SFU Graduate Curriculum Workshop - Simon Fraser University

SFU Graduate Curriculum Workshop - Simon Fraser University

SFU Graduate Curriculum Workshop Agenda APPROVAL PROCESS EFFECTIVE DATES PROGRAMS COURSES REMINDERS RESOURCES Theme of the day: Do it now. Sometimes later becomes never or too late Terminology APR Academic Progress Report

AVED Ministry of Advanced Education BOG Board of Governors CSAR Cohort Special Arrangement (3 year trial program) Docushare online repository of all Senate documents FPP Full Program Proposal

GPS Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies NOI Notice of Intent SGSC Senate Graduate Studies Committee SCUP Senate Committee on University Priorities 1) INITIAL DRAFT feedback from staff/faculty 2) APPROVAL @ DEPARTMENT CURRICULUM COMMITTEE if in a non-departmentalized faculty this step is skipped APPROVAL @ FACULTY CURRICULUM COMMITTEE

APPROVAL @ SGSC may be sent back to contact person for revisions/rationale this may delay the approval FOR INFORMATION/APPROVAL @ SCUP this only occurs for major program changes (new programs, over 50% of program being changed, program terminations) FOR INFORMATION/APPROVAL @ SENATE APPROVAL @ BOG & Ministry of Advanced Education this only occurs for new programs 3) IMPLEMENTATION 4) EFFECTIVE available for enrollment Approval Process Deadline Dates Graduate Studies Website-> Administration -> Curriculum Management -> Meeting Schedule and Deadlines Schedule for major

program revisions and program proposals is different Be realistic Effective dates drive all the systems SIMS Calendar Scheduling Effective dates are ALWAYS spring, summer or fall followed by the year ie Spring 2018 Academic Progress Report

293 That is how many graduate curriculum items were approved through SGSC in 2018 (program changes, new courses, course changes, GGR revisions, full program proposals) Click icon to add picture Templates & Forms MEMOS CALENDAR CHANGE NOI DEGREE CSAR & FPP CERTIFICATE/DIPLOMA FORMS: new course course change course TW/Delete

Programs Revisions Major Revisions Suspension/Deletion Include revisions to courses required, admission requirement changes or program structure Includes any revision that is more than 50% being changed from the original program and must go through SCUP

Admission suspension must happen first, followed by dissolution. This may occur simultaneously only if no students are in the program NOI This is the rationale for the proposed program, key objectives and outcomes. The NOI structure will form the basis of the Executive Summary included in the FPP. FPP CSAR

There are two templates, one for the SFU submission which will be used up to and including Senate and a second in a modified format to be sent to the Ministry of Advanced Education. Is 3 year trial for a graduate program. The template is that of an FPP but it does not need minstry approval until proposed as a permenant program. If there is anything out of the ordinary,

provide a strong rationale. New Course Checks Overlap Equivalency Cross-listed Library The faculty associate dean will distribute the course proposal and outline to all other faculty associate deans to ensure the new course has enough

original content and doesnt have significant overlap with an existing course If this course has enough similar content to another course, are they equivalent? If yes, is it a one way equivalency or two way? Rationale is needed if there is a complex set of equivalents

If this course is piggy backed with an undergraduate course, additional information is needed. Normally, additional work must be assigned to the grad students or additional contact hours for grads only At the graduate level, Grad Studies will submit the new course proposal with the reading list to the library to ensure there are

adequate resources to mount the course Courses Prerequisites Must have logic and must be different from what is already implicit Units Normally, between 3-5 units. Be consistent within your academic unit Program change needed If creating a new course, does this course need to

be listed in the program calendar as part of an elective list or requirement Course Components These have recently changed. Definitions available on our website Repeat for credit Grading Should a student be able to repeat the course again if they successfully compete it again

for further credit Has the correct grading scheme been used? Remember S/U graded courses can have an IP Differences between grad and undergrad no WQB at grad different forms and templates STT course normally not used at grad

units do not equal contact hours in all cases CSAR not available at ugrad reminder s always be working off of the published calendar rationale is important

memos & signatures are necessary follow the correct approval process submit before the last meeting for the effective date when possible double check all forms before submission keep an electronic word version (course outlines, program proposals and calendar changes) until approval at Senate

when revisions are requested get the correct people involved in the decision Inaccurate or incomplete documents submitted may result in delay or denial by SGSC, SCUP or Senate RESOURCES Graduate Curriculum Management http://www.sfu.ca/dean-gradstudies/administration/curriculum-planning.html ask for help in advance: [email protected] [email protected] SGSC http://www.sfu.ca/dean-gradstudies/administration/senate-graduate-studies-committee

Calendar http://www.sfu.ca/calendar SCUP http://www.sfu.ca/senate/senate-committees/scup.html Senate documents https://docushare.sfu.ca/dsweb/View/Collection-12682 Facebook/SimonFraserUniversity Twitter @SFU Instagram @SimonFraserU sfu.ca

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