Values, standards and the real world: regulation in

Values, standards and the real world: regulation in

Values, standards and the real world: regulation in context Tim Walker, Chief Executive 11 March 2016 Aims of session A number of topics to explore: How regulation contributes to goals of patient safety and the enhancement of patient care How we show that regulation contributes to these goals How research, policy and regulatory expertise can jointly contribute to this field

What do we think is the problem? Regulation should promote patient safety and enhance the quality of patient care But we dont know whether it does this and, worse, we have some evidence that regulatory interventions can impede this goal We need to develop a far better understanding of the potential and actual impact of a range of regulatory interventions Chronology of regulation

FtP Upstream Point of Harm Time What is regulation? Regulation is not:

A set of statutory functions Undertaken by one body the regulator Linear Abstract So what is it? Redefining regulation a rule, principle, that governs procedure or

behaviour Collins Dictionary health professionalism signifies a set of values, behaviours and relationships that underpin the trust the public has in professionals Royal College of Physicians holistic construct

which is linked to a range of attitudes and behaviours, including meta-skills of situational awareness Illing, J. et al Process Context Behaviours Values Standards

Redefining regulation Vickers appreciative systems model, Checkland and Casar (1986) Learning from other research HCPC, Preventing small problems from becoming big problems in health and care GOsC, Exploring and explaining the dynamics of regulation, professionalism and compliance with standards in practice GMC, Factors that encourage or discourage doctors from acting in accordance with good practice

SRA, Attitudes to regulation and compliance in legal services Redefining standards Level Activity 1 Overarching values/ principles 2 Standards 3 Guidance

4 Learning resources/ decision making resources Definition Possible inclusion of a set of high-level over-arching values/principles. Alternatively, reflect those developed and owned by the profession (e.g. Patient Charter). The 37 Osteopathic Practice Standards must statements. Supporting information that helps to underpin the Standards.

Communication and engagement and including: material explicitly linked to the OPS, providing more explicit explanation of why standards are in place, and contextual material about how they apply in practice. Decision making frameworks to support professional judgement. Understanding values/next steps Interactive workshops and sessions with osteopaths, patients and other health professionals to explore common and conflicting values. Identified lack of decision-making frameworks Next steps Develop decision-making frameworks

Test with osteopaths and patients using validated patient feedback tools Develop the evidence for whether regulatory interventions really can make a difference Questions for consideration What are thoughts on our direction of travel?

What works well? What other work should we be aware of? What are the barriers or concerns? Would anyone be interested in working with us to explore these approaches? Thank you Tim Walker [email protected] Fiona Browne [email protected]

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