Pyramids -

Pyramids -

Thought of the Day Describe qualities you would want in a leader. Describe expectations you would have for a leader. Write 5 complete sentences. Pyramids Tombs for pharaohs & family Contained food, weapons, & artwork for afterlife ka- belief that spiritual body would return after death largest pyramid -King

Khufu in Giza stones fit so close a hair cant fit through Ramses the Great remained intact for 3,000 years Mummification Preserved body through mummification a body is dried to keep it from rotting remove organs fill body with spices & wrap in resin-soaked linen

70 day process life-like mask placed over head & shoulders placed in tomb Middle Kingdom From 2050-1652BC Golden Age Pharaohs to build public works Swampland was drained & connected the Nile with the Red Sea Invasion by Hyksos people (Asia) ended the Middle Kingdom

Egyptians learned to use bronze & horse-drawn chariots from the Hyksos New Kingdom From 1567-1085BC 1st female pharaoh HATSHEPSUT *Video Clip* Akhenaton made Egypt MONOTHEISTIC people thought it would destroy Egypt; lost empire Pharaoh Tutankhamen

restored polytheism Ramses II (1279-1213BC) regained empire, but Sea Peoples invaded & ended Egyptian Empire in 1085BC Cleopatra VII tried to regain Egypt; Rome took over Egypt (Video Clip) Egyptian Society Society like a pyramid 1) Pharaoh 2) Priests/Nobles/ Officials 3) Craftsmen/Soldier/ Scribes

4) Farmers & Slaves Arranged marriage (young) Women educated children & ran the home Writing & Achievement known for monuments expert in human anatomy form of writing called hieroglyphics (pictures) Written on papyrus

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