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Ayrshire and Arrans Physical Health & Mental Wellbeing Action Plan Andrew Pulford (Senior Public Health Research Officer) Liz Ferries (Team Leader, South CMHT) National drivers Scottish Government Mental Health Strategy 2012-15 Scottish Recovery Indicator Releasing Time to Care inpatient programme National standard for monitoring the physical health of people being treated with

Clozapine (Scottish Govt/RCPsych) The Road to Recovery (2008) Changing Scotlands relationship with Alcohol (2009) NHS Health Scotland outcomes framework for mental health improvement (2010) Promoting health & healthy behaviours Sustaining inner resources

Increasing social connectedness, relationships & trust in families & communities Increasing social inclusion & decreasing inequality & discrimination Increasing financial security & creating mentally healthy environments for learning & working Creating a safe & supportive environment at home & in the community

Local context Healthy Mind Health Body project (2008) Physical Health & Mental Wellbeing Group (2008) Reps from all MH Services, Addictions, LD Services Also various Public Health reps over the years Work plan developed 2009 refreshed 2014-17 Ayrshire and Arrans Mental Health & Wellbeing Strategy 20152027 Population rather than service focus PHMW Action plan aligned to strategy and developed using national outcomes framework and complementary evidence base

Matrix model of mental health and wellbeing Developing the action plan PHMW Group used 2/6 outcome areas to direct work: Promoting health & healthy behaviours Screening & health checks Activities to promote health & healthy behaviours Sustaining inner resources Building inner resources Signposting to activities & services relating to wider determinants

of health Provision of mentally healthy services Governance arrangements Clinical Governance and Development Group (NHS A&As overarching CG group for MHS) 3 Mental Health Partnership Groups (including statutory and third sector providers) Monitoring and evaluation Monitoring of actions by PHMW group members FACE Physical health reporting tool

Influencing service improvement Acknowledge and share good work already underway Avoid being prescriptive allow services/teams to develop actions in response to service users needs/preferences Tests of change start small and spread out Spread ownership of actions Professional groups named as action leads rather than individuals Action to include health improvement dimension in all KSF outlines for Mental Health staff Physical health promotion Pilot a Physical Health Clinic for patients attending the South Ayrshire

CMHT who are prescribed Clozapine or other antipsychotic medication. Pilot to run for 3 months with service users under care on one consultant plan to expand to other service users after initial pilot Additional staff training included in PDRs with service development being promoted and option to write up as additional evidence for KSF or revalidation We will systematically record, analyse, act on (at an individual level), report (at a population level) and learn from (at an organisational level) the data that is collected Carers support Staff training, promoting carer awareness

Being aware of local resources and what they provide avoid duplication. Directed by carers needs and preferences. Developing carers pack Updating info leaflets to include support for carers Encourage carer involvement Recovery/staying well 4 session model to promote independence and self-management 1. 2.

3. 4. Strengths-based symptom management Staying well plans Peer support, IPS, OT involvement Contact plans for future open door policy, carer involvement and collaboration Conclusion More efficiently using resources weve got to develop a service that is more user friendly

and easier to access Thanks for listening any questions?

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