European Statistical System (ESS) Competence Profile for staff

European Statistical System (ESS) Competence Profile for staff

European Statistical System (ESS) Competence Profile for staff supporting the ESS Conference of European Statisticians Workshop on Human Resource Management and Training in Statistical Offices Geneva, 14-16 September 2010 Wesley Miles UK National Statisticians Office My role in the National Statisticians Office NSO is based in the UK Statistics Authority (of which the ONS is the Executive arm) Caron Walker Divisional Director Operations Jil Matheson National Statistician & Head of GSS Jason Bradbury Divisional Director Strategy 1,440 statisticians working in the decentralised UK Government Statistics Service (GSS) in 33 govt departments and agencies (ONS is the biggest) Deb Prestwood Asst DD Statisticians

In Government Team (SiGT) 5 people Right People Right Places Right Skills, Knowledge & Attitudes Policy and Governance Team International Liaison Team Private Office Team Strategy Team Diverse team providing glue to help bind the GSS together Recruit fast stream and main stream statisticians Ensure statistical capability across the whole of the decentralised GSS Wesley Miles: developing and managing strategies/activities to support professional development and share good practice at international level 2 What this talk will cover 1. Why the ESS Competence Profile (ESSCP) was

developed 2. What the ESSCP includes 3. How it can be used 4. How it will link to different learning opportunities 5. Next steps 3 Why it was developed the ESS Todays European Statistical System is a hive of activity Collecting data at the European level European Statistics Code of Practice Harmonising statistics new Regulation on Statistics driving modernisation Working together Networking together 4 Why it was developed sharing good practice The ESS network provides an excellent opportunity to share good national practice, eg on topics like CPD strategies; learning & development activities. And the ESS-Learning and Development (ESS-LDF) Task Force has been doing just that!

5 Why it was developed the ESS-LDF The ESS-LDF Task Force has developed, the: Learning and Development Framework for the ESS Training Programme Tool for measuring the Impact of learning It will help people to: identify core ESS competences; identify learning activities to fill gaps; ESS Learning & Development Portal Core competence Profile Study visits to Eurostat E-learning products Mentoring process learn together; share good practice;

To be implemented in 2011 open-up communication channels. 6 Why it was developed setting standards underpins the ESS-LDF; core statistical K/S/A important for ESS work; designed to complement national competences not duplicate; ESS Competence Profile a common reference point at two levels; piloted in five countries. 7 Whats included? - Key drivers Helped us to identify important core competences at ESS level European data harmonisation Role and functions of the ESS (legal basis) Key drivers at the

ESS level European classifications European Statistics Code and the new Regulation on Statistics European Customer requirements Quality declaration of the ESS European level networking EC rules and procedures 8 Whats included? - Level 1 Knowledge EU communication tools eg CIRCA, Eur-lex Code of Practice & peer review process Modernisation agenda Eurostats

Mission & operational structures & activities Legislation including harmonisation EU committees and working groups Technologies, tools and standards for collection & transmission Level 1 Knowledge (with at least 2 years experience) EU history & interests & tasks and modes of operation its institutions Methodologies & tools for analysis Legislation including harmonisation ESS Quality reporting TQM/EFQM

frameworks Classifications and Nomenclatures Administrative procedures applicable in EC 9 Whats included? - Level 2 Knowledge Peculiarities of country partners to improve relationship building ESS admin rules and procedures (budget, reporting etc) Impact of statistical modernisation on the ESS Level 2 Knowledge (with at least 4 years Experience) Relationships between ESS &

third parties ESS norms, regulations & laws relating to contracts etc EU policies that support the ESS and how applied 10 Whats included? Skills levels 1 and 2 Implements the European Classification systems Applies tools & standards for the European statistical production cycle Responsibly defends/ Skills expresses Level 1 the national opinion and at EU forums, Level 2 balancing with the

Uses the EU vision appropriate tools and methods Uses the for European European Analysis Presents quality dissemination Information to methods & users in the elaborates statistical dissemination framework strategies Coordinates the National participation in ESS meetings, EU policies & institutions Applies methodologies related to harmonisation & comparability of data Effectively transmits expertise into a developing environment, to

promote European standards 11 Whats included? Attitudes and Behaviours Integrate and build effective relationships Reflect an attitude of Proactively empathy when support communicating with international those working in activities a non-native An appreciation Attitudes language for other and cultures Behaviours Promote & strengthen Influence the the ESS without development of key compromising European national strategies

Responsibly integrity comply with EU rules & regulations 12 How it can be used? Gauge an organisations capability with regard to core Knowledge, Skills and Attitudes Identify & develop core ESS competences in advance, for a future role Compare with job descriptions with ESS content Prepare for a promotion board interview How it can be used Identify learning activities to

support a persons development Include in a job advertisement with ESS content 13 Mapping competences to learning opportunities Knowledge Level Level 1 Level 1 Competence Is aware of the technologies, tools & standards for European data collection and transmission etc Learning in the classroom 1. Course A 2. Course B 3. .. etc

Learning by surfing the web Learning by sharing good practice Link to: A. document B. e-learning issues C. UNECE website D. Eurostat website Consult portals and websites where information is stored etc etc Learning by mentoring For further information contact.. Attend conferences

etc 14 The next steps Second pilot to test practicalities of working with ESSCP (during September 2010) France, Germany, Italy, The Netherlands, Poland, Romania, and The UK taking part Report back to ESTP working group Aim to launch in 2011 Thank you! 15

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