Practice Managers Conference Bournemouth 15 October 2013

Practice Managers Conference Bournemouth 15 October 2013

Practice Managers Conference Bournemouth 15 October 2013 Otterbourne 24 October 2013 Health Education Wessex Health Education Wessex

Foundation School GP Training Recruitment and Assessment General Practice GP Retainer Scheme

Specialty Schools Training and Approval of Trainers Appraisal and CPD Whos Who GP School GP Director and Head of School of Primary Care - Richard Weaver Programme Manager - Fenella Williams

Recruitment and Assessment Administrators: Patricia Abbott Recruitment, Retained Doctors, PAY forms Matthew Parker ARCP, PAY Forms, Form R Programme Administrators: Jenny Gould AD meetings, Career Advice, Wessex Insight, Philippa Ricketts-Alighieri GP STC, Trainer Approvals, Invoices Dorset Mid-Wessex Southampton Portsmouth AD

Clare Wedderburn AD Simon Newton AD Johnny Lyon-Maris AD Sue Crane Administrators: Jen Seagrave EJ Stamper

Administrators: Jo-Anne Ireland Sarah Cornelius Andrew Wright Administrator: Theresa Lawrence Rose Debell Sara Segolo Administrators: Tracy Dickinson Dee Blakey Lisa Jordan GP training Medical School F1 and F2 Two years ARCP Panels Recruitment Nov/Feb ST1

ST2 Hospital rotations and 6 months in GP ST3 GPStR CCT Newly qualified GP!

GP Recruitment 132 vacancies at ST1 for August 2013 in Wessex Stage 3 Assessment Centre in February Offers by beginning of March. Successful candidates appointed to three year programme and Programme Directors allocate rotations Round 2 held in May if required. Trainees Paperwork At the start of training Deanery Agreement to be signed by the trainee and

sent to the Deanery Form R to be completed annually Before going into a practice placement PAY form - for trainee salary and trainers grant. Educational Agreement between Trainer and Trainee to be signed and held in the practice. Contact: Patricia Abbott, Matthew Parker Trainees Paperwork - cont Contract GP Trainees are employed by the practice during their GP placements. CoGPED/BMA Framework for a written contract for GP trainees is on the website.

The ST1/2 GP slot is separate from the third year GPR post, even where the GP ST1/2 slot comes immediately before the ST3 year and the trainee stays in the same practice. Each slot requires a new contract and a new PAY1 form. Educational Agreement between Trainer and Trainee. To be signed and kept in the practice. Contact: Fenella Williams Less than Full Time Training Trainee in a GP slot must first agree LTFT with their Patch Associate Dean and their Educational Supervisor. Trainee completes a PAY2 form and sends it to the Deanery for approval.

Once approved, the Deanery will send the PAY2 to the PPSA/SBS with a copy to the Patch Office, Programme Manager and the Trainee. Various kinds of leave Annual Leave depends on pay point: GP00 GP02 is 25 days GP03 and above is 30 days Maternity Leave and Sick Leave PPSA/SBS The Working Week and Study Leave - Richard

ARCP Annual Review of Competence Progression All trainees must have a review every 12 months All trainees must have a review before progressing to the next year of their training Busiest time is June (ST3) and July (ST1 and ST2) 380 trainees were reviewed in 2013 Trainee and Trainee are notified 8 weeks before panel and the Educational Supervisors Report to be submitted on eportfolio 2 weeks before panel ARCP continued

Deanery checks all assessments on e-portfolio Panel reviews trainees e-portfolio and decides whether they are progressing satisfactorily Unsatisfactory trainees invited to follow-up panel 2 weeks after main panel. If a trainer gives a trainee an unsatisfactory outcome for the mid-year review, they are asked to inform the Deanery. ARCP Administrator Matthew Parker Assessments MRCGP has three components: AKT CSA

WPBA Trainee must pass all three parts to obtain CCT Trainer Approvals GP applies to become a trainer and attends Prospective Trainers Course Practice Visit by AD or deputy, GP Trainer and their registrar may include a Lay Advisor AD submits Visit Report and recommendation for approval for GP STC GP STC grants approval and informs Trainer, Practice Manager, Patch Office, PPSA/SBS and the GMC

Practice signs SLA with the Deanery for each approval period. Approval Cycle Trainers first approval is for one trainee year. During this period Trainer attends a New Trainers Course. Another practice visit takes place and full approval is granted by GP STC. Re-approval is then every three years with a practice visit and the trainer attends the Experienced Trainers Course.

Other Approvals Clinical Supervisor for Foundation Doctors Out of Hours Clinical Supervisor Retained Doctor supervisor GP Retainer Scheme For qualified GPs who are unable to work full time eg due to health or caring responsibilities Retainers work 2 4 sessions a week. They receive 310 per year for professional expenses and up to 190 per year for courses Practice receives 58 per session from PCT GP Retainer Scheme contd Retained doctors must apply annually to remain on the scheme up to a maximum 5 years (excluding maternity leave). Retained doctor sends their application form to Patch Office for AD to sign and send it to the Deanery for final approval. The Deanery will confirm funding with the Local Area Team. Contact: Patricia Abbott

Qualified GPs Induction and Refresher Scheme Wessex Insight Practice Based Small Group Learning PPSA and SBS PPSA and SBS make payments to practices according to the NHS Directions as authorised by the Deanery. Trainers Grant Trainees Salary Reimburse expenses:

MDU Travel Forms for expenses available from PPSA/SBS PAY Forms PAY1 form completed at least 6 weeks before the trainee starts in post. Sets up trainees salary and the trainers grant. PAY2 form to be completed whenever there is a change eg full time/part time; extension; period of sick leave or maternity leave. PAY1 TG for Trainers Grant only used for Defence Deanery trainees and the Induction and Refresher Scheme.

PAY forms must be sent to the Deanery for approval and are then forwarded to PPSA (Hants and IOW) or SBS (Dorset and South Wilts). Educational Agreement between Trainer and Trainee to be signed and held in the practice. Contact: Patricia Abbott, Matthew Parker Maternity Leave Trainee must submit a PAY2 form with a photocopy of their MATB1 certificate. Practice pays OMP if trainee is employed by them 11 weeks before due date Practice pays SMP if trainee is employed by them at the start of the15th week before due date

and has 26 weeks continuous employment with the practice. OMP is paid to the practice by the PPSA/SBS. SMP is payable by the practice and 92% can be reclaimed by the practice from HMRC. Maternity Leave - continued Trainees whose contract will end after 11th week before their due date should have their contract extended and remain as an employee of the practice until the end of maternity leave and they have taken their accrued annual leave. Trainees should use any annual leave they have already earned before going on maternity leave.

They will accrue leave during maternity leave at either 25 or 30 days per year pro rata. The accrued leave does not count towards training time. Sick Leave Practice must submit a PAY2 form with photocopies of any sick notes whenever absence exceeds self-certification period. For extended periods where date of return to work is not known, send updates with photocopies of sick notes to PPSA/SBS and the Deanery. The trainees contract will be extended until the

end of their sick leave if it ends during their sick leave. What next? Newsletter for Practice Managers Website information for Practice Managers Handbook for Practice Managers Any Questions?

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