Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM), How ...

Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM), How ...

Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM), How Do Students Who Are Blind Get Involved? By: Ashley Neybert Independence Science Why should I care about Blind or Low Vision (BLV) Students in STEM? Almost every major requires taking a class in STEM so even students in different fields need to know how to work in a STEM classroom Being familiar with STEM disciplines is important for general life success and helps customers achieve their goals

Skills needed for Success White cane travel Braille literacy Access technology Image description: Vernier SciVoice Talking Labquest 2 (TLQ) with temperature probe. The screen displays a logarithmic plot of increasing hand temperature and statistics of the data. How skills can change an outcome or what can happen with low vision and no skills

Measurements were hard I couldnt get all the information Broken glassware Exclusion by my lab group Confusion in the classroom Feelings of self-doubt which spilled outside of STEM Gaining some low vision skills Contrast including permanent markers, colored papers, and

black folders Magnification Large Print Handouts Image description: A graduated cylinder with a black line drawn in permanent marker with a blue paper behind it to increase contrast. Knowing when not to use low vision Some things can be completed with low vision but are slower or less effective Use a pipette instead of trying to squint at graduated cylinders when possible

Use color identifiers or a sighted assistant for precisely using color changing indicators Use Sci-Voice Talking LabQuest instead of relying on others to read measurements Know when Braille is better than large print! Braille Knowing Braille is important even for those who can read large print in STEM Long equations in STEM make Braille imperative to reducing errors and in science and engineering

reducing errors means reducing accidents! Image description: Ashley Neybert reading a Braille book casually at a table. Cane Travel Cane travel is important for getting around safely and communicating effectively A person who can get around effectively with a cane is more employable

than a person who looks at their feet to avoid tripping Image description: Ashley Neybert walks down a winding sidewalk using her long white cane. Teaching in the Lab and Classroom I have students say their names in role call or when they ask questions Students must describe whats going on in their experiment to ask if

something is right, increasing communication skills Announcing when you walk behind someone helps reduce accidents for everyone Image description: Ashley Neybert wears a white lab coat over a t-shirt that reads I know where Im going. She holds her cane in one hand and an Erlenmeyer flask filled with red liquid in the other. Electron Shells Lesson This project:

Helps students understand the Bohr electron model while providing the instructor a sheet with directions on how to explain shell filling rules Learning Objectives Students will be able to: Recognize that electrons are located in shells and fill in order of increasing energy Identify core and valence (bonding) electrons Image description: A magnet board is used for a tactile representation of a

Bohr model of electrons. Yarn is used to represent each shell, small magnets for electrons, and one larger magnet to represent the nucleus including protons and neutrons. Limiting Reagents Lesson This project: Helps students understand the concepts of limiting reagents and diatomic elements Provides students with several examples of basic reactions Demonstrates conservation of mass. Learning Objectives:

Students will be able to: Begin to recognize atoms that form diatomic elements Identify reactions as an application of conservation of mass Identify limiting and excess reagents Image Description : A magnet board is used along with different shaped magnets to represent the reagents. In the above image, nitrogen is blue and hydrogen is black (for color contrast). Reactants are shown apart, then in groups of two (how theyd be naturally), then as a completed reaction.

We can win! In 2015 I won the American Chemical Societys Womens Chemistry Committee Overcoming Challenges Award One winner is chosen for this national award per year for overcoming great obstacles on ones path to success The American Chemical Society is one of the worlds largest scientific professional societies with nearly 157,000 members

Image description: Ashley Neybert giving an acceptance speech for the National Womens Chemistry Committee Overcoming Challenges Award. Helpful Resources National Federation of the Blind Science and Engineering Division A list of tools for blind scientists For independent laboratory measurement tools

Sources "About ACS - American Chemical Society." American Chemical Society. Web. 14 Sept. 2016. Neybert, Ashley E., and Paula Morehouse. "Tactile Concept Based Labs for the Visually Impaired: A World of Untapped Potential." American Chemical Society National Convention. San Diego. 2015. Lecture. Thanks and Questions Special thanks to everyone at the Oklahoma Transition institute for inviting me here to speak today. Important reminder: If there are any questions please state your name and wait to be called on as I cant see you raising your

hands! Thank you!

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