Road to the Civil War

Road to the Civil War

Manifest Destiny Review Turn and Talk What is Manifest Destiny? Discuss TWO examples. Informal Reading Check What does 54 40 or Fight mean? How was the Oregon territorial dispute solved?

What caused the Mexican American War? What were the results of the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo? Road to The Civil War

Day One: Expansion, Jimmy Fallon, Compromise & Mexico Informal Reading Check 1. What does 54 40 or Fight mean?

2. How was the Oregon territorial dispute solved? 3. What caused the Mexican American War? 4. What were the results of the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo? Implications on Slavery What should be done in the new lands? Northwest Territory Louisiana Purchase Mexican Cession

Missouri Compromise 1820 1. Missouri Slave State 2. Maine Free State 3. Banned slavery north of the 36 30 line in the Louisiana territory. Texas

Alamo (not part of the Mexican American War) Lone-Star Republic 1836-1845 Admitted in 1845 Why did it take so long to admit Texas in the United States?

Mexican American War Who? What? When? Where?

Why? Mexican-American War Polk 54 40 or Fight Added Oregon, 1846 1846-1848

Conflict over annexation of Texas US wins! (Treaty of Hidalgo) Guadalupe Gadsden Purchase Wilmot Proviso- 1846 Proposed during the Mexican American War Stated that it would ban slavery in all territories acquired from Mexico Allowed slavery to exist in

current locations Begins to split the two parties into sectional groups. Slave Power (Slaveocracy) Belief that minority of slave owners from the south controlled politics in the United States.

Judicial Legislative Executive Belief was held by Northerners. Political Parties Liberty Party 1844 Demonstrates appeal of an anti-slavery third party Free-Soil Party 1848 Martin Van Buren runs

gets 10%, free labor (anti-black) Popular Sovereignty Squatter sovereignty We live here. We will do what we want. WE RUN THIS TOWN. Territorial residents would decide if slavery was allowed in the new territories Hoped to appeal to both sides allowed to

the local government to decide. Did not answer the slavery question shifted to the state level Compromise of 1850 Zachary Taylor (President) pushed to add California as a free state which would upset balance of slave and free states Components

California became a Free State New Mexico and Utah territories were open to slavery based on the principle of popular sovereignty Ban slave trade in Washington DC Stricter enforcement of the Fugitive Slave Law Compromise of 1850

Fugitive Slave Law (Act) This act was not well received in the North Southern want to combat the Underground Railroad All northerners were expected to help catch runaway slaves as part of this law. Brutal tactics by slave catchers helped to radicalize the North against slavery.

Road to The Civil War Day Two: Jayhawks, Huskers, and Elections

Warm Up: What do you think has been the most influential book written in the past 50 years? Why? Uncle Toms Cabin- 1852 Harriet Beecher Stowe Daughter of Lyman Beecher famous reformer and

preacher 300,000 copies in a year 2,000,000 copies in ten years Helped build sentiment against slavery Southerners wholly rejected it Election of 1852

Whigs are coming apart. Conscience Whigs (Reform-minded) Cotton Whigs (Business) Pierce is a northerner with clear southern leanings.

More Manifest Destiny Young America Ostend Manifesto Cuba There was northern backlash. They thought there was a conspiracy

by Southerners who were looking for additional slave territory. Filibuster William Walker in Nicaragua Kansas Nebraska Act Stephan Douglas

Transcontinental Railroad Chicago North route versus a southern route to St. Louis or New Orleans (Gadsden Purchase) Needed to organize the Unorganized territory to build Slavery in KS and NE chosen bye Popular Sovereignty Basically repealed Missouri Compromise Ignored Indian treaties pushed further west

Kansas-Nebraska Act 1854 Bleeding Kansas Border Ruffians Missouri Two Constitutions Topeka Lecompton Sack of Lawrence - 1856

Pottawatomie Massacre Guerrilla War Bleeding Kansas Border Ruffians (pro-slavery Missourians)

Caning of Charles Sumner 1856 Presidential Election James Buchanan Fillmore Democrat American

John C. Frmont Republican Millard 1856 Electio n

Results Dred Scott v. Sandford Background: Scott was bought in Missouri and taken to Illinois (a free state) and Fort Snelling (located in a free territory). He was returned to Missouri after 13 years and sued for his freedom. Decision: (Roger B. Taney)

1. Dred Scott was not a legal citizen and had no right to sue. 2. Missouri, his home state, determined his status 3.

Compromises prohibiting slavery were unconstitutional Justice Benjamin Curtis minority opinion resigned in protest PAUSE- Turn and Talk! What is the definition of

a martyr? John Brown: martyr, or madman? John Browns Raid on Harpers Ferry, 1859 John Browns Raid- 1859 Bleeding Kansas

Madman, Martyr, Hero? Harpers Ferry I John Brown am now quite certain, that the crimes of this guilty land will never be purged away; but with Blood. Southerners feared that more Northerners were ready to die trying to take out slavery. Where did Republicans come from?

Northern Whigs Northern Democrats Free-Soilers Know-Nothings Other miscellaneous opponents of the Kansas-Nebraska Act Abraham Lincoln

Republican Stephen A. Douglas John Bell Constitutional Union

1860 Presidential Election John C. Breckinridge Southern

Republican Party Platform (1860) Non-extension of slavery [for the Free-Soilers. Protective tariff [for the No. Industrialists].

No abridgment of rights for immigrants [a disappointment for the Know-Nothings]. Government aid to build a Pacific RR [for the

Northwest]. Internal improvements [for the West] at federal expense.

Free homesteads for the public domain [for farmers]. 1860 Election Results 1860 Electio n: 3

Outs &1 Run! 1860 Election: A Nation Coming Apart?! Election of 1860 Democrats split their vote

Northern Democrats Southern Democrats Republicans Win Lincoln is a sectional candidate not appearing on all ballots in the South.

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