RoboCup and Lego - University of Warwick

RoboCup and Lego - University of Warwick

RoboCup and Lego Nicky Hughes Dr Nicky Hughes

Lego League and RoboCup mentor Technical committee for RoboCup Dance Computer Science and ICT Teacher, Bury St Edmunds County Upper School, Suffolk Edexcel: GCSE CS spec and SOW RoboCup and Lego What is RobCup?

What is RoboCupJunior? Using Lego in RoboCupJunior Reflections What is RoboCup? RoboCup is a scientific project created to promote research in intelligent robotics and artificial intelligence "By 2050 a team of fully autonomous humanoid

robot soccer players shall win the soccer game, complying with the official rule of the FIFA, against the winner of the most recent World Cup Why football? Football has many aspects that next generation technologies need to embrace including team work, real-time perception and decision making, physical agents, and high-level of motion

control Football is also the most popular sports in the world. RoboCup is much more than football RoboCup is a world wide project

Multiple tournaments are held around the world in the different leagues International finals are held annually 30+ countries take part 2013 Eindhoven, Netherlands 2014 Brazil 2015 Thailand

RoboCup Leagues Senior leagues (University) RoboCup Soccer RoboCup Rescue [email protected]

RoboCupJunior(schools) Soccer

Dance Rescue Co-space (simulation) RoboCup Senior Leagues Senior Leagues video from Eindhoven 2013 https://

s&feature=player_embedded#t=84 2:58 RoboCup soccer RoboCup Rescue [email protected]

RoboCupJunior Introduces RoboCup and robot technology to school aged children 4 leagues

Soccer Dance Rescue Co-space (simulation) RoboCup and Lego RoboCupJunior is about designing and building their own robots teams can

select any type of robotic technology to use Lego kits are used in all the RoboCupJunior leagues by teams from different countries. RoboCupJunior Soccer RoboCupJunior Soccer

Teams design and program two robots to compete against an opposing team by

kicking an infra-red transmitting ball into a goal (blue or yellow) Robots are autonomous Can use Bluetooth or Zigbee communication Teams can select sensors 20 minute game (2 x 10 mins) RoboCupJunior soccer RoboCup Junior Rescue RoboCup Junior Rescue The mission is a real-word disaster where robotic assistance is needed:

The robot is autonomous and cope with rough terrain (speed bumps) and cross snowstorms (gap in the line) The robot also has to have the ability to climb mountains (the ramp)

When the robot finds the victim (a can) they have to transport it to a safe area(evacuation point) RoboCupJunior rescue RoboCupJunior Dance

RoboCupJunior Dance Teams create a 1 to 2 minute creative performance using autonomous robots.

Choose between a dance or a performance that tells a story. Teams are encouraged to be creative, innovative and to take risks in their use of technology. Communication via Bluetooth and Zigbee is allowed between robots RoboCupJunior dance Flying phoenix St Trinians http:// Wbx2w Toy story

How to get involved in the UK RoboCup is free to enter and open to all Rules are available online. The rules are updated

annually. UK competition is held in March Primary and secondary events

Top teams represent UK at international competition Lego and RoboCupJunior

Entry level robotic kits many teams start with Lego robotic kits Stable, reliable platform to learn the basics and allows teams to compete up to a high level Flexible - allowing you to use Lego with

other parts Universally understood construction method RoboCupJunior 2013 Eindhoven http:// RY

RoboCup Senior league Bloopers http:// o

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