Safety Equipment and Lab Tools

Safety Equipment and Lab Tools

Lab Safety, Safety Equipment and Lab Tools 8th Grade Science

Why is Lab Safety Important? Science is a hands-on laboratory class. You will be doing many

activities that require the use of hazardous materials and equipment. To be safe, you must follow safety rules at all times.

Safety in the science classroom is the #1 priority for students, teachers, and parents. Safety Symbols

Safety symbols are non-linguistic representations of safety rules or

warnings. Safety Equipment: Fire Blanket The fire blanket is

used to cover a person or an object that is on fire. Know the location

of the fire blanket in your room. First Aid Kit The first aid kit

contains various items to help with an emergency. Please pay attention to

where these items are located in the room. Eye Wash Station

If chemicals or other substances should get into your eyes, flush them for at least 15 minutes.

Know the location of the eye wash station in your class.

Shower If a person is on fire or has chemicals spilled on much of their body, then a

shower might be necessary. Know its location in your room. PASS: Pull, Aim,

Squeeze, Sweep Fire Extinguisher Fire extinguishers are used to put

out fires. Know the location of the fire extinguisher in your classroom.

Safety Tools: Beakers

Flasks Graduated Cylinders Test Tubes

Goggles Dissecting Pan and Tools

Hot Plate Funnel Pipette

Meter Stick Microscop e

Thermomete r Triple-Beam Balance

Tongs Bunsen Burner

Wire Screen Clamps Ring

Stand What Will Happen If I Horseplay in Lab? Horseplay endangers you as well as

others. If you choose not to comply with Safety rules and the Safety Contract that you sign, you will be removed from the lab activity and will receive a zero for the

lab. If the issue is serious, disciplinary Action may be taken. Your parents will be informed.

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