SELL KMR - Lafayette College

SELL KMR - Lafayette College

Lafayette Investment Club Nov 4, 2011 Agenda

Club News Financial News Short Selling Sell some KMR Club News Portfolio

$351,719 (down 1.5% vs last week) S&P 500 1,261 (down 1.8%) WARNING: Vestas Windsystems down 15% on manufacturing worries. (down 50% since we bought it) Occupy Wall Street Occupy Wall Street (OWS) is an ongoing series of demonstrations in New York City based in Zuccotti Park in the Wall Street financial district.

Protest against social and economic inequality, corporate greed andcorruption Implication +/ Economics is really bad and unemployment is really Severe. On the other hand, this May just be a joke of a bunch of uneducated People.

Look at this This guy tells everyone on wall street that we should all go to China because they have a annual GDP grow rate of 10% I am sure he will have fun if he comes to China.

Short Selling What is Short Selling? Trading technique used to profit from downward moves in stock price Sell shares you dont own, hoping that the price will fall, allowing you to buy them back and return them for less money

Why Sell Short? 1. Speculate 2. Bet that stock price will fall

Hedge Protect your portfolio Speculative Example

UBS is trading around $12 a share You think it will drop to $6 You borrow 100 shares, sell them for $12 Supposing UBS drops to $6, you cover your short by buying shares back Profit = ($12 - $6)*100 shares= $600

Hedging Example You want to protect a $100,000 diversified portfolio of stocks You open a short position on an equity index like the S&P that protects you close to 1-for-1 If your portfolio falls 3%, you have lost $3,000 But you make $3,000 on your short Risks

Gamble Losses can be infinite Using borrowed money

The Squeeze Timing SELL KMR By: Rau and Simon What is an MLP? An investment that combines the tax benefits of a limited partnership (LP) with the liquidity of common

stock. Has a partnership structure issues investment units that trade on an exchange like common stock. combine the tax advantages of a partnership with the liquidity of a publicly traded stock In order to qualify, a firm must earn 90% of its income through activities or interest and dividend payments relating to natural resources, commodities or real

estate. Tax Advantages of an MLP Dont pay a corporate income tax the tax liability of the entity is passed on to its unitholders(shareholders) Once a year, each investor receives a K-1 statement detailing his or her share of the partnership's net income, which is then taxed at the investor's individual tax rate.

This is a strong incentive to become an MLP because it means a cost advantage over their incorporated peers.(peers pay corporate income tax) eliminates the double taxation generally applied to corporations (whereby the corporation pays taxes on its income and the corporation's shareholders also pay taxes on the corporation's dividends). Being a MLP lowers its cost of capital(makes it easier to build new pipelines and other necessities)

About KMR Kinder Morgan Management, LLC operates as an energy transportation and storage company in North America. As of December 31, 2009, it owned and operated approximately 28,000 miles of pipelines and 180 terminals. The company was founded in 2001 and is based in Houston, Texas.

KMR, KMI, KMP, EL PASO WTF? Kinder Morgan Partners is separated into KMP,KMR, and KMI In February, Kinder Morgan completed its public offering, which actually is a re-IPO after its common stock was originally bought up by private equity firms in 2007. SYMBOL: KMI not to be mistaken with KMR. Kinder Morgan Energy Partners LP (KMP) KMR is Kinder Morgan Management LLC - shares are legally equal with KMP shares. KMP receives distributions in cash.

KMR receives distributions in the form of KMR shares. (Equivalent of built in reinvestment plan) EL PASO - Kinder Morgan recently acquired El Paso Corporation (EP) creating the largest midstream and the fourth largest energy company in North America. KMR In our Portfolio 5.16% of our portfolio -third largest holding(behind IBM and CAT)

Currently own 273 shares Trading at $66.48(currently around 52-week High) 18k position Sell? RECCOMENDATION : SELL (ENTIRE POSITION) Why? Our opinion is to avoid the affiliated Kinder Morgan Partnership equities.

Capital Gains? Taxes? The Kinder Morgan General Partner legal structure provides incentives to benefit the General Partner. Our advice is to avoid Kinder Morgan Management LLC, El Paso Corp., and El Paso Pipeline Partners, L.P., and Kinder Morgan Energy Partners LP. If you believe in Kinder Morgan buy KMI Why KMI?

The management team has proven to be first class in returning consistent recognized returns. The company can attract top employee talent at all levels of the enterprise. Kinder Morgan has access to capital markets for further growth initiatives. In October The KMI board of directors declared a dividend of $0.30 per share ($1.20 annualized), payable on Nov. 15, 2011. 4.2% dividend

Also owns 20% equity interest in NGPL PipeCo LLC Why is it Attractive? (KMI)

Trading at a EV/EBITDA Multiple of 13. 270 Million in cash on the balance sheet. High dividend Great peg ratio: 1.43 EL PASO DEAL When the deal goes through stock will pop. (80% chance according to BofA analysts) WHAT WE SHOULD DO?!

Option 1 Sell (The entire KMR position) Allocate half of the positions cash back into KMI. And take the other 9k and reinvest into another high growth potential stock. Plenty of gems out there (I.E. NLY) Option 2 Sell (The entire KMR position)

Take 18k in profits -substantially increase our cash holdings(from (22,000 to 40,000) Have cash on hand to reinvest in another equity when the timing is right(buy low, sell high)

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