North Carolina The Lay of the Land Mrs.

North Carolina The Lay of the Land Mrs.

North Carolina The Lay of the Land Mrs. Tyndall Track 1 Eighth

Grade Social Studies BASIC FACTS Located in the southeastern United

States. Bound on the north by Virginia. on the west by Tennessee. on the south by Georgia and South Carolina.

on the east by Atlantic Ocean. North Carolinas Geographic Regions Tidewater Coastal Plain

Piedmont Mountain s The Tidewater Region Narrow strip of North Carolina (NC) along the

Atlantic Ocean 30-50 miles wide. Tides affect the regions water. Sounds:

inland bodies of salt/fresh water mix. Contains a series of barrier islands that border the ocean known as the Outer Banks.

The Outer Banks TIDEWATER Capes (parts of the islands that jut far out into ocean): Cape Fear, Cape Lookout, Cape

Hatteras Graveyard of the Atlantic -shallow water off the shores causing ships to run aground In 1800s lighthouses were built to help warn ships away from dangerous waters.

Cape Lookout Lighthouse Currituck Lighthouse Maritime Forest of the Outer Coastal Plain

SOUNDS West of the barrier islands is an almost tideless body of water that consists of 5 major sounds: 1. Currituck

2. Albemarle (Great Dismal Swamp is located between this sound and Norfolk, VA) 3. Pamlico (Lake Mattamuskeet is located between Pamlico & Albemarle

Sounds) 4. Core 5. Bogue Currituck Sound

Lake Mattamuskeet Major Tidewater coastal towns:

Morehead City New Bern Edenton Elizabeth City Beaufort

Wilmington Southport Washington The Coastal Plain Region Stretches from Virginia to South Carolina and

about 100 miles wide. Covers about 1/3 of the state. Rich soil and flat land make area good for farming. Crossroads hamlets: serve rural areas,

usually a one or two stores, church, school, etc. The Coastal Plain is the prime agricultural

region for : Cotton Tobacco Hog Farming Noted for its sandy soil.

The Sandhills Located northwest of the bays. Sandy, rolling ridges left by ancient coast of the Atlantic Ocean. Very poor soil.

Used as the home for golf courses and Fort Bragg. Major Inner COASTAL PLAIN towns

Fayetteville Goldsboro Wilson Southern Pines Rocky Mount

Greenville Pinehurst Greensboro State Capitol

The Piedmont Charlotte Raleigh

This Photo by Unknown Author is licensed under CC BY PIEDMONT -Located between the fall line and the Blue Ridge Mts. -Center of the states urban population:

Raleigh Charlotte Greensboro Winston-Salem Durham

PIEDMONT Center of states manufacturing: Textiles Tobacco Furniture

Before 1849, NC was the countrys leading gold producing state -(In Charlotte the federal government once minted gold coins) Rich clay soil--variety of products

Restored Mine Tunnel at Reed The Deep River, Lee County

The Haw River, Chath County Center of higher education!

Center of cultural activities History Museum Art Museum

Museum of Natural Science The Mountains MOUNTAINS

Located between Piedmont and Tennessee. Covers 6,000 square miles. Elevations from 1,500(east) to 6,684 ft. Mount Mitchell--highest peak in

eastern U.S.). About 200 miles long and 15-50 miles wide. At the top of Mt. Mitchell elevation 6,684 feet above sea level

Mt Mitchell State Park MOUNTAINS Part of Appalachian chain (runs southwest to northeast--from

Georgia to Quebec). Blue Ridge Mountains--at eastern edge. Great Smokey Mountains & Unakas-at western edge. Black Mountain & Balsams-connecting the ranges.

The Appalachian Trail BLUE RIDGE MOUNTAINS Creek on the Parkway

The Blue Ridge Parkway The Mountains Economy

Early settlers isolated from others Farming, traveling, trading were more difficult Towns developed in valley areas Known for sales of local plants with medicinal

properties. Tourism is a major industry. Christmas tree is a new and growing industry;

Fraser firs are the most popular. Cherokee--states only Indian reservation. Unto These Hills

Asheville--largest city in region. States largest national forests Pisgah and Nantahala

Pisgah National Forest Nantahala National Forest

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