Performance Evaluation Systems Part 1- Fitness Reports Part

Performance Evaluation Systems  Part 1- Fitness Reports  Part

Performance Evaluation Systems Part 1- Fitness Reports Part 2- Proficiency/Conduct Capt Nelson D. Hooker 28 Nov 16 Fitness Reports References: MCO 1610.7- Performance Evaluation System Manual Think about what the FITREP is used for. Promotions Retentions Billet Assignments Special program boards Whole Marine Fitness Report Importance

FITREP Covers FITREP Does Not Cover Key roles in the PES MRO- Marine Reported On: the Marine being evaluated by a fitness report RS- Reporting Senior: the immediate supervisor of the MRO who write the fitness report RO- Reviewing Officer: the immediate supervisor of the RS who reviews the evaluation for accuracy, fairness, and evaluation 3RD Officer Sighter: Additional reviewer who is higher ranking than the RO and who must review all adverse reports for fairness, accuracy, and certification MRO Role MRO must understand the PES It is in the MROs best interest to accomplish the billet

responsibilities established by himself and the RS Owns personal fitness reports, date gaps, missing fitreps, and MBS RS Role The RS must establish and clearly convey duties and responsibilities to the MRO (see chapter 4, paragraph 4) and observe, evaluate, and accurately report on the Marines performance, professional qualities, and potential. Provide a billet description/expectations. Regularly counsel the MRO on their performance. Debrief the MRO on the report to include the RS's RV. Maintain a personal copy for at least 5 years Recommend keeping for you entire career or 5 yrs following resignation or retirement. RO Role

Reviewing officers ensure adherence to policy and, as the last officer/ supervisor in the normal reporting chain, are responsible for all subordinate performance evaluation activities. The RO must focus on eliminating inflated marks, and unwarranted and unclear comments. Timely Accurate Concise & clear Adherence to policy Ensures that the RS is being accurate, fair, and following policy Third Officer Sighter Reviews all adverse reports to ensure: (a) Take action to resolve inconsistencies and disagreements when the MROs attached statement disagrees with the RO as to matters of fact. (b) Take action to determine the validity of the new information, when

the MROs statement adds new information that the RO did not previously address in his or her comments. (c) Indicate the actions taken or findings of fact on an addendum page per the provisions of chapter 4, paragraph 15. Forwards the final report to HQMC w/in 60 days of the end of the reporting period QUIZ 1 Who really writes the fitness report?: General Fitness Report IS a performance evaluation that supports the centralized selection, promotion, and retention of the most qualified Marines of the Active and Reserve Components. Secondarily, the PES aids in the assignment of personnel and supports other personnel management decisions as required. Fitness Report IS NOT A counseling tool Used as a lever to exert influence A disciplinary tool


The PES cycle 1. W/ in 30 days of checking in- MRO and RS Develop Billet Description 2. W/ in 30 days of the reporting period ending- MRO Provides Summary of Accomplishments and MRO worksheet to RS in PES 3. RS completes fitness report and submits to RO NLT 15 days prior to report being due to HQMC MMRP 4. RS provides signed copy to MRO and conducts debrief 5. RO completes fitness report and submits to HQMC NLT 30 days after the reporting period ends 6. HQMC action- update MBS and submit to OMPF Adverse Reports Causes Conduct related MRO is subject of an ADJUDICATED punitive process MRO receives derogatory material during the reporting period

Performance related 1. Is relieved for cause. 2. Does not accomplish the requirements of their assigned billet. 3. Does not meet the RSs expectations. 4. Fails a follow-on or MOS-progression school. 5. Fails an annual training event such as the PFT or does not complete. 6. Is assigned to BCP or MAP. Adverse Report- Derogatory Material 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Punitive censure from SECNAV - Adverse NJP or Court Martial - Adverse

