The North Dakota 4-H Foundation A Foundation for

The North Dakota 4-H Foundation A Foundation for

The North Dakota 4-H Foundation A Foundation for Growing THE NORTH DAKOTA 4-H FOUNDATION The ND 4-H Foundation is a charitable 501(c)3 organization with a governing board of 18 members plus a development director and administrative assistant: *12 Board members, or directors, represent various areas of the private sector and come from all parts of the state *6 directors are members of the board by virtue of their position. These members are: 2 4-H Ambassadors, the Director of NDSU Extension Service, the Chair of the Center for 4-H Youth Development, a ND

Association of Extension Agents representative and a ND Association of Extension 4-H Youth Workers representative The board meets a minimum of 3 times per year The executive committee, standing committees and ad hoc committees are in place to help conduct specialized foundation business Growing Great The North Dakota 4-H Directors Foundation Jay Paul Anderson, Cornerstone Bank, Lisbon

Samantha Roth, NDEAFCS Representative, Mandan Mike Berg, Apex Engineering, Bismarck Leann Schafer, New Rockford Chad Ellingson, St. Anthony Rick Schmidt, NDAEA Representative, Center

Allison Driessen, Early Explorers Headstart, Devils Lake Stephanie Schoenrock, Kranzler Kingsley, Minot Andy Staloch, Kadrmas, Lee & Jackson, Williston Gerald Sturn, NDAE4-HYW Representative, Bismarck

Luther Tegtmeier, 4-H Ambassador, Hunter Taylor McAllister, 4-H Ambassador, Devils Lake Executive Committee Jerry Iverson, Chair Maureen Bosch Ming, First Vice-Chair Duane Hauck, Second Vice-Chair, Director, NDSU Extension Service, Fargo Jean Johnson, Third Vice-Chair, AgCountry Credit Services, Grand Forks Clarence Sitter, Fourth Vice-Chair, Eide Bailly, Brad Cogdill, Legal Secretary, Chair, Center for 4-H Staff Mylie Lavold, Development Director

Alice Amundson - Administrative Secretary The North Dakota 4-H Mission create supportive learning environments for youth and adults to reach their fullest potential as capable, competent, and caring citizens. The North Dakota 4-H Foundation Mission to provide financial support to develop and promote programs for 4-H youth and adults to reach their fullest potential. Growing Great Who does the Foundation support? 2008-2009 Enrollment Statistics:

6,345 Enrolled 4-H Members (4,762 in 448 community clubs) 12,565 Individuals reached through special interest/short term programs such as camps, activity days, family nutrition program, expanded food and nutrition education program, and one time programs 14,270 Individuals reached through School Enrichment Programs (coordinated by Extension in cooperation with school officials) 921 Individuals reached through other delivery methods such as over night camping, day camps, school-age child care education or other after school programs

23,455 Total individuals participating in NDSU Extension Service Programs (audience with duplications eliminated) Growing Great Who does the Foundation support? 2008-2009 Volunteer Involvement 2,613 Adult Volunteers 142 Youth Volunteers 2,756 Total Volunteers Growing Great STATE AND LOCAL SUPPORT The North Dakota 4-H Foundation provides state and local 4-H programs

with financial support for youth development opportunities and the adult volunteer leaders who assist them. Examples of financial support include: Programming resources Scholarships Recognition and awards Travel opportunities Volunteer trainings Growing Great Foundation Program Support The ND 4-H Foundation currently provides $78,650 in financial support for 26 programs.

4-H programs are implemented through County Extension Staff and trained adult volunteer leaders in all 53 counties across the state. Program focus areas include: *Science, Engineering & Technology *Environmental and Natural Resources *Animal Science *Plant Science *Consumer and Family Science *Citizenship and Civic Education *Communication and Expressive Arts *Personal Development and Leadership Growing Great

SCIENCE, ENGINEERING & TECHNOLOGY (SET) Geospatial Experiments Robotics Aerospace Energy Growing Great ENVIRONMENT & NATURAL RESOURCES Entomology Conservation Outdoor Skills

Wildlife Growing Great ANIMAL SCIENCE County and State Fair Vet Science Dairy Conference Livestock and Dairy Judging Horse Judging/Hippology Growing Great

PLANT SCIENCE Crop Production Forestry Soil Science Gardenin g Growing Great CONSUMER & FAMILY SCIENCE Foods and Nutrition

Consumer Choices Clothing Review Growing Great CITIZENSHIP & CIVIC EDUCATION 4-H Congress 4-H Conference State Events Citizenship Washington Focus Growing Great

COMMUNICATION & EXPRESSIVE ARTS Growing Great PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT & LEADERSHIP Growing Great 26 YOUTH DEVELOPMENT PROGRAMS Communication Arts Livestock Judging Horse Program Horse Judging/Hippology Land/Range Judging Dairy Judging Ambassadors Design Team

Volunteer Training Image/Marketing Extension Youth Conference Citizenship Washington Focus Character Education National Conference District/State Leader's Forums National Congress Agriculture Natural Resources/Environmental Ed. Outdoor Skills Judges Training/Poultry & Livestock Dairy Conference Showcase/Consumer Choices Crops Judging ND Citizenship Event


Eleanor R. Schulz Memorial Scholarship North Dakota 4-H Foundation Scholarship in Honor of Erwin Klusmann and John Norgaard Rosevold Memorial Scholarship Jerome Striegel Memorial Scholarship Farm and Ranch Guide William Bloom Scholarship John DeKrey Jr. and Hannah Dekrey Scholarship John D. Paulson Memorial Award Kelci Jo Willson Memorial

Growing Great SUPPORT THROUGH RECOGNITION North Dakota 4-H Hall of Fame Since 1994, this award has been given to honor outstanding 4-H leaders and volunteers. To be nominated to the 4-H Hall of Fame, the nominee should have at least 15 years of involvement, beyond 4-H membership. The involvement may be at the local, county, unit (or area), or state level. Applications are accepted throughout the year, but must be received by March 1 for consideration during the current year. Growing Great

SUPPORT THROUGH RECOGNITION Century Families North Dakota 4-H Century Family program recognizes 4-H families with a long, sustained involvement in the 4-H program. North Dakota 4-H families with a combined 100 years or more of membership and/or volunteer service in 4-H will be recognized. Applications can be submitted at any time but are due by May 30th for recognition at the ND State Fair in July. Growing Great FUNDRAISING PARTNERSHIPS Fundraising partnerships:

County Quota Program: 25% of gifts received by the foundation and credited to a specific county are given directly to all counties after goal/quota is met JC Penney Round-Up: shoppers round up the total of their purchases to the next dollar with the difference being donated to local county 4-H. Tractor Supply Company, Paper Clover Campaign: shoppers have the opportunity to support 4-H by purchasing paper clovers for just $1 at checkout with funds being donated to 4-H at the national, state, and local levels. The ND 4-H Foundation and Case IH, Growing Great Leaders Raffle: counties/clubs choosing to participate retain up to 50% of tickets sales for local 4-H and top 5 youth receive cash prizes

Growing Great CONTACT North Dakota 4-H Foundation NDSU Dept. 7280 PO Box 6050 Fargo, ND 58108 701-231-8569 (Mylie Lavold, Development Director) [email protected] 701-231-7280 (Alice Amundson, Administrative Assistant) [email protected] Fax: 701-231-8568 Growing Great

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