Protein - Keswick Food

Protein - Keswick Food

Year 10 PPEs start 8th May 6 school weeks away Will include work: Nutrition and Healthy Eating, Food Science and Food Safety. Revision plan: Week 1:Homework: Complete eggs benedict write up and revision cards for principles of nutrition/ Proteins/ Fats/ Carbohydrates using pages 1-7 of workbook Week 2: Vitamins and minerals and Energy Week 3: Special dietary needs Week 4: Food Science Functional properties of proteins/ carbohydrates and fats in cooking Week 5: Food Safety Week 6: Recapping using revision cards Year 10 exam 30 % based on food investigation. Thursday 27th and 28th

20% on practical exam on Friday 5th May 50% on written exam Thursday 11th May Enzymic Browning Investigation Tasks Year 10 NEA food investigation task Design an investigation that you can carry out in a 1 hour lesson to find out how enzymic browning in apples can be slowed down. 1. Write a title and aim for your task. 2. Research the causing of enzymic browning and write up your findings 3. Complete a hypothesis for what you predict will help to slow down enzymic browning. 4. Write a method for what you will do to carry out the investigation 5. Draw a results table to show any differences to the appearance after 10, 20 & 30 minutes. 6. Carry out the investigation (Practical)

7. Complete your results and write an analysis to explain what has happened: What are your results showing? Which experiment slowed down enzymic browning? Explain why this happened. Explain if your results matched your hypothesis. What else could you have done to stop/slow enzymic browning? How can you apply your learning to practical work? a) b)

c) Guacamole Fruit Salad Potato wedges Year 10 practical exam Plan, prepare, cook and serve a traditional British hot meal that will appeal to school children. Time to plan 1 hour Time to prepare, cook and serve homework + 45 mins Both will be in exam conditions and must be independent.

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