Jayne Byrne Chief Executives Support Manager Title page

Jayne Byrne Chief Executives Support Manager Title page

Jayne Byrne Chief Executives Support Manager Title page Belfast City Council The Climb Theres always going be another mountain Im always gonna wanna make it move Always gonna be an uphill battle Sometimes Im gonna have to lose Aint about how fast I get there

Aint about whats waiting on the other side Its the climb! Raising your game into Management 2 Belfast City Council Largest of the 26 councils in Northern Ireland soon to be 11 Councils 51 Councillors representing 9 Electoral Areas currently 75 Councillors after May 2014 elections 6 Party Political Groups with no overall majority

Total spend in 2014-15 178.49 m No. of employees 2500+/Over 100 operational locations 3 Belfast - a changing city

4 devolved Assembly Local Government Reform Fewer Councils, more functions rise in inward investment Increase in tourists a diverse city of many contrasts a changing Council landscape

My Team 5 My journey so far . . . . . 6 What makes you stand out from the crowd? Like the scarecrow - you need a brain

& you need to put it to good use Like the lion - you need courage Like the Tin Man - you need a heart Like Dorothy you need to deliver on what is required of you. 7 My journey so far . . . . .

8 School / Qualifications Telephonist/Receptionist Clerical Officer Typist/Audio Typist/WPO/proficiencies Personal Secretary Private & Executive Secretaries Diploma

My journey so far . . . . . 9 Belfast City Council Winner Business Pages PA of the Year

Established the NI Branch of IQPS BA(hons) Degree from QUB Graduated in 2003 Shock! One of my great achievements 10 Temporary hold!

11 Took time to focus on family Still met the demands of work Applied for other jobs Got new opportunities in BCC Got to recruit new members to the Team

What is my job all about? Provide support to the Chief Executive in their role as the Councils key strategic advisor; Provide assistance to the Lord Mayors Unit as the Civic leader of Belfast; Provide support to the Corporate Management Team .... & more 12 My Team

13 How do you become indispensable? Not about being indispensable but making sure your presence is missed. Know what your job is and do everything you do to the best of your ability. Get to know your boss you are their wingman their gatekeeper.

You must know your organisation. 14 What really matters when supporting senior executives? Loyalty & Trust Honesty & Integrity Be proactive/take responsibility Bring solutions not problems Work hard show initiative Be discreet when required

15 Be Supportive 16

Sounding board Keep calm Give praise Brief the Boss Accept the challenge Set your own goals Continuing Professional development in every day in every way I will get better Embrace the concept of life long learning

Read the journals & papers Understand new techniques Play an active role and contribute to a professional institute Establish informal quality circles/networks Build your contacts & learn to use them 17 Future Goals

18 Dont be complacent, this is your career Know what you are good at Work on areas that you need to develop

Look as far ahead as you can Focus - set out your plan Vary your course if you need to Be aware of windows of opportunity Shoot for the stars! Tools of the trade

19 Well organised Learn to prioritise & delegate Good communication skills Good planning skills Be adaptable Use technology as much as possible Always know what is going on in your organisation

Food for thought .. . . . . . pride, passion & a can do attitude Remember Its our desire not ability that determines our success. Some people dream of success . . . . . . Others wake up and work hard at it! 20 Finally . . . . . . . Thank you for taking the time to listen to

me If I can be of assistance to you on your journey please do not hesitate to contact me Take care & enjoy your journey! 21 Title page Questions?

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