Steering Committee Meeting Sunflower Project Statewide Financial Management

Steering Committee Meeting Sunflower Project Statewide Financial Management

Steering Committee Meeting Sunflower Project Statewide Financial Management System Update February 12, 2010 Todays Topics Project status and activities Kent Fourth IV&V Report Peggy Change control Peggy Cutover Planning Peggy Measuring Progress Gary Data Warehouse and Agency Reporting Needs Gary User Acceptance Testing Gary Agency Interactions, Service Center, Agency Readiness and Up Coming Agency Events Connie 2 Project Timeline Go-live for SMART & SHARP II Testing Phase December January Cutover Phase February March April May June July g g g S P nt ns nd e

g ss s in in in e R s R t o a n e e i n p i s A A i t m c p e s c p g a a i in p n o o a Te ST SH alu tin pta ting er erc lo Tr ra M Pr ksh

s e p e t e T d V x c s r e s ilo ev Te cce Tes er an ion lo fO E ol es Wo rfa P s D o C R t n e T m A t t U c e si ity or In d cy st ser

AR odu u p n n y Bu 6 e in E S U e Re SM P r nt g e n Ag i t y d o a h e g C nc oa wit St p l Be e L om Ag C 3 Status of Testing System Testing started on-schedule All testing infrastructure (testing lab, scripts, defect tracking tool, processes) in place and functioning Cycle 1 Simple end-to-end processing Complete

141 scripts SRS, STO and A&R participated in Cycle 1 testing All critical and high defects closed; over 282 of 342 medium defects closed Cycle 2 Complex end-to-end processing Over 95% complete 118 scripts 95% complete vs. 98% planned Cycle 3 Simple end-to-end processing with converted data in progress 16 scripts 58% complete vs. 82% planned Cycles 4 and 5 have recently started Developing User Acceptance Testing plan 4 Status of Testing Cycle 2 and Defects 5 Project Status & Activities Finance Team Testing, testing, testing (Cycle 2 and 3 system testing) Most designs for approved modifications complete code freeze Most functional designs for approved reports complete Completed workflow workshops

Continuing work on cutover plan Continuing work on agency CAFR reports (KDOT, Lottery, KPERS, A&R) Continuing support for training 6 Project Status & Activities Enterprise Readiness Team Compiling results of agency role mapping used to define individuals security and training requirements Continuing to develop training materials Train-the-Trainer kick-off was held 01/26 over 60 trainers and drivers attended Developing help desk support processes Continue holding monthly Change Agent Network meetings (CAN #9 on 2/17/10, 9am @ Library) Continue publishing monthly newsletters Meet with agencies on an as-requested basis Preparing for agency readiness assessments 7

Project Status & Activities Tech Team Fixing defects and making minor enhancements Building modifications > 95% complete Completing technical designs for reports and building reports Building and maintaining environments Testing ETLs and loading financial data into data warehouse Planning for disaster recovery/continuity of operations exercise in April Transitioning DISC staff into project activities for knowledge transfer 8 Project Status & Activities Central Systems A&R/DISC SHARP modifications complete full integration between SHARP and SMART to be tested in Cycle 7 System Testing late Feb SHARP II Cycles 1and 2 testing complete; Cycles 3 - 5 in progress Testing Time and Labor (on-line time reporting and employee selfservice in SHARP)

Division of Budget working with IBARS vendor to develop modifications for IBARS and interfaces; will load 2011 appropriation budgets into SMART from IBARS when appropriation budgets are finalized in May 9 Project Status & Activities Miscellaneous Continue holding monthly forums to address issues and communicate with agencies for interfaces and conversions Continue to review project plans to assess agencies progress and communicate identification of problems Executing agency reporting strategy Enrolling agencies in the Shared Service Center Developing knowledge transfer plan for central agencies Identifying transition organization 10 IV&V Review, Findings and Recommendations Fifth (and final) IV&V project review by Sys Test Labs Denver One week prep, one week on-site, one week to draft report

