Technology Healthcare Sports Medicine Information Support and Service Animation & Digital Media Marketing and Management Sports & Entertainment Marketing Teaching as a Profession Marine Corps - JROTC Advanced Placement (AP)


AP AP AP AP AP AP AP AP Literature/Composition American Lit Language/Composition Calculus AB Calculus AB/BC Statistics

Human Geography World History US History Macroeconomics Microeconomics Government Advanced Placement (AP)


AP AP AP Psychology Biology Chemistry Environmental Science Physics 1 Physics C Spanish Language Studio Art Music Theory Computer Science A

Computer Science Principles Move On When Ready Previously referred to as Dual Enrollment Provides opportunities to earn credit at BOTH the high school and at the postsecondary institution Attend class on college campus Shorten the amount of time to earn a degree Paid for by MOWR funds that do not count toward HOPE hours 1 Extra Quality point added to Cumulative GPA, .5 for HOPE (up to a 4.0) Must apply to the college and meet admission requirements

Postsecondary Planning What are colleges looking for when making admission decisions? Courses taken GPA Class rank SAT or ACT scores Personal statements and essays Extracurricular activities Interviews Postsecondary Planning

Ways to explore your career interest: NFHS Pathways Move On When Ready Online resources: Georgia's Hot Careers to 2020 HOPE Program Hope Scholarship 3.0 Core GPA (English, Math, Science, Social Studies, World Language) Rigor Requirements

Covers a portion of standard tuition for public and some private institutions For a tuition award chart visit HOPE Program Zell Miller Scholarship 3.7 Core GPA Rigor requirements Test component (no super score) 1200 SAT combined score* (Critical Reading & Math) 26 ACT composite score Covers full standard tuition

For a tuition award chart visit HOPE Program The class of 2020 must pass four (4) courses from the approved list. Math: Algebra II, Pre Calculus, Statistical Reasoning, AMDM Science: Chemistry, Physics, Human Anatomy, Forensic Science Modern Language: Spanish II, French II, German II, Russian II, Latin II, or higher Any AP or dual enrollment core course For a complete list visit:

HOPE Grant High School GPA and/or test scores are not considered Must be enrolled in a certificate or diploma

program at a technical school Pays a portion of standard tuition Students enrolled in an approved program may receive the SIWDG Strategic Industries Work Force Development Grant Examples: Commercial Truck Driving, PC and Network Repair Tech, Heavy Diesel Service Technician, Welding, Pharmacy Assistant, among many others PSAT As Juniors, the PSAT is the qualifying exam for:

The National Merit Scholar Program. Governors Honors Program Several other scholarship opportunities The PSAT will be administered at NFHS on October 19, 2016.

Look for free PSAT Study Guides on the College Board website. The PSAT is a great way to preview and prepare for the SAT. You will receive a detailed score report that analyzes your strengths and areas of growth. The Time Is Now

Embrace a growth mindset. Raise expectations for your academic future. Seek help when needed. Stay organized. Participate in extracurricular activities. Seek leadership opportunities. Start a resume to track involvement. Consider rigorous courses.

Explore funding for college. Explore interests, strengths for careers. Consider summer activities. Get Connected Research shows that students involved in school sponsored activities are: More successful academically More likely to graduate high school and college Encourage your student to be an active member of our Raider family: Clubapalooza Wednesday, August 24th during IF Quality involvement vs. quantity involvement Great resume builder for college admissions

Helps to make a large school feel small For a complete list of the clubs and organizations offered at NFHS, please visit our school website. Get Connected NFHS Counseling Department Communicates Through: NFHS School Messenger (update portal info if not receiving communication from school) NFHS Facebook/Twitter Counseling Webpage tonights presentation is located on our website under the Class of 2020 tab ItsLearning Auto Dialer NFHS Marquee

School Video Announcements Follow us on Twitter @NFHSCounseling Call/Email/Appt. Slip NFHS Counseling Website Thank You Questions?

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