Bellwork 1/3 Happy New Year! What kinds of struggles or challenges with the Martian environment has Mark Watney had to face in The Martian so far? Coming UpA Day:

Today 1/2: Space Environment, Introduce Final Project, The Martian Friday 1/4: Terrestrial Space Colonies & Equipment, Work time Tuesday 1/8: Orbital Space Colonies & Probes, work time Thursday 1/10: Space Exploration Ethics, Worktime Monday 1/14 (skinny day): Work time Tuesday 1/15: Final Exam period

Coming UpB Day: Today 1/3: Space Environment, Introduce Final Project, The Martian Monday 1/7: Terrestrial Space Colonies & Equipment, Work time Wednesday 1/9: Orbital Space Colonies & Probes, work time Friday 1/11: Space Exploration Ethics, Worktime Monday 1/14 (skinny day): Work time Thursday 1/17: Final Exam period

Space Environment Almost a perfect vacuum Extremely thin gas clouds 1 atom/cm3 Immense temperature range Facing the sun: 120C Shaded from the sun: lower than -100C

Matter in Space Because there is so little matter in space No sound Heat cannot be transferred via conduction or convection Pressure is nearly 0kpa What kind of effects would this pressure

change have on the human body? Human Body in Space Would you freeze immediately? Probably not heat transfer is tough in space!

Human body in space: Suffocationbut not like we think of it on Earth Oxygen would reverse-dissolve & would rush out of your lungs Hypoxia Why?

Human Body in Space Dissolved gases in bodily fluids would expand Ebullism Your body would swell as the liquids turned to vapor Why? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ejlKsj7k4Rc

Human Body in Space Sunlight Damage/destroy your retinas UV radiation Absolutely no protection from UV rays Massive sunburn (short term) DNA & cellular mutations (long term)

How long could you actually survive in space? https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=RjkrqMm52JI Sohow can we protect astronauts in space?? Space Suits! More than just astronaut clothes

Extravehicular Mobility Unit (EMU) Fully equipped, one-person space craft Different types Inside or outside of the vehicle? Type of Atmosphere (Moon, Space Station, ect) Apollo Space Suits: What features of

this suit make it suitable for a mission on the moon? EMU (Spacewalks on ISS): What features of this suit make it suitable for

being outside of the ISS? Sokol Space Suit (worn inside vehicles, Soyuz) What features of this suit make it suitable for traveling inside a space vehicle? Keeping Human Anatomy & Physiology in Check!

Radiation Space debris Temperature

Pressure Atmospheric Composition Planet/moon terrain We know that all of these items, and more, have an affect on the way our human bodies work. If a manned mission in space is going to work, anatomy and physiology needs to be maintained! Lets look at how TEAMS of scientists work to design these super suits!

How do all these features of the Space Environment affect Space Travel? Lets look! The Universe: Space Travel episode Bellwork 12/14 What are some challenges that need to be considered when designing manned space

missions? What about unmanned space missions? Test Retakes See me for a Reassessment Ticket Sign up for ASR this week or next week Communicate a time when you can retake your test Heads up about this unit

There will be several days in here where you will be researching space missions & design elements The purpose of this is to prepare you to design your own mission. You will have already done most of the research, so you can assemble a quality mission Choosing not to do the work in class? That means youll have a lot of research to cram into a short work day in order to design a quality mission.

Bellwork 12/18 What do you know about the International Space Station? If you could ask someone living on the International Space Station some questions, what would you ask? Friendly reminder You have 8 B-days left after today

Make sure you are staying on top of your work! I will be pulling students for ASR if you are falling very behind. So, what would it be like to actually live in space? Lets find out! Two types:

Orbital colonySpace Stations (today) Planetary Colony (Tuesday) What is a Space Station? a large artificial satellite used as a long-term base for manned operations in space Space Stations:

First space station: Salyut 1 (1971)Russian U.S. launches Skylab in 1973 Several other Salyut & Skylab missions were launched after that Mir space station launched in 1986 International Space Station (ISS) First piece of the ISS launched in 1998

First crew arrived in 2000 Finished in 2011 Components of the ISS Over 70 major components Canadian Robotic arm (Canadarm) Space walks, repairs, experiment monitoring 6 laboratories

2 U.S (NASA) 1 European Space Agency 1 Japanese 2 Russian How does the ISS work? Pressurized modules Solar panels Heat produced from

electronics Oxygen: Created from water through electrolysis Deliveries from Earth Carbon Dioxide: Removed by scrubbers

Water & Food Supply Water is delivered from Earth Recycle water from: Breath Fuel processing Urine/Waste Food is dehydrated and delivered via spacecraft

Importance of the ISS: Humans have been perpetually living in space since 2000 Allows for long-term space experimentation First step toward testing habitability further into space Spinoff technologies that benefit Earth https:// spinoff.nasa.gov/Spinoff2008/tech_benefits.html

What is the ISS working on right now? Some of the experiments being done Space medicine 3-D printing in space Veggie plant program Created by ORBITEC (in Madison, WI ) https://www.nasa.gov/content/veggie-plant-growthsystem-activated-on-international-space-station

http:// www.nasa.gov/mission_pages/station/research/news/ 3D_in_space Spot The Space Station! http://spotthestation.nasa.gov/sightings/view. cfm?country=United_States®ion=Wisconsi n&city=Madison#.VVHxrflViko

Follow the ISS on Twitter! https://twitter.com/space_station What is it like to live on the ISS? https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=hyn1We0wOT8 Suni Williams American Astronaut & US Navy Officer Record for longest space flight & most space walks

by a woman Worktime: You will now have time to conduct some independent research to start piecing together some mission project ideas. There are two documents in the Google Classroom 1. Space Suit Design (Choose one research option)

2. Space Colony Research (Just the Orbital Colony section) Exit Slip: Take out a sheet of paper: 1. What did you find surprising or confusing about the ISS? 2. How would life on the ISS be different from life on a permanent habitat?

3. What kinds of ideas can you take away from this video to consider/incorporate into your project?

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