PowerPoint Template

PowerPoint Template

Presentation Techniques Road Map Analyze the Speaking Situation Organize & Develop Slides Choose Effective Language Rehearse & Deliver the Presentation Slides and Presentation Evaluation 2 Analyze the Speaking Situation Analyzing your Audience and Purpose

What does the audience know about your subject? What does the audience want to know? Purpose: Inform, persuade, or both? Budgeting your Time Cover the points Switch between presenters Leave time for questions Observing Room Setting 3 Organize & Develop Slides Self-introduction at the beginning Thank the moderator or team member handing

off control to you Stick to general presentation format: Tell them what you are going to tell them, then tell them, then tell them what you told them. Thank the audience at the end and ask if there are any questions. 4 Develop Your Storyline Standard Approach:

Problem definition Related work Methodology Results Recommendation Short example Full example Extraordinary Approaches

Start with something unbelievable, e.g., iPhone? What extraordinary approaches you have seen in movies? 5 Suggested Presentation Contents Title slide (Title, Team Name, Names of Presenters, advisor) Outline / Roadmap Background/Motivation Objectives and Problem Statement Related work: Literature review Design constraints Methodology Briefly present design alternatives considered/KTDA

Describe in detail the final design chosen with rationale Initial test results, if any, why worked/did not work Plan/Gantt chart, anticipated results, and deliverables Summary and Conclusion Remarks 6 Importing items from other files What can be imported (Copied/Pasted)? Text from Word, Notepad, etc Excel Tables and diagrams Photo, sound, video Screenshot: Select a window Hold Alt key and press Print Screen

You may paste into PPT, or into Paint and select a part of the picture 7 Importing items from other files (contd.) Excel files can be imported in PowerPoint. Example: Tire Plot Trend Example Miles Driven Percentage (thous) Usable 1

2 5 10 20 30 40 50 98.2 91.7 81.3 64.0 36.4 32.6 17.1 11.3

8 Importing items from other files (contd.) Graphs and plots can be imported in PowerPoint. Example: Tire Plot: Exponential Trend Percentage Usable 120 100 y = 99.941e-0.0432x R2 = 0.988

80 60 40 20 0 0 20 40 60 Miles driven 9

Importing items from other files (contd.) Picture and video files can be imported or linked in PowerPoint. MEDC Sumo-Robot Competition Las Vegas, 2006 10 Font The chosen font should be the same type (e.g. Arial , Courier New, Times New Roman) for each slide title throughout the presentation for consistency. Similarly, the font in the text box should remain the same for each slide in the presentation.

When the fonts change the presentation looks a bit reckless and thrown together. (This is Arial Narrow 24 pt.) 11 Font Size This is 14 pt. This is 18 pt. This is 24 pt. This is 28 pt. This is 32 pt.

This is 36 pt. This is 40 pt. 12 Using Color and Animation Color is an excellent means of emphasizing specific words or major points If using color background, words should have a sharp contrast or they wont be seen very well, like this part of the slides. Animation is a good way to attract attention, but do not overuse it!

13 Dynamic Slides What is recursive? 14 Robots discovering treasure in a maze 15 Choose Effective Language Listening to an oral presentation is better than reading a report;

Interactive Quicker to obtain an overview and important information Listening to an oral presentation is more challenging than reading a report; Time is limited: Important Material Cannot go back Presentation must be Impressive Can easily lose attention Presentation must be Attractive 16 Deliver the Presentation Calming Your Nerves

It is normal to be nervous -- Most professional actors admit to be nervous before a performance; You are much more aware of you nervousness than the audience; You know more on the subject than the audience; You are well prepared for the questions 17 Um and Ah: How to avoid Take a breath between each sentence, especially if youre nervous. If you feel an um or ah coming

on. Taking a breath automatically buys your mind a precious second time to put a sentence together. 18 Using Pointers Wand pointers are useful if not overused. Do not slap the screen with them. It is irritating to the audience. Laser pointers are useful if not overused. When used in a circular motion, they are extremely irritating. 19

Good and Bad Presentations Think of a presentation you have attended that was really good Class, sales presentation, seminar What made that presentation good? Think of a bad presentation you have seen What made it bad? 20 Presentation Dos: Preparation Know your audience Keep the talk simple and to the points Proofread and spell/grammar check slides before showing.

All group members should approve them. Swap the parts of the presentations among your team members. Practice your presentation over and over... and time it. Stick to the specified time limit. Prepare for audience questions Use an outside reader if necessary (roommate, mom, dad, friend) 21 Presentation Dos: Slides Rule of thumb: Maximum one (1) slide per minute of presentation time Consider one slide for two minutes Use color and other bells and whistles (but

careful not to overuse) In general, use 24 pt. or higher font size Keep font type/size consistent Reduce the amount of text on each slide Use illustrative diagrams, pictures, charts, etc. 22 Presentation Dos: Style Speak so slowly and loudly that you THINK you sound like you are on a morphine drip Scan the audience and keep eye contact with audience (or look just over their heads) Vary Gesture Not too much movement: Stay off to the side, out of the way, while your team member is presenting

23 Hearing vs. Listening Listen: Pay attention What is the main point of the speaker? Ask Questions Shows you have paid attention Help you to understand further Provide constructive criticism to the speaker I am not quite clear about. Would it better, if

24 Presentation Dos: Dressing Dress professionally: Hatless Nicer shirt, pants When in doubt, go conservative Female: Solid color, conservative suit Coordinated blouse Moderate shoes Neat, professional hairstyle

Male: Solid color, conservative suit White long sleeve shirt Conservative tie Dark socks, professional shoes Neat, professional hairstyle 25 Presentation DO NOTs Do not prepare the presentation the night before. Plan for computer problems. Do not pace back and forth in front of the screen during your talk. Do not interrupt a fellow team member during

his/her talk correct any misstatements during the question period 26 Presentation DO NOTs, continued Do not play with your hands, the pointer or jingle change or keys in your pocket. Do not read directly from note cards. Practice it enough that you dont need them. Do not talk too long (audience loses interest) or too short (gives impression you are not thorough or are unprepared)

27 Presentation Requirements: The Minimum and Maximum Each person in the team must speak about the same amount of time, Each person in the team must speak for at least 3 minutes and no more than 4 minutes. The group presentation must be between 10 and 12 minutes. Up to 3 minutes can be used for questions at the end of the presentation Answer to each question may not exceed one minute. 28

Presentation Slides Design Grading Expected Features Hard copy of this page with signature by given due date Title Page, Background, Motivation, Related work Design constraints Methodology Plan/Gantt chart, anticipated results, summary and conclusion Slides clear, neat, readability (size and color), slide numbering Photos (Must have photos) Drawings (Must have professional drawing work in the slides) Animation (Must use animation properly) Overall slides design and professionalism TOTAL SCORE /5 /5

/5 /5 /5 /5 /5 /5 /5 /5 /50 50 points 29 Oral Presentation Grading Technical Discussion 40% Presentation Style 20%

Eye Contact Blocking Slides Using pointing aid Properly dressed Communication 20% Clear Voice Tone Draw attention Use effective

language Logic flow Well understood

Roadmap / Outline Problem statement Literature review Design alternatives 20% Detail of the selected design 20% Plan/Gantt chart, deliverables Results discussion/interpretation Conclusions/Summary Overall Presentation of Team 20%

Coordinated and consistent Focused and informative Overall impression Timing of each team member and the overall timing 30 Peer Evaluation Form Smart Pathfinder Robot Design 31

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