Project Overview - Weebly

Project Overview - Weebly

Olweus Bullying Prevention Overview What is Bullying? Program Content Basic Principles Evidence of Effectiveness Back to Switchboard What Is Bullying? A student is being bullied when he or she is exposed, repeatedly and over time, to negative actions on the part

of one or more students. There is an imbalance in strength or power. Bullying may be carried out through physical, vebal, or indirect means (e.g. exclusion). Thus bullying is characterized by three criteria: It is aggressive behavior or intentional harmdoing. It is carried out repeatedly and over time. It occurs within an interpersonal relationship characterized by an imbalance in power. Previous Next Title Slide Basic Principles In order to address the risk factors associated with bully/victim problems, it is critical to have a school environment:

that is characterized by warmth, positive interest, and involvement from all adults. that sets firm limits to unacceptable behavior. where non-hostile sanctions are consistently applied; and where rules are violated and/or behavior is unacceptable. Previous Next Title Slide Olweus Program Content

Core Components of the program are implemented at the school, classroom, and individual levels: School Level The formation of a Bullying Prevention Coordinating Committee to coordinate all aspects of a schools program. Distribution of an anonymous student questionnaire assessing the nature and prevalence of bullying at each school, Previous Next Title Slide Olweus Program Content, continued School Level, continued

A school conference day for discussing bullying problems and planning the implementation of the program. The development of a coordinated system of supervising students. The development of school-wide rules against bullying. Holding teacher discussion groups. Involving parents in anti-bullying efforts. Previous Next Olweus Program Content, continued

Classroom Level Reinforcing school-wide rules against bullying. Holding regular classroom meetings with students to increase knowledge and empathy and to encourage prosocial norms and behavior. Holding meetings with parents to foster more active involvement on their part. Previous Next Olweus Program Content, continued Individual Level

Interventions with children identified as bullies and victims. Discussions with the parents of involved students. Previous Next Title Slide Olweus: Evidence of Effectiveness Substantial reductions, up to 50% or more, in the frequency with which students report being bullied and bullying others; roughly similar results have been obtained with peer and teacher ratings of bully/victim problems.

Significant reductions in students reports of general antisocial behavior such as vandalism, fighting, theft, and truancy. Significant improvements in the social climate of the class, as reflected in students reports of improved order and discipline, more positive social relationships, and a more positive attitude toward schoolwork and school. Previous Next Title Slide

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