SC.7.P.10.1 - Electromagnetic spectrum & sc.7.p.10.3 - light ...

SC.7.P.10.1 - Electromagnetic spectrum & sc.7.p.10.3 - light ...

SC.7.P.10.1 ELECTROMAGNETIC SPECTRUM & SC.7.P.10.3 LIGHT REFRACTION Mrs. Korsun ELECTROMAGNETIC WAVES An electromagnetic wave is a disturbance that involves the transfer of electric and magnetic energy. An electromagnetic wave is made up of vibrating electric and

magnetic fields that move through space or some medium at the speed of light. EM Waves are measured by frequency or wavelength The light waves we see are EM waves. ELECTROMAGNETIC SPECTRUM The energy that electromagnetic waves transfer through matter or space is called electromagnetic radiation. The suns energy arrives on Earth as electromagnetic radiation.

All electromagnetic waves travel at the same speed in a vacuum, but they have different wavelengths and different frequencies. The electromagnetic spectrum is the complete range of electromagnetic waves placed in order or increasing frequency. ELECTROMAGNETIC SPECTRUM Radio-used in broadcasting to carry signals for radio programs. Microwaves- have shorter wavelengths and higher frequencies than radio waves do. E.g. Microwave ovens are used to heat food

Infrared invisible heat you feel (e.g .warming by a campfire) Visible- Electromagnetic waves you see. Ultraviolet- these rays have higher frequencies than visible light, so they carry more energy. Ultraviolet rays can damage or kill living cells. E.g. Too much exposure to ultraviolet rays can burn your skin and over time cause skin cancer. Small doses of ultraviolet rays are useful; for instance, they cause cells to produce vitamin D. X-Rays- carry more energy than ultraviolet rays and can penetrate through most matter. Dense matter, such as bone or lead, absorbs X-rays so they can pass through. Thus, X-rays are used to make images of bones and teeth Too make exposure to x-rays can cause cancer. Gamma Rays- have the greatest amount of energy; the most penetrating of electromagnetic waves.

HOW MUCH ENERGY DOES EM RADIATION HAVE? Higher frequency means more energy! The energy of an EM depends on its frequency. High-frequency, shortwavelength EM waves have more energy than low-frequency, longwavelength waves. More energy means more dangerous! FUN FACT WHITE LIGHT.Did you know??? Visible light that appears white is actually a mixture of

many colors. Light waves bend, or refract when they enter a new medium. So, when white light passes through rain drops, a rainbow can result. SAMPLE QUESTION 11 What type of radiation represents the color spectrum seen on Earth? A. gamma rays

B. infrared C. visible D. X-ray #39 SAMPLE QUESTION 12 When solar radiation crosses space and moves toward Earth, it consists of many types of radiation. Together, these radiation types are known as the electromagnetic spectrum. Which of the following

properties differentiates among the different types of radiation found in the electromagnetic spectrum? A. amplitudes B. wavelengths C. temperatures D. chemical makeup #40 INTERACTIONS OF LIGHT Matter can transmit light! When light encounters a material, it can be passed through the

material, or transmitted. Matter that transmits light is transparent. Examples are air, glass, and water. Translucent materials transmit light but do not let the light travel straight through. The light is scattered into many different directions. Objects look fuzzy or distorted. Examples are frosted glass, lamp shades, and tissue paper INTERACTIONS OF LIGHT

Matter can absorb light! Opaque materials do not let any light pass through them. Instead, they reflect light, absorb light, or both. Examples: wood, brick, metal When light enters a material but does not leave it, the light is absorbed. Absorption is the transfer of light energy to matter. INTERACTIONS OF LIGHT Matter can reflect light! You see an object only when light from the object enters your eye.

However, most objects do not give off, or emit, light. Instead, light bounces off the objects surface. The bouncing of light off a surface is called reflection. Example: mirrors WHAT DETERMINES THE COLOR OF OBJECTS WE SEE? The light reflected or absorbed The perceived color of an object is determined by the colors of light reflected by the object. A frogs skin absorbs most colors of light, but reflects most of the green light.

WHAT HAPPENS WHEN LIGHT WAVES INTERACT WITH MATTER? Light changes direction A straight object can look bent or broken when part of it is underwater. Light from the object underwater can change direction when it passes from water to glass and from glass to air. Refraction is the change in direction of a wave as it passes from one medium into another at an angle. WHAT HAPPENS WHEN LIGHT

WAVES INTERACT WITH MATTER? Light Scatters You dont see a beam of light shining through clear air. But if the beam of light shines though fog, some of the light is sent in many different directions. Some enters your eye, and you see the beam. Scattering occurs when light is sent in may directions as it passes through a medium. Dust and other small particles can scatter light. SAMPLE QUESTION 13

While attending a baseball game of his favorite major league team, Takahiro notices that he can see the batter hit the ball before he hears the crack of the bat. Which of the following statements best explains why there is a time lapse between seeing the baseball hit and hearing it? A. Eyes react to stimuli faster than ears do B. Light waves travel in a more direct path than sound waves. C. Sound waves travel more slowly in the air than light waves do. D. Sound waves from other sounds cause interference with

sound waves from the bat. #41

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