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Presentation -

Rail Service Update Peter Jermany Principal Planner (Planning Policy) Rail Service Update Current Issues 8 car train project Consultation responses

on timetable changes, ECML Route Study Future Plans/Priorities Ely Area improvements Redoubling of the single track 8 Car Train

Project 8 Car Train Project Design work complete Summer 18 then Final

Investment Decision Access arrangements with TOCs ongoing Develop detailed construction programme Then delivery dates determined

Consultation Responses 2018 Timetable Consultation (July/Dec. 17) Concerns re longer journey times Highlights single track issues and congestion on ECML May commencement of changes East Coast Main Line Route Study (Mar. 18) Welcome proposed introduction of Digital Railway

programme, including European Train Control System (ETCS), on the ECML/call for earliest introduction on entire KL-KX route. Ely Area Improvements wider context Ely Area Improvements close up Pboro

KL Norwich Ipswich Ely Area Improvements Ely N & Level Crossings Ely Area Improvements Ely N & Queen Adelaide Studies:

QA Traffic Study QA Level Crossings complete Cambs CC no LC closures comprehensive road &/or rail soln. QA Road Study - Options development work to be commissioned by CA GRIP4 stage by Spring 2019 Rail Study (Ely Area Capacity Enhancements Programme) funded by LEPs/SFN - OBC by Spring 2019 CP6 2019-2024 for build

Enables hourly services KL-KX Franchise commitment + much more for others Track Redoubling Need identified through timetable consultations/ECML response Ely Area improvements wont remove all of our constraints Minimum two-track railway KL-KX

to accom. 12 car trains as long term goal SOBC needed Outcome based may be other solutions Next Steps Keep pressure on for 8 Car Trains Complete Ely Area improvements

study/Road study Ph. 2 monitor through Ely Area Task Force Lobby for implementation as soon as possible in CP6 Make case for further capacity improvements track redoubling/ other measures Thank you

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