Dual Credit Presented by Walter Pinder Special Admissions

Dual Credit Presented by Walter Pinder Special Admissions

Dual Credit Presented by Walter Pinder Special Admissions Coordinator McKinney Campus [email protected] What is Dual Credit? Simultaneously earn high school

and college credit in one class! Benefits of Being a Collin College Dual Credit Student Courses taught at your high school. Small class sizes. Personal attention from Collin College instructors. Begin a college transcript. Experience a college environment and the rigor of a college course. How Much You Will Save! UT Dallas:

$2,230 for a 3 credit hour course* University of North Texas $1,325 for a 3 credit hour course ** * Based on Fall 2017 tuition rates Collin College is

$152 3 hour course (for in county residents) Fall 2019 Course Offerings Course ID/Section Course Title ENGL 1301 English Composition I

SPCH1311 Speech Communications Courses held at MArCH Academic courses satisfy Texas Core Curriculum Transferable to most public four year colleges/universities in Texas Please check with private and out-of-state institutions Dual Credit Courses are Transferable to Most Public Four-Year Colleges and Universities

in Texas *Students are responsible for determining if transfer institution will accept their credits* Dual Credit Eligibility Students complete the entire Collin College admissions process plus a permission form for registration. Available with permission from your high school each semester for every course. Must meet college readiness standards as defined by Texas Success Initiative (TSI).

Student must meet both high school and Collin College academic requirements to continue in the dual credit program. Is Dual Credit Right for You The importance of attendance and time management Student code of conduct Drop/Withdraw deadlines Maturity for subject

matter and college classroom environment Get to know your course syllabus and instructor Family Educational Rights & Privacy Act Similar to HIPAA law FERPA Federal law that ensures privacy of student

educational records (begins when student starts college regardless of age) Collin College cannot share grades, course schedules, test scores, etc. with parents A great opportunity for students to learn the college process and take on new responsibilities https://youtu.be/nhlDkS8hvMU * Waiver is available via cougarweb STEP 1. APPLY Application for Admissions

You may apply online NOW for Fall Complete application at apply.collin.edu 2019! *Application must be completed before anything else can occur at Collin* Create an account/profile and then an application. Under Intended Academic Goal, select YES to Will you be a high school dual-credit student for the term you are applying for? Select anything for Major. List your SSN Residency/tuition is decided based on your answers on the application and the documentation you provide. Student will receive their Collin ID number (CWID), email address, CougarWeb username and password in

3-5 business days. Questions? Please contact our Admissions office. What is CougarWeb? Students will receive cougarweb login 3-5 business days after application has been submitted. CougarWeb is an online portal that includes all of the information and access to services that students need, while attending Collin College.

- Add/Drop Class Online Trainings Cougarmail Paying for Tuition - Access online courses (Canvas) - Check Collin College class schedule Grades - And MUCH MORE Step 2. Remove All

What is a HOLD? A hold prevents registration Students are able to view holds via their CougarWeb account Each admissions step is listed as holds, so all steps must be completed prior to registration For more information about resolving holds, please visit www.collin.edu/dualcredit Permission Form Smith

Jasmine N 100555555 Home School June 2019 X 18 ENGL 1301

GOVT 2305 or ECON 2301 PSYC 2301 HS Counselor Signature Student Signature xx/xx/xxxx

Parent/Guardian Signature xx/xx/xxxx (if under 18) Must be completed each semester before the student will be allowed to register. A form is required for all dual/concurrent credit courses. Home School Release Form Doe

Joe A 100xxxxxx Fall 2019 MArCH Must be completed each semester Official Home School Transcript

Collin needs the most current transcript of high school credits for every student. Does not have to include final spring grades. Formatting is up to you as home school administrators. Please sign transcript as well. Texas Success Initiative (TSI)

The TSI is designed to measure college readiness in reading, writing, and mathematics. It is used for course placement purposes. Students must be at college level in reading and writing for the majority of courses. See the college catalog for placement and prerequisite information: https://www.collin.edu/academics/catalog.aspx TSI Exemptions Exemption Scores (minimum scores listed):

