New Delhi, 09-10 September 2019 Jointly organized by

New Delhi, 09-10 September 2019 Jointly organized by

New Delhi, 09-10 September 2019 Jointly organized by with the support of 2 Chairmans Vision Education is key to the global integrated framework of sustainable development goals. Education is at the heart of our efforts both to adapt to change and to transform the world within which we live. It is recognized as having one of the highest long-term returns on investment of all development goals. There is a need to rethink and broaden the notion of lifelong education. It should enable people to develop awareness of themselves and their environment.

ICSE 2019 has been organized with its ultimate goal of developing societies competent in the principles of sustainability and striving to live within the carrying capacity of the planet. ICSE 2019 aims to aid implementation of education for sustainable development (ESD) which is culturally-relevant, locally appropriate, occurring across national school education system. I believe that students learn more from how they are taught than from what they are taught. THE CONTEXT Education is a crucial enabler for Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) specifically Goal 4.7 on ESD and related approaches Education for Sustainable Development beyond 2019 UNGA Resolution 72/222 explicitly states, that

"ESD for 2030 is to build a more just and sustainable world through the achievement of the 17 SDGs." Thus the Education 2030 agenda is to "place greater emphasis on the contribution of learning content to the survival and prosperity of humanity. UNESCO draft framework for ESD beyond 2019 (ESD for 2030): Three key messages from this document: Awareness is not enough!! Pay more attention to each learners transformation processes and how this happens? More attention to the deep structural

The technological causes of Future: Emphasis on Unsustainable critical thinking development 4 5

Planned as a Major International Sustainability education event ICSE Objectives 2. 1. To share good practices in sustainability education in the school system from across the globe. Incorporate SE as a core concept from the early stage of education systems and strengthen the process through preparation of a

model curriculum. 3. 4. To identify opportunities for partnerships between schools, NGOs, UN agencies, and global, regional and national networks To identify next steps, immediate and mid-term, for

the development of a comprehensive sustainability education program in south Asia. THE WORLD IS PARTICIPATING! 6 VENUE: IHC, DELHI Partners

7 Key Speakers 8 Key Speakers 9 10 Themes of ICSE 2019 1. Sustainability education in the school education system Case Studies

Curriculum Teachers training 2. Use of new and emerging technologies in Sustainability education 3. Sustainability education in non-formal system and extracurricular activities Good practices Case Studies 4. Building Sustainability education framework within the context of Climate Change Education, Environment education and education for sustainable development 5. Sustainability education in the institutional framework

Principals and teachers conclave 6. Media and Sustainability education: Sustainability education within the national education policies Analysis of policies, curriculum and pedagogy 11 Advantages 12 Expected Outcomes Special Session on: The World Environment School,Coorg

Mobius Foundation is creating the worlds leading natural learning laboratory where learning will never end. WESC will be the first ever in India and in South Asia to take a leading role in promoting environmental education with sustainability as its core. Purposeful Learning Programme School will educate for sustainability through community-integrated learning in a natural environment. Our holistic and comprehensive academic approach will inspire and empower

children to be green leaders. Environmentally Friendly learning space Throughout the site there will be environmentally friendly learning space, built from local fabric/stone, powered by solar and wind energy and blended into the forest environment.

Open learning environment Students will be exposed to and involved with the challenges of our environment such as energy, farming, recycling, fully understanding and experiencing the virtuous circle of sustainability 13

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