Recommendation of a Strategy

Recommendation of a Strategy

Working On-Line Module 5 People's Resource Center Barry Glicklich Last updated 27 March 2012 Working On-Line (BG) 1 E-Mail: Beyond the Basics

Customize settings Conversations (Gmail v. Yahoo) Tabs (Yahoo) Filing (Yahoo folder, Gmail label) Contacts Email Flags (important, follow-up) Finding Etiquette Filtering Working On-Line (BG)

2 E-Mail: Customize Settings Working On-Line (BG) E-Mail: Conversations (Gmail) Working On-Line (BG) E-Mail: Individual Emails (Yahoo) Working On-Line

(BG) E-Mail: Tabs (Yahoo) Working On-Line (BG) E-Mail: Philosophy of Filing Default Folders: Inbox, Sent, Drafts, Trash, Spam, Archive + (Google) Why File?

How Many Folders? Deleting versus Filing versus Accumulating Tagging versus Moving (Google) Working On-Line (BG) 7 E-Mail: Filing (Folders)

Working On-Line (BG) 8 E-Mail: Contacts Working On-Line (BG) 9 E-Mail: Email Flags Working

On-Line (BG) 10 E-Mail: Finding Working On-Line (BG) 11 E-Mail: Etiquette Working On-Line (BG)

12 E-Mail: Etiquette & Safety Reply to Sender vs. Reply to All To, Cc, and Bcc Forwarding & Chain Mail

Unexpected Attachments Links Too Good to be True Working On-Line (BG) 13 E-Mail: Filtering (advanced) Working

On-Line (BG) 14 Other Electronic Communications Electronic Chat- Use same tool Groups- Shared interests, can be restricted Internet phone calls Working On-Line

(BG) 15 Exercise 1: Filing 1. Log in to your email, looking at your Inbox 2. Search for messages containing 71828 3. 4. 5.

6. Click on the box to the left of the oldest message from the class (last week). Hold down the shift button & click on the newest message from the class. Notice how all the messages in the middle are checked. Unclick the check-box next to message Test 1 For Yahoo: Click the triangle next to the Move to folder and click New Folder. For Gmail: Click the triangle next to Labels folder and click Create New. Working On-Line (BG) 16

Exercise 1, continued 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. Provide the name PRC Class & click OK or Create Gmail only: : Notice that these emails contain the label PRC class. Click the triangle next to the Move to folder and click PRC class Notice that these emails are not in your inbox any more, and that a new folder/label appears in the column on the left.

Click on the PRC Class folder/label, and see the mails that you moved Click back on Inbox Working On-Line (BG) 17 Exercise 2: Attachments 1. 2. 3. 4.

5. 7. In your in-box, find the email from instructor with the subject Picture. Notice the paperclip icon, indicating an attachment. Since this is an attachment you were expecting, it is safe to open the email. Click on the message. If the image is blocked, click on View Slideshow Right-click on the image, and select Save Picture As. Note the location where it is being saved, and click Save. Compose an email to the instructor [email protected] Attach the saved image to the email, add a short message, and hit send Working On-Line (BG)

18 Exercise 3a: Chatting with Yahoo 1. Log in to your Yahoo email 3. Under Contacts, add contact for [email protected] Click back on Inbox 4. On the left side, click on Bear2.71828 under Online Contats 5.

Start a Chat 6. Type a short message there and hit Enter. 7. Carry on a short conversation 8. When youre done, close the chat 9. Sign out from Yahoo mail

2. Working On-Line (BG) 19 Exercise 3b: Chatting with Gmail 1. 2. 3. Log in to your Gmail email Below the Labels/folders, find Chat. Move the mouse

over the name Barry, and click Chat See the pop-up window in the corner? Type a short message there and hit Enter. 4. Carry on a short conversation 5. When youre done, click on the X in the chat area 6. Sign out from gmail (from your name) Working On-Line

(BG) 20

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