Editorials Who cares what you write in editorials?

Editorials Who cares what you write in editorials?

Editorials Who cares what you write in editorials? Nobody reads them anyway. Have you ever heard any newspaper staff say something like that? Although journalists express concern that newspaper readers increasingly avoid editorial pages, the editorial does not have to

become the last dinosaur. After all, people hunger for opinion and analysis. After this lesson, you will learn. 1. The importance of editorials in contributing to community conversation

2. How to write different types of editorials (that explain, evaluate or persuade) 3. The role of editorial cartoons What is an editorial?

An article that states a newspapers ideas on a particular issue. These ideas are presented as opinions. The newspaper is the voice of the community, and editorials are the voice of the newspaper. It creates a community conversation that will not be bland or boring. Ex) school newspapers

Editorials Today, most editorial writers are hired not for their willingness to parrot the views of the papers owner but for their education and experience. These writers try to make sense out of complex, and sometimes controversial, issues.

So.......... There are two strategies to address controversial arguments. Strategy 1- Editorial board Because editorials state the newspapers position on controversial issues, many high school newspapers have an editorial board

Editorial board: the group of people (usually the top editors) who decide on a plan for each editorial that will appear in a newspaper Editorials are usually unsigned, because they represent the newspapers opinion, not the writers Strategy 2- Brainstorming

Of course, the process of deciding the newspapers positions on controversial matters can include long and heated debates Conferences are held to discuss what is to be written about, decide the newspapers position on various topics, and make assignments

One useful strategy in these conferences is brainstorming Brainstorming A technique in which participants suspend critical judgment as they generate as many ideas as possible; also called free association

It helps people generate ideas for editorials and in suggesting approaches to specific topics. Parts on the Editorial page Editorial page: the page in a newspaper that includes editorials, columns, opinion articles, reviews, cartoons and the masthead

Masthead: a statement in a newspaper that provides the details of publication Op-ed page: the page opposite the editorial page in a newspaper Writing Editorials

Needs to tell the reader something that would not be discussed in a straight news story Like a news story, though, an editorial requires careful research How to organize an editorial S P E C S

State the problem or situation State your position Give evidence to support your position State or refute the position of the other side in your conclusion. Offer a possible solution to the problem. Three different kinds of

editorials Editorials that Explain Editorials that Evaluate Editorials that Persuade Editorials that Explain They present facts with explanations that are detailed.

They meant to inform the public on the topics whereas other types of editorials are presented as an opinion. Editorials that Evaluate Center on certain situations that need improvement. Instead of criticizing, the editors will focus on the

positive and present solutions. Editorials that Persuade They are the opposite of editorials that evaluate. Instead of finding a long-term resolution of the problem, this type of editorial wants to solve the problem almost immediately, therefore editors will provide specific

solutions. Have you learned anything? Read the sample editorials on the blog and identify if the editorial evaluates, persuades or explains. STOP HERE!!! So what if you are against or with the editors opinion?

You write a letter to the editor! Letters to the Editor As was explained earlier, the newspapers editorial staff has the responsibility to create community conversation.

In order for readers to have their turn to speak, newspapers provide space for dialogue on current topics of concern. In this way, readers are given their voices. Responsibility of the editor

Most readers like reading letters to the editor, but they must be encouraged to write. If you as an editor want to strengthen this part of the editorial pages, you have to ask readers to respond. Furthermore, you must be willing to print critical, as well as complimentary, letters. Finally, to receive vital, well-written letters, you must publish vital, well-written editorials. Opinion Features

Similar with Letters of the Editors Daily forum that includes the publics opinion on an issue or specific question. For the free exchange of opinions.

Cartoons Can do more than enrich popular culture and make readers laugh Editorial cartoons can be a powerful form of expression.

Unfortunately, however, they are not always understood. Cartoons Like this cartoon Cartoons Therefore, your goal in drawing or selecting editorial cartoons is to make sure that your readers get the intended message.

An effective way to achieve this goal is to have a cartoon reinforce a message that is contained in an accompanying editorial. In addition, cartoons should also be timely and well drawn. GEOPARDY TIME!!!!!!

NOW, You have all the knowledge About the Editorials!! Lets check

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