Interviewed 20 project and 14 agency personnel (KDOT, SRS, KDOR, KHPA) Reviewed 53 documents (deliverables, cutover plan, project plan, status reports, requirements matrix, test scripts, risk log, issue log, etc.) Overall project health rated as very good Several recommendations provided: Monitor Finance Team workload and provide support wherever needed Evaluate resource requirements to maintain the data warehouse Develop and implement SOPs for maintaining SMART and service level agreements 11 Change Control Highlights Set-off integration with SMART (T&M) came in 596 hours ($116K) below budget Cancelled two reports for a savings of $12K Cancelled CR for a copy of the test environment Finance Team determined it was not necessary for a savings of $52K Estimated cost for training sandbox environment decreased from $50K to $25K 12 Change Control Highlights Cash control for shared funds; two-step approach (manual for go-live then automated for post go-live) CR-141 Cash Control Part I 90 Accenture hours for the manual process $17.5K CR- 150 Cash Control Part II cost for automated solution for post go-live is being developed $60K

Modify P-card processing UMB uses a control account to insure proper posting of payments in their system. Each card is associated to a control account at UMB. Delivered functionality does not capture control accounts associated to individual cards and thus cannot manage payments by control account. This change would establish a field on the Cardholder Profile page that could be used to capture control accounts associated to cards. The control account would then be applied to vouchers for payments to UMB. The control account would be limited to view by BU to insure only correct control accounts are chosen by an agency. Estimated cost $44K 13 Change Control Change orders approved since last Steering Committee meeting Change Request Tracking Report/ Enhancement and Mod Effort vs Cost Approval Date by CCB Steering Comm. Approval CR # CR Description Vendor Conversion Changes 12/15/2009 N/A CR 125 12/16/2009 12/16/2009 12/16/2009 12/16/2009 12/16/2009 1/5/2010 1/5/2010 1/5/2010 1/5/2010 N/A N/A

N/A N/A N/A 1/8/2010 N/A N/A N/A CR 110 CR 120 CR 126 CR 129 CR 3 CR 121 CR 112 CR 128 CR 132 1/5/2010 1/7/2010 N/A N/A CRs8,54,75, 83,&84 CR 137 Add Ca tegory code to the Mai nta in Bi dders Pa ge Restrict Access by BU for Pymt Inq Pg Disable AR Budget Ck Button Chg Prog Names in T&L Unused hours for Setoff Restrict Access by User to Bank Accts Reports Part 5 Division of Budget Chartfield Interface Automate EPM Security Processing Cancel Reports previously approved IFV Training Development Secure Centra l SOKID trees from a gency us er upda te/edits 1/12/2010 1/19/2010 1/19/2010

N/A N/A N/A CR 123 CR 90 CR 138 1/19/2010 1/26/2010 1/26/2010 N/A N/A N/A CR 136 CR 128 CR 135 Reports Part 6 DOB Chartfield Interface Addl hours 1/26/2010 N/A CR 133 Add Field to INF 19 1/26/2010 1/26/2010 1/26/2010 1/28/2010 2/2/2010 2/2/2010 2/2/2010 2/2/2010 2/9/2010 N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A

N/A N/A N/A Cr 142 CR 145 CR 139 CR 143 CR 146 CR 147 CR 151 CR 141 CR 134 Change INF 39 (Incremental data tfr) SMART branding Off-cycle Processing Time & Labor Gray-out Pos t Ck Box on Edi t Journa l s Pa ge Upda te SHARP EIP Da ta in SMART -GL BU Training Sandbox Environment Change AM Conversion Program Prohibi t Budgeta ry onl y Cha rtfi el ds i n AM PO Conversion Changes SOW changes Cash Control Part I (See CR 150 part II) Mod pCard Processing Total Hours/Dollars Used Total Possible Hours/Dollars CR 119 CR 150 Remaining Mod Hours/Dollars SMART/SHARP related Data Warehouse Changes Cash Control Budgets Shared Funds -Automated Accenture Hours per Total Hours CR 252 252

