Personal Banking and Commercial Banks Annie Patton The

Personal Banking and Commercial Banks  Annie Patton The

Personal Banking and Commercial Banks Annie Patton The Role of The Bank

Current Accounts Deposit Accounts

Payment Services- e.g. Direct Debit ATM Machines Loans Internet Banking Night Safes Foreign Exchange Name some of the banks in Navan and around Ireland that

you are familiar with? How Banks Operate Banks normally talk about two types of interest, that they give people with money in the bank and that they charge people who have loans from them So banks borrow from savers and give them a lower rate of interest, than they charge those

who have taken out loans from them This is how they make some of their profits How Banks Operate Takes in savings Gives out loans Will charge a higher rate of interest on the loans they give out

Opening a Bank Account You must complete an application Form Provide Proof of Identity- ID and Address Get a reference from somebody known to the bank- usually this will be another account holder/school Provide a sample signature

Two Types of Account Current account: You are given a cheque book and can withdraw money from the hole in the wall, however you get no interest. There is normally a charge for each transaction, and you may be entitled to an overdraft Deposit account: This is a savings account. You get interest on money saved, and you pay DIRT on your savings. There is no cheque book, debit card and you

cannot use the hole in wall Lodging Money to a Current Account

Name and Address of Account Holder Account Number Amount being lodged Signature of Person lodging the money Date of Lodgement Lodging Money in a current account Withdrawing from Current Account

Cheque ATM Machine Laser Card (including cash back at till) Direct debits and standing orders (see

chapter 9) Filling a withdrawal slip in a bank Cheques A customer, who has a current account is given a book containing a number of cheques These cheques are personalised with their name for their use only A couple will have both names on the cheque

and a business will have its name on it We have seen from the last chapter that the parties to a cheque are: The person, who writes the cheque is the Drawer The person, to whom the cheque is written to is called the Payee The bank that the drawer has their account in

is called the Drawee Essentials for a Cheque

Signature of the Drawer Name of the Drawee Name of the Payee Date of the Cheque Amount in both words and figures Revenue Stamp Filling Out The Cheque

Types of Cheque Stale Cheque: Has not been cashed in 6 months from the date written on it, therefore it cannot be cashed Post-dated cheque: A cheque that cannot be cashed until a date has been reached Ante-dated Cheque: A cheque that has a shortened life span to encourage it to be

cashed quickly Other Types of Cheque Order Cheques: Most cheques have the words or order after the payees name, this means the payee has to sign the back of the cheque (Endorse it) before lodging it or passing it on to someone else as payment for a debt Crossed Cheques: This a cheque with two

parallel lines drawn on it, meaning the cheque cannot be cashed in a bank, but must be lodged in an account A cheque can be dishonoured if:

One of the six essentials are missing Post dated-cant be cashed until certain date The Cheque is stale Bank is suspicious of the drawer Not enough funds in the account Drawer instructs bank not to do so

Bank Overdrafts One cannot withdraw or write cheques for more than they have in their accounts unless they have special permission to do so called an Overdraft Special permission has to be sought to get this privilege

Night Safes Can deposit cheques and lodgements after hours The door is located on the outside and the customer has a key to a shoot that they open and deposit money The bank clerk gets the money the next day ATM

Most banks now allow one to withdraw money 24 hours per day 365 days per year, using a machine placed outside the building The machine is known as an ATM (Automatic Teller Machine) 24 Hour Banking Foreign Exchange

Exchanging currencies in a bank There is a we buy, we sell rate that the bank operates We will be doing examples of these in the Economics section

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