Catcher in the Rye Summary and Analysis Chapter

Catcher in the Rye Summary and Analysis Chapter

Catcher in the Rye Summary and Analysis Chapter 1: -Holden is talking to his psychoanalyst about his breakdown -Shows his rebellious attitude towards society -Retells events of the past four days Im not going to tell you my whole goddam autobiography or anything. Ill just tell you about this madman stuff that happened to me around last Christmas just before I got pretty run down... -Holden then begins to tell his story which starts on the Saturday before Christmas break.

-We learn about his older brother DB -Returning to Holdens own story, he discusses his expulsion from Pency Prep -The chapter end with Holden on his way to see Mr Spencer, his old teacher in attempt to make on finale connection with someone at Pency Prep Chapter 2: -Begins with a description of the Spencers house -Holden tries to have a positive conversation with Mr Spencer, but Mr Spencer turns the conversation into a discussion of Holdens failure in school

-Holden leaves, feeling the desperate need to escape yet again Chapter 3: -Holden begins with details about a former student of Pency Prep, Mr Ossenburger, who became an undertaker. -Holdens dorm is named after this man -Holden loves reading; he lists his favourite authors that include his brother -One of Holdens most positive qualities is his ability to call upon the literary imagination -Robert Ackley, a dorm member that Holden calls revolting,

interrupts Holden while he is reading -Ackley leaves when Holdens roommate, Ward Stradlater, comes into the room Chapter 4: -Holden follows Stradlater into the bathroom, where they discuss Stradlaters date, Jane Gallagher -Holden is anxious because Jane is an old friend of his, and he doesnt want his roommate to take advantage of her Chapter 5:

-Holden comments on the fact that steak is always served on Saturdays to impress the visiting parents. This shows the hypocritical world Holden lives in because of the false impression this gives the parents about the school -After dinner, Holden along two friends, Ackley and Mel Brossard, eat burgers and play pinball in Agerstown -When they return, Holden writes Stradlaters descriptive essay on Allies baseball glove -Allie is Holdens little brother who died of leukemia Chapter 6 and 7: -Stradlater returns in a bad mood after his date with Jane

-Holden rips up the essay after it is rejected by Stradlater -The boys talk about Jane, which leads to a fight that Stradlater wins -Holden goes to Ackleys room looking for a place to sleep but Ackley refuses, leaving Holden with no place to sleep -Feeling isolated and alone, Holden decides to leave Pency Prep and go to New York Chapter 8: -On the train to New York, Holden starts a conversation with the mother of a former classmate

-Holden doesnt like this boy, but lies to the mother, telling her that her son is awesome -Holden shows his creativity when he tells the lady that his name is Rudolph Schmidt and he is on his way to get a brain tumour removed Chapter 9: -Once in New York, Holden considers calling someone, but doesnt know who to call -Instead he hails a cab and checks in at the sleazy Edmont Hotel -Holden goes to the hotel, instead of his home, so his

parents wont know he was kicked out of school again -Holden considers calling Jane, but instead calls Faith Cavendish, a friend of a friend -Faith rejects Holden Chapter 10: -Holden wants to call his little sister Phoebe, but decides against it, knowing his parents would most likely answer -Desperate to talk to someone, Holden heads to the lavender room -Holden dances with three older women and attempts to

get them to stay, but is unsuccessful -Holden leaves shortly after the women do and continues to obsess over what happened on Jane and Stradlaters date Chapter 11: -Holden reflects on the relationship he once had with Jane -She was the only one that he showed Allies baseball mitt to -Holden remembers a touching moment he and Jane shared, but then his thoughts turn to his brother, DB

-This makes him decide to go to Ernies bar in Greenwich Village Chapter 12: -Holden is feeling depressed and tries to have a conversation with the taxi driver while riding to Ernies -Holden is so desperate for human companionship that he asks the cab driver to have a drink with him, but once again, he is rejected -While Holden is sitting at a table in Ernies, a girl who his older brother once dated, Lillian Simmons, comes over and asks if Holden would like to join her and her friend

-Holden refuses, saying he was just about to leave, even though this was just another lie. This makes him feel he was compelled to leave, rather than reveal his lie Chapter 13: -Holden walks back to his hotel in the cold -On his way up to his room, the sleazy elevator operator named Maurice offers to send him a prostitute -Holden agrees to this because he is so depressed, but regrets it immediately after -When Sunny, the prostitute, arrives he tells yet another lie, introducing himself as Jim Steele

-Holden tries to start a conversation, but Sunny not understanding his delay, tries to seduce him -This forces Holden to end the charade, and pays her five dollars after an argument over the price. Sunny leaves after receiving her money Chapter 14: -After Sunny leaves, Holden thinks about his little brother and has the urge to pray -There is a knock at the door and it is Sunny and Maurice, demanding more money from Holden -Maurice threatens him, while Sunny goes and takes another

five dollars from Holdens wallet -Maurice punches Holden in the stomach and then Sunny and Maurice leave -When Holden finally gets up, he imagines killing Maurice, and then takes a bath, trying to calm himself -Holden then admits that he considered committing suicide Chapter 15: -Holden considers calling Jane Gallagher, but calls Sally Hayes instead and makes a date for two oclock -After checking out of the hotel, Holden goes to Grand Central Station to eat breakfast, where he starts a conversation with

two nuns -He discusses literature with the nuns -Seeing their cheap luggage, it brings back memories of an old roommate who used Holdens kindness to be accepted into society -Feeling generous, Holden gives the nuns ten dollars, even though he is low on funds. He even wishes he would have given them more -He goes on a walk to kill time before his date with Sally Chapter 16: -While on his walk, Holden thinks about the nuns and

their collection basket -He finds himself walking towards Broadway, and thinks about buying a record -Holden comes across a poor family and his mood is elevated when the little boy sings If a body catch a body coming through the rye -Holden finds the record he was looking for called Little Shirley Beans for his sister Phoebe -Holden decides to call Jane, but hangs up when her mother answers -He then buys tickets to a play for his date with

