Skin Again "The skin I'm in is just a covering."

Skin Again "The skin I'm in is just a covering."

I Am Everyone Session One: Identity Circles Lesson Objectives To explore the similarities and differences within the class/group Lesson Outcomes Each student will be able to reflect on the fact that the only person who can truly describe their own identity is

themselves Starter Work with someone you dont know well. 1. 2. 3.

Talk to each other. Find three invisible similarities. Find three invisible differences. Invisible similarities Things we have in common (that others cannot see by looking at us)

Invisible differences Things that are unique about us (that others cannot see by looking at us) Class Feedback Is anyone willing to give feedback on what they have found out about their partner? Did you find out anything that surprised you

about your partner, or anyone else in the class? Identity Circles You are going to create a circle about your own identity. Draw a large circle in the middle of a sheet of paper. Draw a picture of yourself in the

centre circle. Then write about the different aspects of your identity in outer circles or blobs. Remember: only share what you want to share. Pair and share Work with your partner and share the information you have drawn. Look for

similarities and differences. Now join another pair and share your ideas and thoughts with them. 1. What have been the biggest influences on your identity? 2. Do some parts of your identity overlap? Session Two I Am Who I Am Because of Everyone

Learning Objective To understand that people have an impact on who we are. To realise that people are made up of interactions with people they meet, and their stories. Leaning Outcome I can assess and evaluate the impact that different people have had on my life.

Starter In small groups, share your stories about the people who are important to you. Main Activity Watch these two advertisements: I Am Everyone advert I Am Everyone advert with Mark Beau

mont I Am Mark Beaumont I am my mother Yeena And my sisters Heather and Hannah. I am my grandfather, Who gave me a heavy bike on Christmas, And the neighbour who took the stabilisers off.

I am my friend Bobby, Who helped me through my training, And the schoolkids from Dundee Who raised money for my trip. I am the woman who knocked me off my bike in Louisiana And her son who fixed it. I am the people of the Nalabar, Who gave me water when I needed it most. I am Mark Beaumont

And this year I broke the round-the-world cycling record. I am who I am because of everyone. Think about these possible sentence starters:

I I I I am (name of a person) am am like like

E.g. I am my mum when she teaches me to be kind Now try and write five or six statements about different people who have had an impact on you or changed you in some way. Plenary In a group, share one of your I am statements.

Listen carefully for similarities and differences and discuss these with your group. Is it possible for people to have a negative impact on your identity? Session Three Our Hopes and Dreams Learning Objectives

To explore our own hopes and dreams for the future. To explore and reflect on the hopes and dreams of others in the class, and the wider community. To assess the ways people support each other in achieving their dreams and coping with disappointment. Learning Outcomes I can talk about my hopes and dreams for the future. I can reflect on other peoples hopes and dreams. I can discuss fears and disappointments sensitively.

Starter Work in pairs to discuss/compare the hopes and dreams you have for yourself and the world, and the hopes and dreams held by friends and family. You could use the template on the next slide if you wish.

Working in pairs/groups, record a few hopes and dreams on post-it notes then divide them into two categories: Hopes and dreams for myself Hopes and dreams for the world Share your ideas with the rest of the class. Are there some hopes and dreams

that really matter to everyone? Have we found any similar dreams from different people? Are there some dreams that are only important to one individual? Acknowledgements Based on original material created by Schools Linking Network supported by the Pears

Foundation. The photographs of Mark Beaumont are from Wikimedia Commons (both photos by Anna Frodesiak). The two videos are part of an advertising campaign by Orange.

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