cumbersome Adjective: hard to handle or deal with

cumbersome Adjective: hard to handle or deal with

cumbersome Adjective: hard to handle or deal with Synonym: awkward, clumsy 1. The cumbersome shape of the axe made it hard to swing. 2. The suitcases were so cumbersome he could not handle them and was unable to make his flight. 3. The secret was so cumbersome, she felt it must be shared with another.

daunting Adjective: discouraging, disheartening Synonym: intimidating 1. The sight of the Green Knight was daunting. 2. The difficulty of the task proved too daunting for me, I was unable to complete it. 3. The size of my opponent was so daunting, I didnt think I could possibly win. demean

Verb: to lower in status or character Synonym: to degrade 1. It was demeaning to be asked to clean the toilet. 2. Some jobs are just too demeaning for a king. 3. Emily felt it was demeaning to have to wear last years styles. Noun: Being of sound moral principle.

integrity Synonym: Honesty, sincerity 1. Neros lack of integrity was one factor in the fall of the Roman Empire. 2. Gawain was completely honest, his integrity was his greatest quality. 3. His followers never questioned Jesus integrity. 1. His lankiness made his body look disproportionate.

2. Although tall, the Green Knight was not lanky; he was very muscular and broad. 3. Lanky people frequently excel at basketball. lanky Adjective: Tall and lean Synonym: gangly 1. The nation reveres our president for his honesty. 2. Paul Revere was revered for his midnight ride.

1. The knights continued to revere their king; to them he could do no wrong. revere Verb: To regard with deep respect Synonym: Honor sever 1. I was forced to sever my relationship with Mr. Guthrie as we never seemed to

agree. 2. To sever the Green Knights head from his body required great force. 3. The guillotine was used to sever the head from the body. Verb: To separate Synonym: To break off 1. I was unperturbed by the students defiance. 2. The Green Knight seemed unperturbed about his fate; he calmly positioned himself and waited for

the ax to fall. 3. To describe myself as unperturbed when the Packers lose is an understatement. unperturbed Adjective: Not agitated Synonym: Not disturbed

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