Competency Review Board determines incompetence Adverse Civilian convictions (except minor traffic offenses) Adverse Debarment letter- Adverse FFPB/FSSB places MRO in probationary status or revokes flight status- Adverse 7. Formal Counseling / admonition / reprimand from CO- RS Discretion 8. Receipt of 6105- RS Discretion Adverse Report Triggers in PES Certain words can trigger adverse reports in APES such as 1. But, however, nevertheless, 2. Does not display 3. Minimal, below average, 4. Failed to 5. Unqualified to/for 6. Lacks the 7. Needs development, supervision, improvement in 8. Usually, sometimes, normally, generally 9. Recommended for promotion with reservation/hesitation Adverse Report Procedure

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. RS counsels MRO on deficiency MRO does not improve or has incident that triggers adverse report MRO submits MRO Worksheet (MROW) to RS to complete RS completes adverse fitrep (should not surpise MRO) and returns to MRO for statement W/ in 5 days, MRO can submit a statement in rebuttal Once RS receives rebuttal or no rebuttal after 5 days, Adverse report is forwarded to RO RO must concur or not concur and return the fitrep to the MRO for a subsequent rebuttal for things not addressed by RO W/ in 5 days, MRO can submit a statement in rebuttal to RO RO forwards to Third officer sighter

Adverse Report Procedure Cont 8. Third Officer Sighter reviews for accuracy and validity and after concurrence forwards to HQMC 9. HQMC action Third Officer Sighter for Officers is the 1st GO in CoC Must forward report to HQMC NLT 60 days after reporting period ends Must be a Field grade officer if MRO is enlisted (should be CO or XO if at Bn level) Adverse Report Procedure Not adverse 1. Drop from entry level school, flight school, mos school due to academic failure 2. 6105 (RS/RO dependent) Commendatory Fitness Reports Receipt of award or commendatory correspondence ***receipt of Good Conduct Medal and/or high score on a PFT/ CFT does not count as commendatory***

Requires a section I comment from RS Quiz 2 Can an MRO have a fitrep that is both adverse and commendatory? Can an MRO have an adverse fitness report with high markings? Reporting Occasions by precedence Occasion Code Grade Change GC: promotion/reduction CMC Directed DC: Extremely high award / extremely bad incident Change of Reporting Senior CH: RS transfer or changes Transfer TR: MRO PCS/PCA Change of Duty CD: Change in primary duties To Temporary Duty TD: To TAD (<30 day) From Temporary Duty FD: Return from TAD End of Service EN: EAS Change in Status CS: Change from SMCR/IMA to IRR

Annual (Active Component) AN: The annual report Annual (Reserve Component) AR: The annual report for reservists Semiannual (lieutenants only) SA: Semi-annual reports Reserve Training RT: For 12-15 day AD period for reservists Unobserved Reports Minimum observation times 90 days- requires observed report 31 days or longer- at discretion of RS All reports for fleet Lieutenants must be observed reports Periods of non-availability- 30+ days where either MRO or RS was not physically present constitute non-availability and do not count when determining min observed time Special Note-RSs should do everything they can to enable fleet Lieutenants to obtain 540 observed days as quickly as possible and avoid submitting unobserved reports in all other cases possible. Not observed and adverse- possible Extended Reports a. Extended reports are intended for use when an MRO's performance has not

changed since the submission of the last AN, AR, or SA report and another reporting occasion comes due within 89 days or less. Note: No other occasion can be extended. b. The extended report must reflect the current reporting occasion. c. Do not extend adverse or not observed AN, AR, and SA reports. d. Only section A of page 1 and page 5 of extended reports will be completed and submitted for processing. Section I comments not required but help clarify to HQMC- This is an extended report. No change in marks since the last reporting period. Omission of fitness reports (a) The MRO is in a temporary duty status, other than academic duty, for less than six months (see paragraph 4.g. of this chapter). (b) The MRO is attending formal academic training under permanent change of station (PCS/TEMINS) orders of less than 12 months duration. In this case, include the annual period on the Transfer (TR) report. (c) Another reporting occasion under the same RS occurred 60 days or less prior to the end date of the annual report; i.e., a GC or CD report. (d) It is known in advance another reporting occasion will occur within 30 days after the ending date for the report. Note: The report may not be omitted in anticipation of disciplinary or administrative separation actions.

