RU N TRI 4 FUN What is the distance of a triathlon? Sprint (short distance, often called short course) 200-750 yds 6-15 miles 2 miles -5K (3.12 mi) Olympic (medium distance, often called long course) 1000-*1500m (.6-.9 mi) 15-*24 miles *10K (6.24 mi) (*Standard International Olympic distance) 5150 ( Olympic Championship qualifying race) Half IRONMAN (long distance, often called 70.3)

1.2 miles 56 miles 13.1 miles (half marathon) (Full) IRONMAN (really long distance. 140.6) 2.4 miles 112 miles 26.2 miles (marathon) Look Like a Triathlete 1. Swim Goggles or Mask 2. Bike/Pump Tires 3. Helmet 4. Water bottle and Water bottle cage 5. Running shoes

BIK E SWIM 6. Courage to wear spandex in Public RU N TRI 4 FUN Talk Like a Triathlete 1. Packet Pick up 2. Body Marking 3. Transition Area (aka Bike Corral) 4. Timing Chip

5. Courtesy on the Bike Course 6. Mount and Dismount Line BIK E SWIM RU N TRI 4 FUN 7. Athena division Triathlete Talk Glossary 1. A Race 2. Aero Bars

3. Brick Workout 4. Bonking (Hitting a wall) 5. Compression Gear 6. On Your Left! 7. Cycling shoes/Types of Pedals 8. Wedge Pack/Bento Box 9. Race Age/Wave 10.Duathlon/Aquabike BIK E SWIM RU N TRI 4 FUN

What to wear? One piece vs. two piece Types of clothing Where to buy How to Train Like a Triathlete Swimming Lessons. On post or thru the Riverfront Community Center. Total Immersion (available on YouTube). Check our club website for swimming links. Biking First get a good fit. ( Santa Fe Trails Bike shop.)

Group rides with friends Ensure you have a bottle cage/ no water stations Running Getting fitted for shoes is best. (The Running Well, Ultra Max Store or Gary Gribbles.) BIK E SWIM RUN TRI 4 FUN Where do Triathletes Train?

Pools Harney Gym on post (Lap swim 0530-0700 and after 1100) RFCC Indoor pool ($) Genesis indoor pool ($$) SMP Lake Beach Tue & Thurs 1800-1930 (June - July) ($) Kill Creek Lake Mondays only 1800-1930 (thru 6 Sep) ($) Bike routes On post. (Ride with traffic. Obey all traffic rules. Two exceptions.) Off post. (Same as above) (Group Rides with Santa Fe Trails.) Dog Daze Route (20 mi. Starts and ends at Warren Middle School) Check our website for Bike Routes ( ) BIK E Running

Local school track On post golf course route (2.15 mi loop) SWIM RU N TRI 4 FUN A simple training strategy Decide on your Objective and your Goal first. Do the math. Start training at least 4-6 weeks before your race. Start with 50% of the distance. Goal is to get to 100% 10 days prior. Increase a little each week.

3-5 days a week, always take a rest day. Alternate between disciplines. After the first week try to fit in a combination (Brick) workout. Practice your transitions. Its okay to walk during the run! Last person across the finish line is still called a TRIATHLETE! BIK E SWIM RUN T RI 4 FUN

Upcoming Sprint Triathlons Each $ = approx $45 USAT Adult annual fee $45 or $12 one day Youth annual fee $15 or $10 one day May 4th -2013 CGSC Sprint Triathlon ($) Swim 200 yds, Bike 13 miles, Run 3.1 miles. Registration fee May 19th Kansas City Triathlon ($$-$$$) Longview Lake, Lees Summit MO Sprint and Olympic Registration fee plus USAT fee May 19th Kansas 5i50 ($$-$$$) Clinton Lake, Lawrence Kansas

Sprint and Olympic Registration fee plus USAT fee June 2nd Omaha Women's Triathlon ($$) Lawrence Youngman Lake Swim 750 m, Bike 20k, Run 5k Registration fee plus USAT fee July 27th -Win For KC Women's Triathlon ($$) As of Feb 22, Wait List ONLY Smithville Lake, Missouri Swim 500m, Bike 10 miles, Run 5k Registration fee plus USAT fee Sept 14th - Olathe Womens Medical TR ($$) Kill Creek Park, Olathe, KS

Swim 500m, Bike 10.6 mi, Run 2.6mi Registration fee plus USAT fee Who do I ask about? Topic Name Swim diagnostic & basic skills (I) Joanie Hurst Advanced Swim workouts (II) George Hodge Open Water Swimming (III) Bikes Individual Coaching

Massage Therapy (Deep Tissue) Girl stuff questions CGSC Triathlon (4 May 2013) email [email protected] [email protected] Brendan Sheehan [email protected] (Owner - Santa Fe Trails Bike (913) 682-2444 Shop. 419 Delaware St) Bob Garven

[email protected] Deenise Thorsen [email protected] Van (Vahn) Bert Jolene Hodge Jackie Kennedy [email protected] George Hodge

[email protected] BIK E SWIM RUN T RI 4 FUN Leavenworth Tri Club Club Membership $25 First year

$15 Renewals Upcoming Events March (Hydration & Nutrition) April (Transitions; two-part class) May (Two meetings; Wetsuits, speedsuits & OWS, and the 5i50 KS & IM KS 70.3 pre-briefs) BIK E SWIM RUN T RI 4 FUN Questions?

SPECIAL THANKS TO Leavenworth Riverfront Community Center Santa Fe Bike Shop Five Trails Half Marathon/10K Genesis Health Club BIK E SWIM RUN T RI 4 FUN

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