Bending the Tools Exceeding Expectations of Lifelong Learners

Bending the Tools Exceeding Expectations of Lifelong Learners

Bending the Tools Exceeding Expectations of Lifelong Learners through Flexible Learning Peter Le Cornu Program Director, Communication and Leadership Australian Flexible Learning Framework Introduction

Lifelong Learners Flexible Learning Expectations of Lifelong Learners Using Resources from the Framework How Learners benefit from Flexible Learning Lifelong Learners Person who takes responsibility for their own learning and prepared to invest time, money and effort in education & training on a continuous basis

OECD: Individuals without the capacity for lifelong learning are likely to become marginal to the labour force Learners Not on your life 15% Barriers prevent 22% Love to Learn

32% Learn to Earn 31% Education & Training Undertaken 80 70 60 50 % 40 30 20

10 0 On the job In-House Training External Training Study for Qual

Students enrolled in Public VET (by age) 2% 19% 23% 14% 42% <20 20-24

25-44 45-64 >64 Participation rate by age 30 25 20 % 15 10 5 0 15-19

20-24 25-44 Age 45-64 >64 Barriers to Learning

Expectations: Flexible Learning Learners want choice about: When they learn How they learn Where they learn What they learn

Expectations: What Learners Value Flexibility/Convenience Interaction with Teacher Quality of Materials & Course Design Access to a wide range of Resources Assessment and Quality Feedback Communication Expectations: Pre-enrolment Information on what is required to complete the course Information about the course Who to approach for help Information on how to enrol Expectations: Teaching/Learning Clear instructions on what they are expected to learn Helpful feedback from teachers

Requirements for assessment Communication with teachers using a variety of media Timely feedback from teachers Engaging Learning Expectations: Technical Support Quick response to technical problems Easy access to technical assistance Provision of technical assistance throughout course Strategies for checking accuracy/quality of information on the internet Access to Frequently Asked Questions Expectations: Administration Comprehensive information Enrol online Apply for Recognition Pay online

Retrieve Results web / mobile phone Access library resources Job Searching Expectations: Information Age I want it now!! Just in time Just for me

Pull the best from anywhere in the world Implications PDA / Phone Transport Industry Driver has a car accident Downloads instructions Lessons learnt reviewed a week later Toolboxes Audio Audio Transcript Scenario Equity Toolboxes

Toolbox Usage 100% 8% 4% 4% 8% 12% 31% 27%

80% 1-19 learners 60% 40% 20-49 learners 50-99 learners 100-150 learners 200+ learners 24%

53% 20% 29% 0% 2003 2004 Toolboxes: impact on learning Disagree 4% Neutral

13% Agree 53% Strongly disagree 0% Strongly agree 30% Adapting a Toolbox Analyse existing toolbox content against

content of course Analyse the modes of delivery provided by the toolbox against the needs of your students Activities use as is, adapt, develop new activities Building Blocks to Reality I understand how the frame comes together I could see how the project looked before I built it, it is so cool. This method is a lot

easier than waiting for the teacher to help you when you are stuck. Learning Centres

Example: LIRNSpace Open access Small group Multimedia labs Project development and exhibition spaces Ion Transmissions 250 trainees

Partnerships Adelaide Institute of TAFE Northern Territory Insurance Office Financial Services Training Learner Comments Accessibility after hours, flexibility, repetition when I need it. I work full time on a rotating shift so I cant get to

classes on specific days at specific times. Doing an online course. Its easy for me to work when I am free. I can work as I learn and learn as I work. I can choose when I do modules and I can finish them quicker than the allotted time. Its convenient as I have small children. Learner Comments

I can work at my own pace from home. You can continue just where you left off. No rush. Took my time. Having the freedom to choose when I have time to study and not having to keep to a timetable has been a great benefit to myself. Learner Comments Think it is good, you can come basically at any time. Fits in well with working fulltime; I cant give up work so this gives me the

opportunity to get skills; Works well with school age children; I can work around the needs of my three young children Learner Comments I have a disability so this is the only way I can study and not feel pressured to keep up with the other members of the class. I can take longer if I need to. As I live 100 km from the nearest TAFE, I would not have been able to partake in these studies under normal circumstances. Franca: Child Care Franca La Pila Needed Qualification No computer background Used CyberTots Toolbox to gain Cert. III in 6 weeks Oct-05

Jul-05 Apr-05 Jan-05 Oct-04 Jul-04 Apr-04 Jan-04

Oct-03 Jul-03 Apr-03 Jan-03 Oct-02 Jul-02 Apr-02 Jan-02

Oct-01 Jul-01 Apr-01 Jan-01 Oct-00 Jul-00 Apr-00

Jan-00 Index for raw data (Dec-01 = 100) Flexible Learning: Its Happening 1,200 1,000 800 600 400

200 - -200 Peter Le Cornu [email protected] (includes a weblog of current material on Learning, knowledge & technology) Flexible Learning Website:

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