Special Notes- Do not submit a fitrep if a. A Marine serving as president, member, or recorder of a selection board. b. A Marine serving as a member of a court-martial. In the preparation of a fitness report, RSs must not consider or evaluate the MRO's performance of duty as a member of a court-martial (see Article 37, in Appendix 2 of reference (f)). c. Members of the Presidents Own, United States Marine band, MOS 5511. d. The death of the MRO. e. The Sergeant Major of the Marine Corps. Case studies A Sgt goes is scheduled to go TAD for 31+ days and receives a TD report but returns at day 27. What are the considerations to be taken? A fleet1stLt is scheduled to go TAD for 60 days and receives a TD report. 1stLt returns after the 60 day period and the FD period is within two weeks of the semi-annual fitness report period. What are the considerations to be taken? A SSgts RS is scheduled to transfer 29 days after the annual reporting

period ends. What are the considerations to be taken? A new MSgts last reporting period was a GC fitrep. Two weeks following the promotion and GC fitrep the MSgt is assigned to BCP and the MSgts annual fitness report is due in 2 days. What considerations are there? Info on the FITREP Block 1- Names, ranks, demographics info GC fitness report- the fitrep is on the last grade held not the new one!!! Block 2- Organization/unit info Block 3- Occasion and period covered Block 4- Duty Assignment Block 5- Special Case (Adverse, not observed, extended) Block 6- Marine subject of (commendatory derogatory or disciplinary action) Block 7- recommend for promotion Block 8- Quals info Do not put info for things that didnt occur during the period Status- GySgts only- Mark F for 1stSgt or M for MSgt

Section B (billet description) Bulletized (precede each entry with a dash or circle) No special cases or fonts (no bold, underline, italics) Limit jargon and abbreviations to things that are known throughout Marine Corps Put things you did, not how well you think you did them Info on the FITREP Block 9- Duty preference- List duty preference or have S-1 look up specific duty preference codes in the manpower codes list Block 10- RS info Block 11- RO info Section (Billet Description) Developed by MRO and RS together during initial counseling Should be specific and cover specific programs or duties

Should not be generalized Significant changes to billet description should not occur from report to report at the same command under the same RS without a change in primary duties fitness report REMEMBER-Marines are evaluated on what they are tasked to do, not necessarily MOS specific assignments COMMON TREND-Failure to do initial counseling and establish billet responsibilities and descriptions is very bad 1- If an RS does not give tasks for an individual to do, and they do nothing, the MRO met the billet requirement 2- An RS should not evaluate a MRO on a task that the MRO did not know was his duty to do-COUNSELING Section C (Billet accomplishments) MRO: Keep a running list. Fill the entire block. List only the results and achievements themselves and avoid all reference to personal qualities or potential impact of the MROs contributions. Do not reference the MROs participation as a member of a selection board or court-martial. Do not address awards and commendatory reports either received or forwarded during the reporting period in section C.

Do not include any reference to adverse material or disciplinary action. address commendatory and adverse items in "JUSTIFICATION" comments for sections D through H or in section I. Section D- RS grading: Evaluation Categories MROs are evaluated in the following categories Mission Accomplishment Performance Proficiency Individual character Courage Effectiveness Under Stress Initiative Leadership

Leading subordinates Developing subordinates Setting the example Ensuring well-being of subordinates Communications skills Intellect and Wisdom PME Decision Making Ability Judgement Evaluation Responsibilities Evaluations RS Grading A-G + H

A=1: Triggers adverse report and requires justification comment in section I B=2 C=3 D=4 E=5 F=6 G=7: Triggers commendatory report and requires justification comment in section I H=not observed or graded RS Grading Continued 13 total areas evaluated (14 if you write fitness reports) Total possible points: 91 (98 if you write fitness reports) This is not like a school test: the percentage you score is not nearly as important as the relative value

