Welcome! College of the Environment, Forestry and Natural

Welcome! College of the Environment, Forestry and Natural

Welcome! College of the Environment, Forestry and Natural Sciences (CEFNS) Orientation for new faculty August 22, 2019 Jamie Baxter, Administrative Director Diana Elder, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs Jason Wilder, Interim Dean 2 Agenda College overview Organizational Chart Academic Units Centers and Institutes CEFNS Policies and Procedures

General Resources Statement of Expectations Academic Affairs Research Questions 3 4 University Overview College of Arts & Letters College of Education College of College of

the Engineering, Environment, Informatics, Forestry & and Applied Natural Sciences Sciences College of Health and Human Services College of Social and Behavioral Sciences The W.A. Franke College of

Business Honors College 5 CEFNS: Seven Academic Units, over 5,000 students (NAU IRA Fall 2018 21-day census) Center for Science Teaching and Learning Department of Biological Sciences Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry

Department of Mathematics and Statistics Department of Astronomy and Planetary Science School of Forestry School of Earth and Sustainability 6 CEFNS Academic Programs, Undergraduate Department of Biological Sciences Department of Chemistry &

Biochemistry School of Earth & Sustainability Biology Biomedical Sciences Exercise Science Microbiology Biotechnology* Conservation Biology*

Chemistry w/ minor Advanced Chemistry Biochemistry (ACS Certified) Health Pre-professional* Forensic Chemistry & Criminalistics* Environmental & Sustainability Studies Environmental Sciences Geology School of Forestry (BSF degree) * Indicates a minor, emphasis or certificate Mathematics Data Science Actuarial Science* Statistics*

Department of Mathematics & Statistics Department of Astronomy & Planetary Science Astronomy Center for Science, Teaching & Learning (BSED degrees) Biology General Chemistry

Science Earth Mathematics Science Forestry Fire Ecology & Management* Forest Health & Ecological Restoration* Human Dimensions of Forest Management* International Forestry & Conservation* Wildlife Ecology & Management* 7 CEFNS Academic Programs, Graduate Department of Biological Sciences Biology MS Biology PhD

Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry Chemistry MS School of Earth & Sustainability Climate Science & Solutions MS Environmental Science & Policy MS Geology MS Earth Science & Environmental Sustainability PhD Conservation Ecology Certificate School of Forestry (BSF degree) Department of Mathematics & Statistics

Mathematics MS Statistics MS Applied Statistics Certificate Department of Astronomy & Planetary Science Astronomy & Planetary Science PhD Center for Science, Teaching & Learning (BSED degrees) Science Teaching (MAST) Teaching Science with Certification (MAT) Forestry MS Forestry MF

Forest Science PhD 8 CEFNS: Six Centers Center for Ecosystem Science and Society (EcoSS) Merriam Powell Center for Environmental Research (MPC) Landscape Conservation Initiative (LCI) Colorado Plateau Cooperative Ecosystem Studies Unit (CP-CESU) Colorado Plateau Research Station (CPRS) Environmental Restoration Institute (ERI) 9 NAU Policies Policies can be found by searching the NAU Policy Library at https://nau.edu/university-policy-library/ Policies are legally actionable and must be followed by students and employees. This presentation mentions a few of the policies. There are many more. When in doubt, ask. Your first point of reference is your Chair or Director; follow the chain of command.

10 Faculty Resources Department chair, mentor or supervisor Personnel processes and policies NAU Conditions of Faculty Service1 NAU Faculty handbook1 CEFNS Evaluation and promotion guidelines2

Academic units may have P&T guidelines CEFNS Workload policy2 All faculty must have a Statement of Expectations (SOE) to be developed ASAP in consultation with your Chair/Director Annual evaluation on-line system: Faculty180, a.k.a. FAAR. Link from main NAU alphabetical directory First-year faculty submit their materials in January Training session 1. http://nau.edu/Provost/Resources-Policies/ 2. http://nau.edu/CEFNS/Faculty-Resources/ 11 Training for New Faculty MANDATORY: You have 30 days from your hire date to complete the following five on-line training tutorials:

