Welcome Juniors! IB NEWSLETTER | @IB_Allen Welcome juniors!

Welcome Juniors! IB NEWSLETTER | @IB_Allen Welcome juniors!

Welcome Juniors! IB NEWSLETTER | @IB_Allen Welcome juniors! On behalf of the IB community here at Allen, the IB Newsletter team is happy to welcome you into our amazing program! This program is one of the most beneficial experiences in high school, that will not only change how you approach your education and your school work, but help you immerse yourself into the world around you. Heres just a glimpse of what IB life is like You will immediately find yourself surrounded with people concerned more about life in general, rather than GPA and rank. You will find that if you were silent about your educational struggles and felt that no one else could relate to how much you work, then you were never really alone. From our collective personal experience, we could all agree that in an AP environment, we felt like it was a strict competition with our peers to get the highest score and do better than everyone elsethat our success depended strictly on the numbers we got back on our assignments. And we found it hard to connect with people who were only interested in getting the best scores. But since joining IB, we know now that learning is not memorization; learning is being introduced a concept and being taught to understand how it applies to other subjects, and even the world. The teachers here in IB( the ones that we are so privileged to have) care just as much about your success as you do, and they are incredibly passionate about what they teach and how they teach it. We hope that this first impression of IB inspires you to continue on your path to graduating with that IB diploma in hand. We love the community that we are a part of and how it makes us love coming to school everyday. We know everyone in our classes, and we can count them among our closest friends since becoming juniors. We have become better people, better citizens, and more globally minded individuals. IB is an experience, one we wish to share with you, and an experience we hope that you continue to share after we have graduated. We hope that you end up falling in love with this program just as much as we have, and we hope that it invigorates a change in your life for the better. -Tomorrow we will run faster, stretch out our arms farther.And one fine morning...So we beat on, boats against the current, borne back ceaselessly into the past.-Nick Carraway Work Cited: -Fitzgerald, F. Scott. The Great Gatsby. 1925: Benediction Classics, 2016. Print. Upcoming Deadlines and CAS Opportunities: For now, since it is the beginning of the year we will have important dates, test dates for seniors, and CAS updates. Seniors(S)/Juniors(J) English History Foreign Language Math Sciences TOK

FIRST WEEK! Make sure to get textbooks! UPDATE CAS!!! IB Parent Meeting- Blackbox at 6pm, September 12th Make sure to get all supplies! Junior Induction- PAC from 6-8pm, October 4th Registration for Exams Begins! October 16th HL Psych- Run IAs by October 24th HL/SL Psych- May 11th, PAPER 1 HL/SL Psych- May 14th, PAPER 2 and 3 SL Psych- Run IAs by October 26th Summer Reading and Begin Writing Essays August 28th (S) Begin reading Master Harold and the Boys by Athol Fugard (S) on September 7th Meeting with Holmes August 23-24th RPPF #3 DUE! (S) Feng Shui- September 7th (J) Agenda Check- September 21st (J) TOK Essay- October 3rd (J) Meeting with Tamplin August 25-28th French: Presentation Starts August 23-25th Spanish: Interactive Oral 1 October 25th-26th For those who want to learn a little more about your IB teachers IB Teacher Biography page: https://www.allenisd.org/Page/ 49045 IB Tips A website dedicated to providing juniors with everything you need to know about IB. Feel free to contact the Newsletter team if you have any questions! Website link: sites.google.com/allenisd.org/ibtips CIBS An IB club where all IB students meet together to play games, hang out, and ultimately bring our community closer together Official dates for meetings will be scheduled in the upcoming weeks Adopt-a-Junior A program dedicated to matching up juniors with seniors to receive individual, one on one mentoring and guidance throughout the year Official pairings will be assigned in the upcoming weeks IB TUTORING IB students come together to help mentor and tutor one another in these sessions. All subjects are covered, from IAs, the EE, to presentations Sessions take place in Mrs Hunnicutts room, on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Official times and dates will be posted in the upcoming weeks

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