20 77 32 36 -596 410 4 77 6 7 -596 410 41 48 State Hours per CR 778.00 14,976.50 1,167.00 1,361.50 (115,922.00) 79,745.00 41 48 0 $ 0 $ 7,974.50 9,336.00 -62 210 -62 210 0 $ 0 $ (12,059.00) 40,845.00

32 7 314 6 0 63 26 $ 7 $ 251 $ 1,167.00 12,253.50 254 40 16 91 40 16 163 $ 0 $ 0 $ 17,699.50 7,780.00 3,112.00 26 26 0 $ 56 67 140 92 19 0 0 90 253 56

67 124 92 19 0 0 90 227 22,531 18,229 19,130 901 100 308 Use Reserve Total Remaining Reserve dollars 16 0 26 29 0 0 49,014.00 $ $ $ $ $ $ Mod Bucket Reserve created by de-scoped items Total $ Cost 0 $ 0 0 16 0

0 0 0 0 26 5,057.00 $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ 10,892.00 13,031.50 24,118.00 17,894.00 3,695.50 17,505.00 44,151.50 4,303 $ $ 3,545,462.70 3,720,785.00 $ $ $ 175,322.30 (19,450.00) (60,000.00) $ 95,872.30 3,127.78 $

608,354.00 (2,472.88) $ (521,819.50) 654.91 $ 86,534.50 (CR131 Cancelled Clone of Test Environment) $ Reserve Pool $ - 86,534.50 14 Change Control Remaining Balance Balance of hours for customizations (including all customizations discussed today) Total Accenture hrs used = 18,229 (17,249 December) Total available contract hrs = 19,130 % Used = 95% (90% last month) % Remaining = 5% (901 hours) 15 Cutover Planning Underway Detailed cutover calendar has been developed for all central systems (STARS, SOKI, SHARP, SMART) Highlights of cutover calendar were shared with agencies at January CAN meeting Calendar template provided to agencies showing key central system dates and key activities affecting agencies Requested agencies to use this template to sync agency cutover activities with overall plan Agencies encouraged to hold monthly cutover meetings to coordinate their

activities (business, tech, training, communications, etc.) Peggy Hanna is the State lead for cutover planning 16 High-level Cutover Timeline May June July August 06/29 Last day for Agencies to Enter Transactions in STARS Agency Data Conversion & Validation Preparation & Administrative Activities STARS Shutdown 07/01 Agencies Enter Transactions in SMART Load Appropriation & Op Budgets into SMART Load Purchase Orders/ Encumbrances into SMART SMART Go-live 06/23 Go-live for Time and Labor and SHARP II open to all users 07/06 Last day for Agencies to Enter Deposits in SOKI SHARP Cutover SOKI Shutdown 17 Excerpt of Agency Cutover Calendar Sunflower Project Agency Cutover Calendar - V1 - 01/13/10 Date Day

6/14/2010 6/15/2010 6/16/2010 6/17/2010 6/18/2010 6/19/2010 6/20/2010 6/21/2010 6/22/2010 6/23/2010 6/24/2010 6/25/2010 6/26/2010 6/27/2010 6/28/2010 6/29/2010 6/30/2010 7/1/2010 7/23/2010 7/24/2010 Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday

Friday Saturday Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Agenci es submit final combo code / task profil e fil es SHARP shutdown and begi n data conversi on SHARP 1. HCM core users validate conversion 2. Begin EIPs to/from SMART 3. Load combo

codes / task profil es 1. SHARP open to al l users 2. Go-live with Time and Labor 3. Agencies confirm combo codes / task profil es 5. Agencies 1. Pay Day 1. Compl ete agencies confir m combo codes / task profil es 2. Compl ete agencies enter dept budg table 3. Fi rst inbound interfaces for Time STARS Last day to send warrant data to STO 1. Last day for agencies to introduce new transactio ns in STARS 2. Last day for agencies to intia te interfunds i n SOKI 2. STARS becomes satell ite warrant system - check Agency Systems 1. STARS only processes prior FY transactions

