afPE Presentation By Michelle Roberts TSA South West

afPE Presentation By Michelle Roberts  TSA South West

afPE Presentation By Michelle Roberts TSA South West High Quality PE Workshop outcomes Workshop outcomes What do we mean by High Quality PE what does it look like ? What do Ofsted judge as high quality PE? How can we plan for a High quality PE curriculum? Teaching and Learning framework The PE sessions What to look for lesson observations/learning walks Schemes of work case study and what to look for. Head Heart and Hands afpe Intent, Implementation and impact Ofsted curriculum report and new framework

30 Active Minutes how can we fit this into a high Quality PE Curriculum ? Imoves on yer bike ! High Quality PE What does it look like ? 30 Second Challenge Come up with as many words that would describe a high quality PE lesson as you can. 30 seconds Next task How many words begin with a p Can you come up with as many p words as you can which you would describe a high quality session High Quality PE Key Ingredients

Planning and Focus Use of assessment data -to plan and challenge pupils Use of adults Questioning - closed / open / higher order Pace Feedback - written / oral / video / peer Use of environment suitable, hazard free, inspiring Behaviour ICT - integral to the lesson Subject Knowledge Progress - by all pupils

SEND planned for in detail The Ps into a High quality PE session

Planning Progression Pace Progress Physical literacy Passion Peer feedback Plenaries Precision Provision

Ofsted requirements PE has its own Grade descriptors for .. Overall effectiveness of subject Achievement of pupils Teaching in the subject Quality of the subject curriculum Leadership and management of the subject (Ofsted subject descriptors 2014) Ofsted - Outstanding and Good Teaching and Learning Judgements

Outstanding - Enjoyable and highly effective learning is promoted through excellent relationships, regular praise and feedback. Teachers enthuse, motivate and inspire pupils to achieve their very best. . Pupils secure outstanding progress because teachers and coaches are organised and wellplanned. They use their extensive subject knowledge and expertise to show pupils the step-by-step stages of learning new skills, and how to apply skills in different activities and situations. They question pupils to check their understanding and provide expert advice on how to attain exceptionally high levels of performance. Good- Pupils of all abilities are fully included and challenged to achieve their best because learning is planned on the basis of what pupils already know, understand and can do. Teachers and coaches show a detailed understanding of PE and sport and communicate this effectively.

Teaching and Learning Framework for PE Look at the Teaching and Learning Framework which has been adapted for PE (Arena 2017) Task Put the statements in the correct order from Inadequate through to Outstanding and against the key feature of the lesson. Do any stand out to you as being particularly challenging ? Lesson Observation Watch video of lesson

Observe strengths and areas for improvement Prioritise the 3 top areas for improvement Effective teaching and Learning AFL - Ofsted good and outstanding teaching and learning. Outstanding Enjoyable and highly effective learning is promoted through excellent relationships, regular praise and feedback Good pupils of all abilities are fully included and challenged to achieve their best because learning is planned on the basis of what pupils already know. Do your learners know..... Where they are now?

Where they need to be? What they need to do to get there? Schemes of work Case study example - Arena Over 50 PE observations carried out some with a former HMI inspector. Fun interactive warm ups and enjoyment by children Good use of resources and class management techniques Most children engaged in the activity and enjoying lessons. Good subject knowledge demonstrated by some PE specialists. What were the issues ?

Objectives and purpose of the lessons not clear. Lack of progression in many lessons- many schools have no scheme in place across the school Pupils not physically active for long enough need to be working towards 80% of the lesson. Children unclear of where they are in their learning and what their next steps are ? Informal or formal assessment was not observed in any lessons. Look at example schemes.. HEAD,HANDS and HEART - AFPE HEAD - THE THINKING PHYSICAL BEING: Decision maker Analyticaldeep understanding Confident Creative

HANDS - THE DOING PHYSICAL BEING: Physically competent Grows and develops Physically active Competitive HEART- THE BEHAVIOURAL : Involved and engaged Grows socially and emotionally Builds character and values Leads a healthy active lifestyle What to consider when choosing a SOW 1. Why am I considering buying a sow ? 2. Is the scheme aligned to the purpose, 4 aims and standards outlined in the DfE (2013) National Curriculum PE Programme of Study 3. Does the scheme scaffold units of work of sufficient length ? 4. Is the scheme of work adaptable? 5. Does the scheme focus on holistic learning in PE not just skill

6. Does the scheme allow for horizontal as well as vertical coherence? Choosing a SOW continued . 7.Is the scheme recognised by the national subject association for Physical Education 8. Is the Scheme of Work value for money? 9. What is the shelf-life of the Scheme of Work and is it future-proofed? 10. Does the scheme promote assessment without levels and avoid labelling ? pro High Quality Curriculum- Intent, Implementation and Impact Ofsted - New framework.- Sept 2019

Outcomes will no longer be a standalone judgement. The existing quality of teaching, learning and assessment judgement will be broadened to include a quality of education judgement based on the curriculum and outcomes. There will be a new judgement isolating behaviour and attitudes. There will also be a new judgement isolating personal development. Leadership and management are to remain as a key judgement. The tide is changing Ofsted has also responded to the demand from parents to give better information about how well behaviour is managed in a school. A new separate behaviour judgement will assess whether schools are creating a calm, well-managed

environment free from bullying. Alongside that, proposals for a personal development judgement will recognise the work schools and colleges do to build young peoples resilience and confidence in later life through work such as cadet forces, National Citizen Service, sports, drama or debating teams.( Ofsted Dec 2018) 30 Active Minutes How can we include this within the curriculum? Start with a quick win What are you already doing to achieve the 30 active minutes ?

Work towards a multi component approach Who can you get on board with the programme in the next half term ? Build the workforce What can you do to start to improve activity in your playground ? Active environments. How Active are your classrooms ? Embed Physical activity across the curriculum. How can you involve pupils to ensure choice and variety ? Set personal challenges. Start an Active campaign to promote the programme across the school with pupils, staff and parents. - Active Travel. In order to make change you have to start to make it part of the culture of the school, build the mindset with the pupils and staff and ensure it becomes part of the ethos. ( See afPE health position paper 2015)

Summary What does PE look like currently in your school ?

Do you know the quality of delivery in your school ? Have you observed any sessions or carried out any learning walks ? What schemes of work do you have in place to support teachers ? What does your curriculum map currently look like ? How active are the sessions ? As a school how are you working towards the 30 Active Minutes ? Could afPE support your school in the delivery of PE though subject leadership training , CPD updates, seminars, webinars resources ? Contact Details Michelle Roberts afPE - TSA South West Email [email protected]

Mobile - 07830134720

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