Preventing Workplace Harassment Training Information Security Essentials CERT: Conduct, Ethics, Reporting, and Transparency Disclosure On-line Loss Prevention Training Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) http://nau.edu/Human-Resources/Employee-Resources/Training/Required/ New employee orientation https://in.nau.edu/human-resources/enrolling-in-benefits/ Benefits orientation. Selections for retirement plans and health benefits must be made within 30 days of hire. State retirement plan IS an option. Choice of retirement plan is irrevocable. State plan is a defined benefit plan. The other choices are not. https://in.nau.edu/human-resources/enrolling-in-benefits/ Van driver training (appropriate for some faculty) http://nau.edu/Facility-Services/Safety-Training/#van/ 12 Teaching Best Practices-Syllabi

You must provide a syllabus to your students on the first day of classes, and to your departmental main office. New courses must go through a curriculum proposal review and approval process. A description of the process may be found at https://nau.edu/Provost/Curriculum-and-Assessment/Curriculum-ProposalResources/ . For new course proposals, syllabi must comply with the University approved format for new course proposals, found at: https://www5.nau.edu/policies/Client/Details/640?whoIsLooking=Stude nts&pertainsTo=All For courses already on the books, use the syllabus format from the last time the course was taught, or develop a new one in the current format (your choice).

The general NAU policy statement must be included in all syllabi. 13 Full policy at: https://nau.edu/university -policy-library/syllabus-re quirements/ 14 Syllabi Your course policies must be clearly presented in your syllabus, including: Attendance policy Policy on how to make up missed work

Procedure for students to contact you in case of emergency encourage notification Academic Integrity policy View this document as a contract with your students 15 Syllabi Attendance policy Include your attendance policy in your syllabus Faculty must include reasonable accommodation for religious observations Faculty must honor institutional excuses

Students must request an excused absence in writing and include an explanation of how they will meet course requirements despite the absence, worked out in consultation with the instructor. Students may request a Faculty Notification Request from the Dean of Students for inpatient hospitalization, death in immediate family, or other serious personal crisis. Students need to keep in mind that it is not possible to make up some types of missed activities (labs, field trips, lectures). Faculty may request documentation to substantiate reasons given by students for their absences.

Extra requirements for 100-level courses, guidance at https://nau.edu/student-life/academic-policies/ 16 Syllabi, continued Academic Integrity policy NAU policy and reporting form may be found at https://nau.edu/student-life/academic-policies/. Your department may have more specific guidance. The NAU policy on Academic Integrity may be found at https://www5.nau.edu/policies/Client/Details/828?whoIsLo oking=Students&pertainsTo=All&sortDirection=Ascendin g&page=1 17 Enrollment deadlines ADD/DROP DEADLINE: Sept. 5, 2019

Withdrawal (W on transcript) deadline: November 1, 2019 ADD/DROP/W deadlines for non-standard courses, and final exam calendar may be found at: https://in.nau.edu/wp-content/uploads/sites/153/2019/ 02/1197-Enrollment-Calendar.pdf 18 Enrollment and Petition forms Forms may be found at https://in.nau.edu/registrar/forms-and-policies/ Examples of forms that might be needed are:

override authorizations petitions to add after the deadline Requests for Waivers and Overrides Rarely should you approve a waiver of prerequisites for a student to enter your class. Check with your Chair/Director and advisor before overriding students into your class when it is enrolled to capacity. 19 How to pull up your class roster

Login to LOUIE Click Faculty/Instructors tab Confirm the correct term Fall 2019 Click , the class roster icon next to the class of interest 20 Students with Disabilities Disability Resources (DR) will notify you if you have a student with special needs and will work with you to accommodate the student. DR provides training to faculty when needed. NAU complies with the Americans with Disabilities Act. Do not accommodate a student who claims to be disabled without guidance from DR. If you accommodate a student without guidance from DR, then all students in your class may be entitled to that accommodation, regardless of whether they have a disability. The Disability Resources website listing services, contacts, and accommodations may be found at https://nau.edu/disability-resources/ 21

Student Advising Students are advised by a staff of professional advisors. Freshmen (under 30 units) GATEWAY Sophomores, Juniors and Seniors CEFNS Student Services Office http://nau.edu/CEFNS/Student-Resources/Advising/ Graduate students Departmental Graduate Advisor Should you advise students on curriculum? Yes, if you are confident you know university policies and program details. NAU has pre-med and pre-law advising at GATEWAY 22

