All the cheetahs in the world. Max and Chance Grandpa. Chance Mr. Schmidt. Max and Chance 2 Cheetahs have excellent eyesight, black spots, spotted fur, a small

head, a long tail,claws,long legs,and a deep chest. Cheetahs can grow to be 6 feet long. 3 Cheetahs in Africa,asia,and iran.

Cheetahs are not nocturnal. Some cheetahs have different habitats. Most cheetahs live in Africa. They can live in Asia and Iran too. Female cheetahs stay together. All cheetahs need lots of space. We do not want to live in a cheetahs habitat because food is hard to get. 4

Cheetahs eat gazelles Cheetahs are predators. They are carnivores. They eat animals that they can catch like gazelles and rabbits. It chases to catch its food. They stalk their prey slowly and quietly. When they get close, they chase their prey. I would love to be a cheetah and catch food- we would be so fast.

5 Cheetahs have many adaptations that help them survive. They are the fastest land animals. Nothing can out run them. They are protective of their cubs. They are camouflaged, too in the tall grass that they sneak up and hide in. They have sharp teeth and spots, too. 6

The life cycle is cub to adult. Cheetahs live 10-12 years. They have no group after they grow up from their mother. Sometimes females will stay together. 7 The character traits of a cheetah are athletic and

sneaky. If they werent sneaky, they would starve because the prey would tire them out and they would starve. They need to be athletic to catch prey too. Their bodies stretch and bend to get faster. 8 We compare to cheetahs because we eat meat and are at the top of the food chain.

9 We contrast to cheetahs because we do not have to hunt for our food. Mom just goes to the store. 10 Meet the Authors!

Im Max, and I am 8. I love cheetahs because they are fast like me. I hope that cheetahs dont die out! EVER! Im Chance and I was born in 2009. I am a

very good at football. I will be writing a football book next time! I hope that you like this one and will read that one next. 11

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