Service learning: A site for critical pedagogy?

Service learning: A site for critical pedagogy?

CRITICAL REFLECTIONS: SERVICE LEARNING AT NTU TO ENTER INTO DIALOGUE PRESUPPOSES EQUALITY AMONGST PARTICIPANTS. EACH MUST TRUST THE OTHERS; THERE MUST BE MUTUAL RESPECT AND LOVE. (FREIRE, 1970, P. 89) SHARON HUTCHINGS OVERVIEW What is service learning Service learning at NTU Why we do service learning Values guiding practice Examples of service learning projects Student reflections Literature to help situate service learning The challenges

A pedagogy of radical love WHAT IS SERVICE LEARNING? Simply put - Students working on projects determined by local, not-for-profit organisations which they reflect upon and connect to their disciplinary understandings. Servicelearning programs are distinguished from other approaches to experiential education by their intention to equally benefit the provider and the recipient of the service as well as to ensure equal focus on both the service being provided and the learning that is occurring. To do this, servicelearning programs must have some academic context and be designed in such a way that ensures that both the service enhances the learning and the learning enhances the service. (Furco, 2011:75) SERVICE LEARNING JOURNEY AT NTU

From pilot to full rollout 2012 community volunteering module 2013 - SL pilot. 16 students 2 pilots 2014 200 students and 25+ partners 2018 Core mocules three degrees And Sharon and Andrea are depleted! WHY SERVICE LEARNING IN NOTTINGHAM? To engage with Nottingham In 2007 13th most deprived local authority area In 2010 it was the 20th and In 2015 it was the 8 t h High levels of income deprivation and employment deprivation High number of children and older people in income deprivation Nottingham North lowest number of university

applications VALUES GUIDING PRACTICE Endeavour to build: Authentic, positive relationships Insights beyond generalized or abstract knowledge (Eyler & Giles, 1999) Relationships that are mutually beneficial Within a public sociology framework context Communit yUniversity Engageme nt Public Service Sociology Learning STUDENTS AS CRITICAL AGENTS?

A shift from the banking concept of education? Opportunities for dialogue Learning beyond the campus Tackling social challenges transforming both students and the communities in which they are located For our students to: become critical agents actively questioning and negotiating the relationship between theory and practice, critical analysis and common sense, and learning and social change. Giroux (2003) EXAMPLES OF SERVICE LEARNING Nottingham Citizens: Islamaphobia, participation & public life Himmah:

racist attacks on taxi drivers in Nottingham Nottinghamshire Sexual Assault Centre : raising awareness rape & sexual assault Renewal Trust: Welcome pack for new arrivals to the city Community Cohesion Team: Hate crime against Romanians Mojatu: Raising awareness of FGM STUDENTS REFLECTIONS Working at the refugee centre : it has provided me with a confidence and a sense of fulfilment this learning curve has been a foundation in which to progress on in my degree and in life. Homeless centre: I felt slightly apprehensive unjust stereotypesdifferent next time. Two words have stuck with me from this training...POWER and

PEOPLE. Relatively small words but words that can have such...well power! STUDENT REFLECTIONS I did not think that street harassment was a big issue but once the surveys had been completed it became clear to me that this is something which occurs way too often. Reading how this made people feel helped me empathise with them and realise how much of a problem street harassment is. As a woman, it was extremely important on a personal level to take control of this reoccurring

problem and create a movement on a level in which the city had failed to see before. It made me realise Im quite politically minded and I didnt think I was . Oh my goodness this is ridiculously important, how have I been so blind? Yes, thats one of the things its made me realise is that Im really passionate about politics the research our team would be doing would not only effect and influence the student community but could impact the general public in Nottingham City Centre too & I felt excited at the idea of being able to impact the student community in a positive way MODELS TO SITUATE SERVICE

LEARNING Conceptual framework situating SL exper iences Morton Three paradigms of Service High Moral Domain Re l a t i o n s h i p s m a y d e v e l o p a r o u n d either giving or caring Investment in relationships Social change Political domain Experience can foster a sense of

civic duty Intellectual domain Experiences are either additive (adding to knowledge and skills) or transformative (transforming participants understanding of complex social issues Project Charity Concern with root causes High K a hne a n d Wes t h e i m e r ( 1 9 9 6 ) i n Tinkler et al (2013:83)

