The Use of Breath-work in the Treatment of

The Use of Breath-work in the Treatment of

The Use of Breath-work in the
Treatment of Respiratory

Creating Transpersonal Caring Moments
Kaiser Permanente Oakland Medical Center
Oakland, California



Jean Watsons Theory of Human
Caring is applicable to all
healthcare professions dedicated
to caring-healing work. A
caregivers nurturing, caring
consciousness fosters a healing
environment for patients. For
Respiratory Therapists, this
evolving caring consciousness
illuminates how their passion for
breathing and breath-work is an
essential instrument of healing for
self and others.
Breathing is basic to survival , but
more than just survival; our breath is
the very source of life, of spirit

Project Description
Breath-work is defined as breathing
exercises that incorporate the use of
an Incentive Spirometer to encourage
patients to take in slow deep breaths.
Patients participate in breath-work
sessions prior to and after respiratory
therapy treatments. The RT remains at
the bedside addressing the patients
needs while authentically being with
the spirit-filled person.
All of this process deepens and sustains
our shared humanity and helps to avoid
reducing another human being to the moral
status of object Watson

Experiencing difficulty breathing
produces great anxiety.
Teaching/Learning breathing
techniques will help to calm anxiety
and promote healing. Combining
technical expertise with caring
consciousness creates an
environment that promotes
physical, mental and spiritual
health. Incorporating breath-work
during respiratory therapy sessions
creates opportunities for the
development of transpersonal
caring moments.
Create a healing environment for the physical
and spiritual self which respects human dignity


The Caritas connection may occur
through intentional yet authentic
actsand/or scientific-technical skills
that communicate caring to the
other Watson

Project Outcome

Respiratory Therapists will experience
positive effects on self and others
through an evolving caring
Patients will benefit from an improved
bedside practice that creates a healing
environment through breath-work skill
building .
Satisfaction Survey results for 30
86% satisfaction rating on care
received from Respiratory Care Services.
92% satisfaction rating for care that
was perceived as kind and that patient
privacy was honored by Respiratory Care

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