Recommendation of a Strategy - Team 358

Recommendation of a Strategy - Team 358

Leadership & Team Structure Mark McLeod Main Advisor FRC 358 Control System Advisor (CSA) FIRST Technical Advisor (FTA) December 2, 2017 Overview Leadership Produces... Concrete Leadership... Types of Leaders

Organizing Responsibilities Sample FRC Team Structure Leadership Produces... Organization Clear goal/focus purpose establishes a vision Task/result driven vision is broken down into discrete team goals Divide responsibilities/work Unified commitment a team, not a group Collaborative climate people aligned to a common purpose

Always focused on the Big Picture Concrete Leadership... Set the Goals/Schedule Organize & Coordinate Sub-Team Efforts Recruit, Train & Motivate Members Manage Conflict Keep to the Schedule Deliver on Time Recover when things go wrong Advocate & raise community awareness Build a Long Term Team Ensure the Improvement of the Team Ensure the Continuation of the Team Types of Leaders Authoritative (do what I tell you) Strengths-takes risks, goal oriented, gets to the point

Weaknesses-decisions may be rushed, risky, single point of view, poor over more experienced people Affiliative (people come first) Strengths-people person, idea oriented, entertaining Weakness-too many ideas, no priorities or follow through Thinker (gets buried in the details) Strengths-fact oriented, quality & precision focus Weakness-No big picture, unwilling to take risks Harmonizer (What do you think?) Strengths-team & relationship focus, friendly & fun Weakness-avoids conflict, slow decision maker

Organizing Responsibilities Off-Season Recruitment, training, fundraising, outreach Build Season Set & track goals/schedule Support-materials, parts, skills are on-hand Competition Season Drive team, spirit, judged awards Support

Team communication, travel planning, budget/purchasing Year-end Review SWOT/Successes/Failures/Improvements Continuous Improvement Increase Team Efficiency Sample FRC Team Structure

Team Leadership Captain(s)/President/VP Secretary/Treasurer Sub-team leads Sub-teams Public Relations & Media Communication Budgeting/Purchasing Outreach Fundraising

Build teams Mechanical drivetrain/mechanisms/chassis Electrical/control system/programming Drive team/pit crew/scouts/awards Sample Org Chart Closing Notes

FRC teams end up as networks rather than hierarchies Teams Grow Organically people gravitate to the jobs that appeal to them. People want to take on new things. People Won't Always Be There Expect your Leadership structure to change over time Succession Planning Shadowing Historical records/handbooks, retaining skills and lessons learned Don't lose account logins, e.g., team twitter

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