Quarter 4 Week 7 - mrsdempseyscience.weebly.com

Quarter 4 Week 7 - mrsdempseyscience.weebly.com


Excretory System Pull out your webquests BYOD or Laptops to finish (half of class to do this) Poems on the excretory system (second half of class) Tuesday

June 6 Reminders: 1. No more current events 2. Grading window ends in 2 weeks get in all missing work 3. Projects and

labs are worth major grades do them first! On the coffee filter, write a poem that reflects facts of the excretory system in the following format: A Cinquain has 5 lines. The 1st line is a noun.

The 2nd line is two adjectives describing the noun. The 3rd line is three verbs that have to do with the noun. The 4th line is a four word sentence. The 5th line is a synonym of the noun. EXAMPLE: Clouds Fluffy, white Drifting, floating, changing Making animals up high

Cotton Cinquain Poems Stamp in notebook, keep and show off your coffee filter poem!

Begin class with quiz on Digestive and Excretory System June 7, 2017 Pass back papers Reproductive System guided notes - stamp Reproductive System

The Reproductive System allows the production of offspring The reproductive system produces specialized cells: the female produces eggs; the male produces sperm. These specialized cells contain genetic material. The female reproductive system has two functions: 1) to produce eggs and 2) to protect and nourish the offspring until birth The pituitary gland stimulates eggs in the ovary to grow

An egg is release into the fallopian tube, where it may be fertilized, by a sperm cell The egg moves to the uterus, where, if fertilized, it implants in the uterine wall If not fertilized, the egg and the uterine lining exit the body through the vagina in a process called Menstruation The male reproductive system contains the testes, which produce sperm, and the urethra, which is a canal through the penis. Sperm move through the urethra and exit the penis.

The production of offspring include fertilization, pregnancy, and birth 1. Fertilization is the joining of one egg cell and one sperm cell Once fertilized the egg divides, producing an embryo. Cells in the embryo continue dividing The embryo implants in the spongy lining of the uterus 2. During the nine months of pregnancy the embryo grows and develops, fed through the placenta

3. Labor and delivery The first stage of birth begins with muscular contractions of the uterus In the second stage, the cervix is fully dilated and the baby leaves the mother In the third stage, the umbilical cord is cut and the placenta exits the body Multiple births single fertilized cell=identical twins

two fertilized eggs=fraternal twins Sperm & Egg Cells Female Reproductive System Zygote 1st day until 4th day

Embryo 4th day until 8th week Embryo at 5 weeks Fetus 9th week until birth Fetus at Birth

Reproductive Hormones BrainPop - Puberty List out all the hormones associated with the reproductive system & what they do 1. BrainPop on the Reproductive System Thursday June 8th

2. Meiosis Video/Interactive and diagramming 3. Venn Diagram in notebook comparing/contrasting Mitosis & Meiosis Final questions on Reproductive system? Quiz on Monday related to the reproductive system Begin Final Human Body Systems project

Due Wednesday June 14th at the End Of Class NOTE: Notebook checks happening MondayWednesday of next week while you work on your projects Friday June 9th

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