Presidential Succession and Election

Presidential Succession and Election


Article II is vague regarding Presidential successiondoes not explicitly state whether the V.P. is an Acting President as opposed to a true President. 25th Amendment deals with Presidential and Vice Presidential Succession. Vice President of the United States Joe Biden (D) 2

Speaker of the House Paul Ryan (R) 3 President pro tempore of the Senate Orrin Hatch (R) 4 Secretary of State

John Kerry (D) 5 Secretary of the Treasury Jack Lew (D) 6 Secretary of Defense

Ash Carter (D) 7 Attorney General Loretta Lynch (D) Secretary of the Interior Sally Jewell (D)[a]

8 Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack (D) 9 Secretary of Commerce Penny Pritzker (D)

10 Secretary of Labor Thomas Perez (D) 11 Secretary of Health and Human Services Sylvia Mathews Burwell (D) 12

Secretary of Housing and Urban Developm ent Julin Castro (D) 13 Secretary of Transportation Anthony Foxx (D) 14

Secretary of Energy Ernest Moniz (D) Acting Secretary of Education John King, Jr. (D)[b] 15

Secretary of Veterans Affairs Robert McDonald (R) 16 Secretary of Homeland Security (47 Total Slides) Jeh Johnson (D) PRESIDENTIAL SUCCESSION

1 PRESIDENTIAL SUCCESSION ACT OF 1947 Congress fixes the order of succession following the V.P. What about Presidential disability? President can transfer power in cases of disability, even temporarily. In 2002, President Bush had surgery for 2 hours. For these 2 hours, Bush transferred his power to V.P. Dick Cheney.

THE VICE PRESIDENCY I am Vice President. In this I am nothing, but I may be everything. John Adams, 1st VP The most insignificant office that ever the invention of man contrived or his imagination conceived. John Adams Honorable and easy , and tranquil and unoffending. Thomas Jefferson Through much of history, the VP has been treated as an office of little importance. THE VICE PRESIDENCY President Theodore Roosevelt was annoyed by a

chandelier making a tinkling noise. He ordered it to be removed and said: Take it to the office of the Vice President. He doesnt have anything to do. It will keep him awake. Yet, the VP is a heartbeat away from becoming the President of the U.S. (8 Presidents have died in office. 1 President has resigned). BALANCE THE TICKET Usually, the presidential candidate picks someone who will balance the ticket which means someone who can

strengthen his chance of being elected by virtue of certain ideological, geographic, racial, ethnic, gender, or other characteristics. PRESIDENTIAL NOMINATIONS Remember, parties have committees and convention to nominate their candidate for President. How does this process begin? Presidential Primary An election in

which a partys voters choose their preference among various contenders for their partys presidential nomination 2016 REPUBLICAN PRIMARY 2016 DEMOCRATIC PRIMARY THE PRIMARIES Iowa held the first primary this N.H. holds the first primary of any state every election year, in January. The N.H. primaries are early indicator of

success so candidates spend a lot of time and money there. Romney won the 2012 N.H. Primary. THE CAUCUS-CONVENTION PROCESS Not all states have primaries, they use a caucus-convention process. Iowas caucus gets the most attention, as it is the first of all caucuses. Iowa Caucus in 1 Minute Iowa Caucus: Explain Using Corn WE KNOW HOW WE NOMINATE,

BUT HOW DO WE ELECT? Founding Fathers gave more time to the method for choosing the President than to any other matter. Against the two obvious ways: Electing the President by Congress or Electing the President by a direct vote of the people. WHY NOT ELECT BY CONGRESS? Too political. Hamilton said that to elect by way of Congress would be too

much under the legislative thumb. WHY NOT ELECT BY DIRECT VOTE OF THE PEOPLE? At the time, the process would lead to tumult and disorder. At the time, people were scattered over so wide an area they couldnt know enough about the available candidates to make informed choices. 16

THE ELECTORAL COLLEGE Electoral College is the group of people (electors) chosen from each State and D.C. to formally select the President & V.P. They case their Electoral Votes, which are votes cast by electors in the electoral college. Total of 538 votes. 270 are needed to win. 17 ELECTORAL COLLEGE MAP 2016

HOW DO WE GET THOSE NUMBERS? Representatives + Senators = # of Electoral Votes Virginia: 11 Representatives + 2 Senators = 13 Electoral Votes CAMPAIGN ATTENTION 2004 (The purple hands represent a visit by a presidential campaign as the election was nearing its end.) (Each green money sign represents 1

million dollars of campaign money spent as the election was nearing its end.) - Why do you think both presidential campaigns were targeting these states? THE CONTROVERSY Elections of 1876, 1888, 2000, 2016 the winner of the election did not win the national popular vote, yet still won the presidency. If a presidential candidate can win these 11

states: CA, TX, NY, FL, IL, PA, OH, MI, GA, NJ, and NC.then he/she will win the Presidency, despite losing the other 39 states. ON THE OTHER HAND The Electoral College does have some positives: Example of federalism An idea our country was founded on. Gives the States a voice. Prevents urban-centric victories : This means a President winning by simply

winning heavily populated areas. FINAL THOUGHTS President must balance many different roles and jobs. Though the V.P. is thought to be somewhat useless, the V.P. is a heartbeat away from being the President. The way we nominate and elect our President is rather complex. Major controversy of this unit: The Electoral College. Is it fair?

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