Research Centers @ iitk Open House February 8,

Research Centers @ iitk Open House February 8,

Research Centers @ iitk Open House February 8, 2010 Environmental Science & Engineering With the specific objective of integrating the engineering, sciences and medicine to address environmental issues, the Institute has taken the initiative to establish the Centre. It will bring together experts from various disciplines to focus on providing solutions to specific environmental problems. BSNL-IITK Telecom Centre of Excellence Space for Picture The basic objective of the Centre is to provide and facilitate an environment for innovation and application oriented research in the field of telecommunication and associated areas. SAMTEL Centre for Display Technologies SCDT has been one of the most significant efforts towards meaningful industry-academia interaction to meet the challenges of emerging technologies in electronic displays. Its objective is to conduct research and development so as to nurture and support growth of S&T of electronic displays.

Space for Picture Dean: Research & Development Space for Picture DST unit on Nanosciences In order to derive concrete product prototypes using nanoscience and nanotechnology, a unique interdisciplinary project, funded by nanotechnology initiative of DST, has been initiated at a current total outlay of 11.5 crores from January 2007. Prabhu Goel Research Centre Computer & Internet Security for The vision of the Centre is to become the nodal R&D centre in the Country for all aspects of computer security and to educate various governmental and non-governmental organizations on the security issues and help them in this regard. SIDBI Innovation & Incubation Centre The Centre has been set up in collaboration with Small Industries Development Bank of India (SIDBI) to foster innovation, research and entrepreneurial activities in

technology based areas. SIIC provides a platform to convert innovative ideas into commercially viable products. National Information Centre Earthquake Engineering (NICEE) of NICEE hosted at the Institute is intended to collect and maintain information resources on Earthquake Engineering and make these available to the interested professionals, researchers, academicians and others with a view to mitigate earthquake disasters in India. Archaeology Management & Cultural Resource The Institute shall draw specific short and long term training programmes for capacity building for officers of The Archaeological Survey of India in the application of modern

technology in archaeology. Media Lab Asia Media Lab Asia restructured having interest in the areas of technological innovation and original research work which should have definite and meaningful outcome to help to alleviate the living standard of poor masses worldwide. IndoUS Center for Research Excellence in Fabrionics The Center is a consortium of Indian researchers from IITK, IITKgp, BESU and CMRI collaborating with UIUC, UCI and Northwestern in the science, technology and selected applications of advanced fabrication. Indo-US joint Center on Biomaterials for health care: Biomaterials as well as their applications in artificial organs are widely recognized as an emerging area. Recent developments in the field testify to a significant progress in our attempts to develop new biomaterials. In this regard, the Institute has received a grant for establishment of the Center. ISRO-IIT Kanpur Space Technology Cell The Cell is established to generate knowledge through advanced academic R&D efforts to ensure a self reliant and self generating space programme for our nation in future years. It aims to harness the advanced areas of space

science & technology. Advanced Centre for Materials Science ACMS was created in 1978 with a view to make available major materials preparation and characterization facilities under one-roof. These state-of-the-art research facilities are regularly upgraded, and maintained by suitably trained competent staff. Uttar Pradesh Corporation Ltd: Power Transmission The objective is to accelerate the development of the transmission system in the State of UP through appropriate application of S&T. Such efforts would enable the State to utilize the scientific, technological and managerial resources of the Institute for introducing modern technology in accelerating economic growth and upgrading its technological skills. Center for Laser Technology The CELT is geared towards research in various specialized applications of laser. It acts as a nodal point for all laser related research at the Institute. The research activities

cover a wide spectrum of topics involving high calibre & productive output in terms of large scale projects. National Wind Tunnel Facility NWTF established to meet the national needs in areas of aeronautical and non-aeronautical R&D activities, houses the most versatile and efficient wind tunnel in India. It has various simulation and measurement systems, interchangeable test sections. Computer Aided Design Laboratory Lab of this Institute was established for concept design and product realization. This lab is to primarily facilitate students to evolve concepts and convert it into a complete product. The process of design, simulation and prototyping takes place in a digitally integrated environment. Centre for Mechatronics The Centre gives support for students. It gives training and disseminates information through continuing education programmes, through the development of reference laboratories. It initiated a number of activities in the frontier area of Mechatronics and has become truly interdisciplinary.

Advanced Centre for Electronic Systems Sponsored projects in several research areas with large interdisciplinary content are handled through the ACES. All Projects Staff - Research Engineers, Associates and Scientific Officers come under the cooperative umbrella of ACES. Computer Centre: Computer Centre provides Email, Web, DNS, FTP, Internet access, HPC and other services 24 hours and 365 days a year to the faculty, staff and students for their research and teaching. It provides various advance and special purpose software for all the campus users. The Autodesk IITK Digital Innovation Laboratory (DIL) DIL has 20 state of art graphics work stations with multiple licenses is open to faculty, students and staff of IITK to conduct research. These include software for design and drafting as well as specialised products for electrical, civil, aerospace applications and animation tools. Research Centers @ iitk HAL-IITK Cell The Cell shall devote its resources to the conduct of advanced research in areas of relevance to the future

technological needs of the aircraft system development programme. 3i Network/Infrastructure Research Cell IIT Kanpurs and IIM Ahmadabads main contribution will be in terms of bringing intellectual capital to private provisioning of infrastructure services. They will contribute to the joint activities of the network, namely, preparation of the Indian Infrastructure Development Report, conducting technical programmes and management of conferences and workshops. Center for Development of Metal-Ceramic Composites through microwave processing has been established under the Indo US Public-Private Networked Joint Center Program funded by the Indo-US Science and Technology Forum. Dean: Research & Development Open House February 8, 2010

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