MODELS TO SITUATE SERVICE LEARNING Conceptual framework situating SL experiences Morton Three paradigms of Service Moral Domain Re l a t i o n s h i p s m a y d e v e l o p a rou nd eit he r givin g or ca rin g High Investme nt in relations

hips Social change Project Charity Concern with root causes High Political domain Experience can foster a sense of civic duty Intellectual domain Experiences are either additive (adding to knowledge

and skills) or transformative (transforming participants understanding of complex social issues Kahne and Westheimer (1996) in Tinkler et al (2013:83) Whats missing? The affective domain Radical Love! THE CHALLENGES

Employability and impact agendas It is not just another module but is resourced as such Who really benefits? Building academic credibility Community not a cultural commodity in an unscripted world (Sandmann et al, in Hatcher and Bringle 2010:32) Steering group School wide approach Take risks and resist/challenge instrumental agendas When it goes wrong!

RADICAL LOVE Be guided by Freirean notions of love To be understood in context of Freires critical pedagogy and dialogue Dialogue cannot exist, however, in the absence of a profound love for the world and for people. The naming of the world, which is an act of creation and re-creation, is not possible if it is not infused with love. Love is at the same time the foundation of dialogue and dialogue itself (Freire p.89-90). It brings a language (and praxis) of possibility Giroux RADICAL LOVE Service learning - A pedagogy of radical love? Secular, humanist radical love provides the postsecula r lens to

guide pr actice. (Cloke et al, 2010) Love is essential to dia logue and becomes ra dical when a ttached to a political project. Liambas and Ka skaris Toward this end, we define the term ra dica l love as the empathetic, active, and passionate impulse to transform socia l Communit relationships in ways that seek justice and freedom. yUniversity Engageme nt Public Sociology Service Learning A PEDAGOGY OF LOVE

In common: Experiential learning Critical learning Political context Change and Radical love REFERENCES De a n s , T. ( 1 9 9 9 ) Se r v i c e - le a rni n g i n t w o ke ys : Pa o lo Fre i re s c r i t ic a l pe da g o gy i n re l a t i o n t o J o h n D e w e y s pr a g m at i s m . M i c h i ga n J o ur n a l o f C om m u ni t y Se r v i c e L e a r n i ng 6 ( 1 ) , 1 5 - 2 9 . E yl e r , J . , G il e s D . E . , ( 1 9 9 9 ) W he re s t he L e a r ni ng i n Se r v i c e - L e a r n i ng? Sa n Fr a n c i s c o : J o s s e y-B a s s G i ro ux , H. 2 0 1 0 Le s s o n s Fro m Pa u l o Fre i re . C h ro ni c l e o f H i ghe r E du c a t i o n , 0 0 0 9 5 9 8 2 , 1 0 / 2 2 / 2 0 1 0 , Vo l. 5 7 , I s s ue 9 M o r to n , K . ( 1 9 9 5 ) . T h e i ro ny o f s e r vi c e : C ha r i t y, pro je c t s a n d s o c i a l c ha n ge i n s e r v ic e le a rn in g. M i c hi g a n J o u r na l o f C o m m un i t y Se r v i c e L e a r n in g, 2 , 1 9 -3 2 .

R ic e , K . ( 2 0 1 0 ) B e c o m in g a r e fl e c t i ve c om m u ni ty s er v i c e - l e a r ni ng pr o f e s s i o n al , i n B . J a c o by a nd P. M ut a s c i o ( E d s . ) Lo o k i n g i n, r e a c h i ng o ut : a r efl ec t i v e g ui d e fo r c om m u ni ty s er vi c e - l e a r ni ng pr o f e s s io n a l s , B o s t o n, M A: C a m pu s C o mp a c t REFERENCES Eyler, J., Giles D. E., (1999) Wheres the Learning in ServiceLearning? San Francisco: Jossey-Bass Giroux, H. 2010 Lessons From Paulo Freire. Chronicle of Higher Education , 00095982, 10/22/2010, Vol. 57, Issue 9 Morton, K. (1995). The irony of service: Charity, projects and social change in service learning. Michigan Journal of Community Service Learning, 2 , 19-32. Rice, K. (2010) Becoming a reflective community servicelearning professional , in B. Jacoby and P. Mutascio (Eds.) Looking in, reaching out: a reflective guide for community service-learning professionals , Boston, MA: Campus Compact

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