Observations Learning about the natural world and the

 Observations  Learning about the natural world and the

Observations Learning about the natural world and the principles that explain these facts through the 5 senses. Reasoning Induction: Using several separate observations to arrive at general principles. Ex. Most universities and colleges in Utah ban alcohol from campus. Therefore most universities and colleges in the U.S. ban alcohol from campus.

Deduction: Reasoning from general principles to specific conclusions. Ex. Detective, Scientists "Inductive reasoning deals with probability, and generally goes from the particular to a universal. Deductive reasoning deals with certainty, and Qualitative

Written in words Description of something Examples: The room is clean The chair is blue Quantitative Written with numbers

Amount of something Examples: There are 8 lab benches I am 6ft tall Qualitative, I feel word or description

Quantitative, I feel Number On a scale of 110 Scientific Theory

Scientific Law Well-tested hypothesis Regarded as true Well-tested hypothesis Regarded as true

Can be proven false if there is enough evidence Can be shown using MATH Qualitative Quantitative

Examples: Big Bang Theory Theory of Evolution Theory of Plate Tectonics Examples: Law of Gravity Laws of motion Keplers Laws

EXAMPLES: Remember to count the movement of the decimal point and that becomes the exponent. Left = + . Right = Example 1 12,340 1.234 x 10 Example 2

10,456,000 1.0456 x 10 Example 3 0.00045 4.5 x 10- Density


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