Basic Expectations for Teaching Keep clear records to support the assignment of final grades Maintain a professional and supportive classroom environment Deliver course content that consists of current and relevant information Faculty must submit a Request of Absence for sick leave and bereavement: Login to your LOUIE account at nau.edu/LOUIE. Go to Self Service Go to Request of Absence. Make the appropriate selections and submit. In case of an unanticipated absence, if a substitute cannot be arranged, E-mail

your students and notify your main office. Office hours at least 2.5 hours per week Many courses have fees associated with them. Course fees are used to support the activities of the course as described in the fee justification (on file in your main office). Help with instruction (workshops, seminars, consultation): http://nau.edu/faculty-development/ 23 Some things to consider Most students receive financial assistance, i.e., loans or scholarships. Many students are employed. Common reason for missing classes. Many students are first generation students.

Students may have difficulty getting to your class on time due to issues with the bus system or weather. NAU occasionally calls snow days. Check e-mail and local news sources for announcements regarding weather-related campus closures. 24 Research at NAU The majority of research funding at NAU is in the College of the Environment, Forestry and Natural Sciences NAU total external research awards for FY2013 FY2017 totaled $97.7 M. Of this, CEFNS constituted $78.2M, or 80% of the research at NAU. 25 Funding Alert SubscriptionsFederal

National Science Foundation (NSF) Update https://service.govdelivery.com/accounts/USNSF/subscriber/new National Institutes of Health (NIH) Listserv http://www.grants.nih.gov/grants/guide/listserv.htm Centers for Disease Control (CDC) https://www.cdc.gov/other/emailupdates/index.html National Center for Environmental Research (NCER) Listserv (includes EPA) http://www.epa.gov/ncer/listserv/ 26 Who is Expected to Engage in Research?

Tenure-track/tenured faculty High research expectations. Expected to engage in research during the academic year. Expectations include procuring extramural grants and publishing in refereed journals. On average, 40 to 50 % of workload is devoted to research. Tenure-track faculty may serve as Principal Investigators (PIs) on grants. Lecturers, Professors of Practice, Clinical Professors, and Instructors. 4/4 or equivalent workloads leave little time for research during the academic year. Faculty with these titles generally have low or zero research expectations during the AY. However, they may serve as Principal Investigators on grants with approval (must fill out a PI Eligibility form and get it approved). Greatest opportunity is to engage in research over the summer. 27 How to Submit a Proposal for Extramural Funding 1. Use the guidelines from the sponsor to prepare your proposal. 2. Well before the submission deadline, preferably two months or longer, begin the process of working with your grants administrator in the Office of Sponsored Projects (OSP). Ask your Chair or staff in your departments main office for the name of the Grants Administrator you should contact. They will guide you in preparing your budget, with

uploading to our system (called Cayuse), and other tasks. 3. Grants are submitted by OSP on behalf of NAU, not by you. 4. The budget, budget explanation, and project summary must be circulated (routed) for internal approval at least one week ahead of the submission deadline. Prior to circulation they should be carefully reviewed by OSP. Routing is done using Cayuse. 28 Proposal Budgets Every sponsor is different, but there are common elements: 1. Salaries charged to grants must include the costs of fringe benefits and other items depending on the type of person being hired, the period of time, the time of year (academic year or summer) and other factors. 2. Budgets may include funds for travel, materials and supplies, laboratory fees, equipment, subcontracts to other institutions, publication costs, participant support costs, and other items. 3. Indirect costs. A surcharge is added by NAU to pay for costs in support of projects incurred by NAU. It varies depending upon the category of funding (on-campus, off-campus, etc.), and in some cases the sponsor. 4. Cost-shares. Some sponsors require that NAU share in the cost of your project. You cannot assume that NAU will agree to this. Cost-shares must be worked out in advance with the CEFNS Deans Office and the Office of the

Vice President for Research. To get started on a cost-share, contact Interim Dean Wilder. 29 Important initiatives for AY1920 NAU Directory updates Strategic Plan Initiative Continued work on retention and curricular innovation Extra effort towards recruitment of new students 30 Questions?

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