2. Load i n DA-118 encs. 3. Clear suspended tranactio ns SOKI open for SOKI set to allow entry of prior year FY 2010 transactions only documents but di sallow 2011 documents SOKI SMART First day to send Pay Day warrant data via INF48 - Inbound External Warrants 1. Begin manual entry of items 2. Convert suppl ier contracts 3. Convert Bidders 4. Extract data (for SRS PO contract fil es) from agency system, pl ace on mai nframe 5. Communicate data clean-up tasks to Divi si on of Purchasing and 1. Send agencies Budget Spreadsheet Journal tool to al low time for agenci es to prepare track wi thout budgets and be ready to load at go-live. (assumptio n i s

that training is compl ete) Begin entry of new FY purchase orders 1. Begin CF EIPs to SHARP 2. Load approp. budgets from IBARS 3. Load operatin g and project budgets from agencies 4. End entry of projects needed for TL Create i nitia l cash balances to allow new FY transactio ns to pass budget check 1. End allow entry of new FY purchase orders 2. Last day for agencies to send asset conversion fil e Create bond payment warrants and load into STO warrant tracking system Last day for Setoff to match agai nst STARS payments Asset Conversi on: 1. Fl at fil e: extract data from agency system, place on mai nframe

2. Excel fil e: prepare asset data entry templates and submit to [email protected] Update budget date on entered POs for new FY Setoffbegins handling STARS payments manually 1. Last day for agencies to send interface fil es to STARS 2. Last day for SRS to generate satell ite warrants; any unpaid vouchers are entered into STARS SMART GO LIVE: 1. Begi n payment processi ng 2. Make debt service payments (due 7/1), and other cri tic al payments 3. Book journal entry for bond payments 4. Record wi re payment to DTC 5. Prior FY enc not First day for agenci es to send interface fil es to SMART Communications

Issues / Questions STARS will need to C journals must be generate an INF48 - posted External Warrants fil e and append 200 to the begi nning of the check number 18 Measuring Progress 12/11 Status 02/08 Status Green Green All test scripts (except several Time and Labor), STO and for most recently approved mods are complete. Functional Design Reports Complete Green Nearly all functional designs for all approved reports are complete. Functional Design Modifications Complete Only Reqd mods needed for go-live Tech Design Modifications Green

Green Tech Team is almost complete (98%) with technical designs for approved mods. Modifications Build Yellow Green Team is approximately 95% complete with builds for mods. Several mods not be ready at the beginning of the testing Cycle but will be ready prior to the end of the Cycle. Interface Build Yellow Green Approved interfaces complete. Several additional interfaces (special requests) for specific agencies have been approved. Minor changes to interfaces on as-needed basis. Data Conversion Yellow Green Vendor conversion complete. Reports Technical Design and Build Yellow Yellow Tech Team will be working on reports for next 2-3months. Training Phase 2 Green Green Scope Element Test Scripts All Cycles

Detailed Status/Corrective Actions All functional designs for all approved mods are complete or in progress (for recently approved mods). All workstreams continue to trend positive Expect Reports Build and Modifications Build to be in yellow status until March 19 Test Sequence & Schedule 4/16/10 Interface Team System Test 11/2/09 4/16/10 * Interface Test 9/1/09 2/1/10 Conversion Team Performance Test 11/2/09 4/16/10 * User Acceptance Test 1/1/10 4/30/10 Technical Team

Disaster Recovery Test 2/1/10 4/16/10 All Teams Operational Readiness Test 4/1/10 6/11/10 * - Indicates a test stage that requires agency participation Jun 10 10/30/09 May 10 * Conversion Test Apr 10 11/30/09 Mar 10 11/3/09 Feb 10 Assembly Test Jan 10 Dev. Team Dec 09 10/23/09

Nov 09 7/1/09 Oct 09 Unit Test Functional Team Sep 09 Finish Date Aug 09 Start Date Jul 09 Test Stage 20 System Test Cycles Ten testing cycles of increasing complexity. Test conditions and test scripts for each cycle Cycle Description Cycle Description 0 Configuration 5 Complex End to End Processing w/ Converted Data 1