Test Combined/Composite Requirement SAT Combined Reading and Math: Reading: Math: 1070

500 500 Evidence Based Reading/Writing Math: (Before 3/2016) SAT

(3/2016 and After) ACT NO Combined/Composite Score Needed Exempts TSI Reading Exempts TSI Math & Writing 480 530

Composite: English: Math: 23 19 19 Partial exemptions allowed provided that the required

combined/composite score is met. For more information on exemptions, please review the Collin College New Student Checklist or visit www.collin.edu/dualcredit. Official Scores Needed Contact College Board or ACT student website and have them send your official score report directly to Collin College. It takes approximately 11-12 business days for Collin College to receive and process them. ACT Collin Code: 4046

SAT Collin Code: 1951 Bacterial Meningitis Vaccination Dual Credit students taking classes at any Collin campus MUST provide proof of an having vaccination within 5 years, documentation of an exemption if they under the age of 22. The vaccination must be administered at least 10 days prior to start of entering term.. Dual Credit students taking classes at their high school campus may request for an exemption by completing a Request for Exception Form (gray form in the Collin College

dual credit packet). For more information, please visit www.collin.edu/meningitis Mandatory Campus Safety Training Students will be required to complete training prior to registration. Student will complete training via CougarWeb. How to Access Training Log into CougarWeb account

Go to the Student Tab Click Mandatory Campus Safety Training How Do I Check for HOLDS on My Account? Instructions Log into CougarWeb account

Click Student Tab Click on View My Holds STEP 3. Ready to Register Registration Instructions For Dual Credit Classes at High School/College Campus

Log into CougarWeb Go to New Registration Tools Click on Student Registration Click on Register for Classes Enter Credit Fall 2019 term Click on Enter CRNs tab Enter the specific CRN for your designated course Click Add to Summary Click Submit

Step 4. Payment Tuition (Effective Fall 2018) $50 per credit hour for students residing in Collin County = $152 for a 3 credit hour course $88 per credit hour for students residing out of Collin County

Dallas, Rockwall, or Denton counties) = $266 for a 3 credit hour course (ex. Total cost per 3 credit hour course includes a $2 per semester student records fee. *All fees subject to change upon approval of the Collin Board of Trustees* Tuition is paid per semester. Free & Reduced Lunch students may be eligible for a tuition waiver. How to Pay Tuition Online Log into CougarWeb account

Under Student Quick Links Click on Pay By Credit Card/Check Click the Collin College Account Suite button

Then click on Make a Payment Get Books You have to buy books in college! You can find out which books you need by going online to the bookstores website a couple of weeks before the semester begins. There is also a link on your schedule

in CougarWeb. You may purchase books from your preferred retailer. To Receive Accommodations A student must: Self-identify Apply for services directly through the Collin College ACCESS office Provide documentation of his/her disability Request accommodations each semester for

What Does ACCESS Do? Provides equal access to the educational opportunities and services for students with disabilities through academic accommodations for those who qualify ACCESS Application Process 1. Admission to Collin 2. Complete ACCESS Application 3. Provide documentation 4. Intake appointment with advisor 5. Documentation review 6. Notification of eligibility

7. Pick up Accommodation Letter *This process is concurrent with Collin Admissions Process* Campus Resources (No additional cost to students) Career Services Counseling Fitness Center Library Math Lab Student Center Tutoring Writing Center

Transfer-U (transferu.collin.edu) College ID and Parking Sticker Pick up from a Student Engagement office on any campus Both are FREE! Allows you to use campus services Do not need for first day of class please pick up at your convenience Important Dates You can apply online at apply.collin.edu now

Registration will open April 16th Collin Colleges Fall Payment Deadline: July 24th Fall semester is August 26th December 15th. Questions? www.collin.edu/dualcredit 469-365-1850 [email protected]

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