Sally -Holden goes to look for Phoebe in Central Park, but she isnt there, so he walks toward the Museum of Natural History, that holds fond childhood memories, but doesnt enter the museum -Holden heads to the Biltmore to meet Sally for their date Chapter 17 and 18: -When Sally arrives late, Holden isnt angry because she looks so good

-They go see a play and then go ice skating at Radio City -Upon realizes that they are both miserable skaters, they go to the bar for cokes -Here Holden asks Sally to run away with him, showing that Holden desires to escape from the world he is living in -Sally refuses and leaves after Holden insults her -Holden decides to call Jane again, but she isnt home, so he calls Carl Luce and arranges to meet him for a drink -To pass the time Holden goes to the movies, which does not enjoy Chapter 19: -Holden arrives at the Wicker bar, where he is

meeting Carl and finds a seat -It bothers Holden to hear all the phones applaud the performers that aren`t very good -When Carl arrives, Holden tries to have a meaningful conversation with him, but Carl appears uninterested and anxious to leave -Carl keeps telling Holden to grow up and after he`s had enough, Carl leaves Chapter 20: -Holden remains at the Wicker bar and gets drunk -Holden decides to call Jane, but again, calls Sally

instead -Not pleased, Sally tells Holden to go home -Holden walks to the park to see if the ducks are taken care of -Once he arrives at the pond, he finds it empty -At the park Holden decides he wants to see Phoebe and starts to walk home Chapter 21: -Holden goes to his apartment building, and into Phoebes room -She`s not there and then Holden remembers that she

sometimes sleeps in DB`s room -He wakes her up and Phoebe is excited to see her brother, until she realizes that he shouldn`t be home this early -Holden tries to lie his way out of him, but Phoebe sees right through him -Upset with Holden`s expulsion, Phoebe refuses to talk to him Chapter 22: -Holden and Phoebe talk and she asks him what he wants to do with his life

-Holden tells her he wants to be a catcher in the rye. Holden says Anyway, I keep picturing all these little kids playing some game in this big field of rye and all... And Im standing on the edge of some crazy cliff... Id have to come out from somewhere and catch them. Thats all Id do all day. -Holden calls his English teacher from Elkton Hills, Mr Antolini Chapter 23: -Mr Antolini invites Holden over, despite the late hour -Holden does not realize that this meeting could turn out

bad, considering what happened with Mr Spencer -Though he is anxious to leave home, he doesnt want to leave Phoebe, so Holden stays and dances with her -Holden almost gets caught by his parents, but Phoebe covers for him -Phoebe lends Holden money and he cries -Holden then makes his way to Mr Antolinis, who lives on one of the most expensive streets in Manhattan Chapter 24: -Holden goes to the Antolinis is feeling dizzy -Holden talks with Mr Antolini and learns that he has been

concerned about Holden -They discuss life and Mr Antolini stresses the importance of education -Antolini tries to comfort Holden with a hand on his forehead -Holden interprets this as a sexual advance, so he leaves and takes a nap in Grand Central Station, where he realizes he might have misinterpreted Antolinis intentions Chapter 25: -Holden remains alone and ill, his symptoms from the night before have intensified -The next morning, Holden decides to wander the

streets of Manhattan -Holden sees that there is beauty and ugliness is the landscape, from the man who swears while unloading a Christmas tree and from the beauty of Fifth Avenue -Golden walks towards Central Park, filled with cheerful thoughts of his time with Phoebe -These feelings do not last long; Holden soon becomes dreary and anxious about his upcoming departure -This causes Holden to call upon his dead brother, Allie for help -On a park bench, Holden comes up with a plan to escape

the world, by pretending to be a death mute; cutting himself off from the world around him -Holden then goes to Phoebes school to deliver a goodbye note -In the school, Holden sees ugliness again when he spots an obscenity written on the wall -Holden rubs off the word, trying to keep the children from being hurt by the vileness -After delivering his note, Holden heads to The Metropolitan Museum of Art to wait for Phoebe -Here he talks with two boys who are skipping school.

Holden gives them directions to the mummy exhibit, one of Holdens favourites -Alone in the mummy exhibit, Holden enjoys the peace and quiet, but it is interrupted by another obscenity written on the wall -Holden makes a joke about it, instead of being angry, a sign that Holden is starting to see the world in a different way -Holden changes his daydream of running away; he decides he will return home for a visit when hes 35 showing that he is less determined to cut himself off completely from the world

- Phoebe shows up at the museum with a suitcase, determined she is going with Holden -This is when Holden realizes that innocence is fragile and fleeting, and Phoebes determination to go with him is part of the cycle of growth and change -Holden and Phoebe go to the zoo next, and Holden buys Phoebe a ticket for the carrousel -While watching Phoebe on the ride, Holden realizes it is impossible for her to remain a child forever

-At the end of the chapter, Holden has reached a newfound happiness Chapter 26: -Holden is speaking to the analyst at a mental facility, and he states he wont say anything else because it is irrelevant -Holden regrets telling so many people his story because it makes him miss the people he spoke of -Holden concludes his story with this advice, Dont ever tell anybody anything. If you do, you

start missing everybody.

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