Simple End to End Processing 6 Security 2 Complex End to End Processing 7 Cross Functional Integration 3 Conversion 8 Reporting 4 Simple End to End Processing w/ Converted Data 9 Exception Processing 21 User Acceptance Testing Task ID 78 User Acceptance Testing begins in April 2010 Will require agency participation Planning and Scheduling has begun Agencies considered are those: high usage of module/functionality

retiring and/or decommissioning systems using Time and Labor large volume of on-line users interfacing agencies interest in Sunflower Project PC 22 Interface and Conversion Timelines 2010 We are Here! Interface Testing Cycles Mock 1 Conversion Testing Mock 2 Conversion Testing Mock 3 Conversion Testing Extract & send final data files Agency Conversion Data Cleansing Cutover Activities 23 Stage 6 Interface Progress 24 Interface Activities / Milestones Activity/Milestone Start Date Finish Date Stage 1: SMART Outbound Configuration Interfaces Agency receives outbound files

09/01/09 10/12/09 Stage 2: SMART Inbound Interfaces Agency provides inbound files 10/05/09 01/15/10 Stage 3: SMART Outbound Interfaces (Return Processing) Agency receives outbound files 10/26/09 01/15/10 Stage 4: Error Processing (Inbound) Agency provides inbound files 11/30/09 01/15/10 Stage 5: Additional Inbound Interface Test Agency provides inbound files 11/30/09 01/15/10 01/19/10 03/15/10 N/A 03/15/10 Stage 6: Agency-Use Interface Test using Agency conditions; spreadsheet upload testing; and regression testing (as needed) Agency receives and provides files as needed Completion of Interface Test 25

Stage 6 Interface Testing Began on 1/19 and ends 3/15 Validates SMART conditions for inbound and outbound testing Validates agency-specific conditions Tests the ability to interface interfund transactions Contains converted vendor data Includes budget checking Agency access to the Sunflower project test lab; agencies go online and view their transactions and correct errors by appointment Continue to hold daily conference calls with agencies Agencies must send a notice to Sunflowerfms affirming the completion of Stage 6 testing. Agencies that do not pass Stage 6 will not be permitted to interface into SMART 26 Consequences of Not Meeting Stage 6 Deadline

Agencies that do not pass Stage 6 will not be permitted to interface transactions into SMART Agencies will have to output transactions from their source system(s) and either: 1. 2. manually key into SMART use the spreadsheet upload After go-live agencies will work with DISC to interface into SMART 27 Status of Data Warehouse and Data Validation SHaRP data warehouse is progressing on-schedule Unit testing by the Tech Team is complete Functional testing of SHaRP data will start this month (DPS, A&R, DISC) Agency folders and security for SHaRP and SMART DWs are being built 28 Reporting Strategy & Approach Steps Task ID 265 The Reporting Strategy and Approach is moving forward Step 1 Agencies identified critical reports, Task ID 265 distributed Step 2 Agencies compared agency reports to the SMART report list and prioritize potential reporting gaps Step 3 Sunflower Project Team is reviewing critical and high-priority potential reporting gaps and determining how to resolve gaps in progress The Sunflower Project Team has begun contacting agencies to resolve reporting gaps (SRS, DOL) 29 SMART Help Desk Contacts

Agencies were asked to designate Help Desk Contacts and Liaisons (Task ID 270) to serve as the central point of contact between their agency end users and the SMART Help Desk Designating Help Desk Contacts allows agencies to centralize questions and issues their agency end-users are experiencing with SMART as the first step in helping the end-user SMART Help Desk Contacts in your agency will build system expertise and have an overall view of the incidents your agency is experiencing 30 What is a Help Desk Contact? Serve as the agencys centralized point(s) of contact for end-users who have questions or issues Attempt to resolve questions and issues at the agency level using resources available (SMART Help Desk Web-based tool, SMART Web-site, SMART on-line training, other agency supplied resources) Have access to the SMART Help Desk Web-based Tool (ServiceDesk) to: Research previous solutions and related items Log incidents with the SMART help desk (or the SMART help desk phone number in emergencies) Track incidents 31 Service Center The Service Center will be available to small agencies for a period of transition for small agencies unable to attend training before July 1st Reminders Service Center is not an all or nothing approach, agencies can key some transactions online while using Service Center for less frequent transactions Service Center provides data entry and oversight; the agency is still in control of their own business activities Individual meetings are occurring with agencies identified as Service Center participants through February and March 32 Service Center (continued) All Service Center participant meetings are in the planning stages for Mid-April and the End of May April meeting will be high level overview of how the Service

