Programming with Raspberry Pi Microcomputers

Programming with Raspberry Pi Microcomputers

Programming with Raspberry Pi Microcomputers Pieces of the Pi

Processor Memory Speakers Keyboard/Mouse Power Supply

Screen Extra stuff: Internet (wifi adapter); Bluetooth Okaytime to make a Pi

Not this kind of pie. #1 Computers need a case.

All the pointy bits face up and case is under the flat part. Be gentle. #2 . Put in the SD (secure digital) card. This is the brain of the computer. It gives it a way to memorize information.

Take a look at the speaker. We need to give the speaker power.

Time to plug in the monitor. Plug the monitor DVI cord (white end) into the adapter. Plug the adapter into the side of the Raspberry Pi. Turn the monitor on. Sometimes you need to

push Source on the monitor to make it work. Plug the red cord of the keyboard into the R. Pi. Then take out the white wifi antenna.

Plug the white piece into the USB port! Put the plug together for some power! Plug it in.

You just made a computer. Using the mouse and keyboard Use the grey button on

the left of the keyboard to left click using the pointer. Use the grey track pad to

move the mouse. Resetting the computers Click the K in the bottom left corner of the screen Select Code, then click Terminal

In the terminal, type sudo kano-init reset and the Enter key The message kano-init RESET scheduled for next system reboot should appear. If it doesnt, enter the command again carefully.

After the confirmation message, click K again, then Shutdown and Reboot. After the Reboot Whats your name? Type VPL and the Enter key

Follow the commands until it asks you if you want to connect to the Internet Select No Internet, then Connect Later, then Play Offline Select Test Sound, then Play Sound When asked to create a profile, click Skip

When the Kano starts talking to you, hit the Esc key to exit and begin coding! Lets get to coding!!!

1st Command Line Coding 2nd Block Style Coding (G.U.I.) Command Lines

Command lines : Tell the computer what you want it to do python snake = Open the game Snake python pong = Open the game Pong

python snake b m = ??? - Who can guess what the bottom command means?

Snake - Command line code python snake b m python snake t jungle [

Goal: keep the snake away from the sides Python commands Type this Python snake

Python snake b m Python snake s f Python snake t jungle Python snake -e

To do this Launches the game Changes the board size through a parameter Change the speed through a

parameter Change to a jungle theme Editor mode Graphical User Interface - G.U.I.

Kano Blocks Pong - GUI Block Coding

- Blocks fit together (kind of like Lego!) -Putting the blocks together in different ways create different results

Kano Draw Just remember, behind each drawing, there are many lines of code!

Unplug the red power plug. Slide apart the plug pieces and disconnect the cable.

Time to unplug the monitor. Turn off the monitor. Unplug the adapter from the side of the Raspberry Pi. Unplug the monitor cord from the

adapter. Unplug the white antenna from the computer... And plug it back into the side of

the keyboard. Carefully unclip the speaker from the case, and disconnect the red and black pins.

Remove the SD (secure digital) card. Very carefully pull apart the case.

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