MRI INFUSION PUMP Group Members: Aman Ghotra Team

MRI INFUSION PUMP Group Members: Aman Ghotra  Team

MRI INFUSION PUMP Group Members: Aman Ghotra Team Leader Can Pi Communicator Miguel Benson - BSAC Prakash Rao BWIG Client: Dr. George Newman, Ph.D. Frank Hospod Advisor: John Webster, Ph.D. University of Wisconsin - Madison Biomedical Engineering Design Courses

INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY STATEMENT All information provided by individuals or Design Project Groups duringthis or subsequent presentations is the property of the University andof the researchers presentingthis information. In addition, any information provided herein may include results sponsored by and provided to a mem ber company of the Biomedical Engineering Student Design Consortium(SDC). The above information may include intellectual property rights belongingto the U niversity to which the SDCmayhave license rights. Anyone to whom this information is disclosed: 1) Agrees to use this information solely for purposes related to this review; 2) Agrees not to use this n i formation for any other purpose unless given written

approval in advance by the Project Group, theClient / SDC, and the Advisor. 3) Agrees to keep this information in confidence until the U niversity and the relevant parties listed in Part (2) above have evaluated and secured any applicable intellectual property rights in this information. 4) Continued attendance at this presentation constitutescompliance with this agreement. OUTLINE Problem Statement Clients Requirements Designs 1-3 Spur Gear Vane Pump

Peristaltic Pump Decision Matrix Stepping Motor Design Proposal Future Goals PROBLEM STATEMENT Current MRI compatible infusion

pumps are syringe-driven Limitations: a. Flexibility in programming b. Saline and gadolinium capacities (60 mL and 60 mL, respectively) c. Time Consuming (~7 min) CLIENT REQUIREMENTS The pumps must:

Be made of a non-ferrous material Minimize gadolinium or saline waste Deliver accurate flow rates (0.2-4 mL/s, 0.02 mL/s) Be easily sterilized and durable Be programmable Sequence: salinebolus saline infusion saline Manage time to produce consistent images Attach to containers (60/180 mL) SPUR GEAR PUMP A pair of matched gears rotate in

opposite directions. The air pockets created by the rotating gears draw in the liquids. The fluid exit at the outlet of the gear. PROS & CONS PROS CONS

Low cost Simple Reliable Efficient Hard to sterilize Sanitizing solution Replacement VANE PUMP VANE PUMP (cont.)

Cost Varies greatly $174 - $2993 Parts Rotor Vane plates Casing PROS AND CONS Pros Develops good vacuum Good with thin

liquids Can change displacement and angle Cons Complex Not for thick liquids Contamination possible Hard to Clean PERISTALTIC PUMPS Flow rate controlled by roller clamp

Tube walls squeezed to form seal as roller moves along tube More rollers increase accuracy PERISTALTIC PUMPS (cont.) Positive Displacement Pump Used in a variety of medical applications

PERISTALTIC PUMPS (cont.) Accuracy decreases as tubing wears and loses flexibility BUT, tubing will be changed after every patient Very sterile no external contact with fluid Typical price range: $170+ DESIGN EVALUATION Maintenance Efficiency Cost Accessibility

Total Spur Gear 1 Pump 2 3 2 8

Vane Pump 1 3 1 1 6 Peristaltic

Pump 3 3 2 3 11 0 worst; 3 - best

STEPPING MOTORS Converts electrical energy into motion Characteristics: Voltage = Torque Low cost ($60 & up) Easily programmable C/C++ Program Labview DESIGN PROPOSAL Alternative:

If we cant find out how to deshield the pump/motor case: We will have the motor in the control room and connect this with the rest of the apparatus through the wall. FUTURE GOALS

Work on budget with client Buy parts to assemble pump Buy an economical Stepper Motor Learn programming Figure out deshielding options/nonferrous materials Questions?

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