Center will work for agencies The meeting in May will outline more specifically how the Service Center will work including forms and procedures. Its not too late! Contact Pam Fink, Service Center Manager at 785.296.7703 or via e-mail [email protected] if have any questions or if you havent signed up for Service Center! 33 Readiness Assessment #3 Thank you for responding! 75 agencies responded to questions about readiness for SMART go-live Results help to: Identify issues or risks across all agencies where additional attention is needed Identify agencies requiring additional support Going forward Continue to respond honestly This helps identify specific needs to address 34 Readiness Assessment #3 Agency Concern - Training Agency concerns noted: Receiving all training needed by go-live Balancing training with current workload Timing of training Agency mitigation steps: Complete Task ID 68, Role Mapping this will identify training required for each person Plan in advance, can any agency work be completed in advance or after go-live to allow for training Evaluate if Service Center is an option Evaluate which courses are required before go-live 35 Readiness Assessment #3 Agency Concern Workload Agency concerns noted: Training during the Legislative Session Go-live, year end close and training all at once Limited staff Agency mitigation steps: Plan in advance and prioritize; Document key functions

and how shifts may need to occur to accommodate for Legislative or other competing tasks Work with staff on vacation schedules in advance Cross-train; Are there tasks that can temporarily shift at year end close or during training Evaluate if Service Center is an option 36 Readiness Assessment #3 Agency Concern Functionality Agency concerns noted: Changes to functionality Ability to pay vendors timely Lack of understanding of SMART functions Interfunds Agency mitigation steps: Document your agencies As-Is and To-Be processes noting key functions and impacts Plan in advance closing out FY2010, ensure existing payments are processed Participate in Sunflower Project workshops, Change Agent Network meetings and Training 37 Readiness Assessment #4 Task ID 86 Readiness Assessment will be sent out February 15th The status and questions are tailored to the phase of the project Readiness Assessment #4 is due to your Agency Liaison by March 1st Future Readiness Assessments are in: April 2010; May 2010 and June 2010 38 Upcoming Agency Events February 2010 2/17 Change Agent Network Meeting #9 2/25 Monthly Conversion Technical Meeting March 2010 3/01- SMART pre-requisite, web-based training courses deploy 3/9 Monthly Interface Technical Meeting 3/17 Change Agent Network Meeting #10 3/24 Monthly Conversion Technical Meeting April 2010 4/1 Help Desk Contacts Kick-Off Meeting

39 Questions and Answers ? For additional information on the project, please see the project website: 40 Authority for Change Requests Change Request Authority Cost Impact Scope Impact Executive Sponsors TBD TBD Steering Committee Changes over $50K Significant impact on project scope (+/-) FMS Mgmt Team (CCB) Changes under $50K Moderate impact on project scope (+/-) All changes affecting cost (+/-) approved by FMS Mgmt Team Minor impact on project scope (+/-)

Impact on PS Code Base Any change affecting the Go-live date Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4 Managers Schedule Impact All mods approved by FMS Mgmt Team Agency Impact Law, Reg, Policy Impact TBD Any changes affecting laws, regulations or other non-A&R policies TBD Recommends changes to Executive Sponsors Any change affecting KITO milestones or other key (internal management) milestones Any decisions/ changes adversely affecting agencies

Any changes affecting A&R policies and procedures Minor impact on project activities that do not adversely impact a milestone Configuration decisions benefiting agencies that do not impact cost or do not impact a milestone 41

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