Required RS (Sect I) cont. Retirement and discharge type Occasion code for combat or joint or both: B for joint and C for combat Special Cases Body fat percentage- Marine is w/ in height and weight or not Facts relating to drug offenses FFPB/FSSB finds negligence/culpability ARI/Alcohol abuse facts Unique performance outside of USMC Execution of command safety policy by DoSS or XO billets

MRO refuses to sign RO assumes RS authority CG approval of change in reporting chain DC report Multiple simultaneous reports RS transfer and MRO is UA Classified performance info Early term of TAD for a reporting period expected to be over 30 days High class standing or failure to complete a formal school Required RS (Sect I) DC reports-required comment as to why TD report- if parent command deems a period of 30 days or less important enough to be observed

FD report- reason it would be Not Obs En report- reason for Non availability during terminal To identify all periods of nonavailability To justify a period of 89 days or less being observed time To justify a non-observed report UA/Deserter Status and time lostnot available for observation Grades of A on fitness reports Grades of G on fitness reports Reasons for commendatory report Reasons for adverse report To explain derogatory material Required RS (Sect I) When filling billets of higher grades ORM completion for ops planners and OpsOs Execution of Joint matters at Joint

commands Professional development progress Commandants reading list progression Not observed marks For commanders, establishment of a safe command climate non tolerant of sexual assault For COs and XO, compliance with personnel security program For pilots- should comment on airmanship Anytime that RS and RO are same rank Anytime a civilian is writing on Marine, civilian should indicate military experience if any Required RS (Sect I) Cont

Promotion recommendation PFT failure, incompletion, waiver CFT failure, incompletion, waiver Rifle/pistol qual failure, incompletion, waiver BCP assignment Out of weight standards but taped Out of weight standards due to medical condition GySgt promotion 1st or Master Recommended- but not required

Next duty assignment Command assignment Most important accomplishment highlights Word Picture in the section I- write object, clear, and concise word picture of the whole Marine Do not use superfluous adjectives, imprecise phrasing, or statistics Do not inflate But it all doesnt fit!!!- Use the addendum page Quiz 3 A Sgt is reduced at NJP. What is the reporting occasion? A water walking GySgt was arrested for DUI two days prior to the annual reporting period ending. How will this affect MROs annual fitness report? A Sgt weighs in out of height and weight standards but makes tape. What does the RS do for the fitness report.

Master Brief Sheet Relative Value RV is a numerical representation of how a single fitness report compares to other reports written by an RS on Marines of the same grade RV should be used within the context of all other information on the report RV is a tool that assists in evaluating the RSs marking philosophy RV is the weakest point of our system but it works if used correctly. The relative value of a report reflects how the fitness report average of an individual report compares to: (1) The RS's average of all fitness reports written by the RS on Marines of the same grade. (2) The highest fitness report average of any report written by the RS on a Marine of the same grade as the MRO. Understanding RV Calculations RV: 80 85

90 95 100 Completed by grade The highest average of all fitness reports an RS writes is equivalent to 100 The low(80) is equivalent to the difference between the highest and lowest minus the average Example RS highest report=6 equivalent to 100 on scale The average of all fitness reports RS lowest report=3 completed is 90 Profile average= (3+6)/2=4.5 equivalent to 90 As an RS continues to write fitness on scale reports the profile continues to change Calculating the range of the profile: subtract the distance between the highest report and the

average. Subtract the same distance from the average and you have found the range Relative Value Explained 14 attributes assigned point value from 1 to 7 (A to G) RV: 80 85 90 95 100 Average the attributes i.e. a straight C report (42/14) is a 3.0

Average plugged into an algebraic formula that give the report a value on a standard curve Standard curve scaled from 80 to 100 Relative Value compares the reports average to the Reporting Seniors cumulative average of all reports on Marines of the same grade Representative distribution of 5 reports on a standard curve How does RV Work? Values have been added to the MBS for: RV: 80

FR Avg: 2.88 85 2.94 90 3.00 95 3.06 100 3.12 FitRep Average RSs Cumulative Average RSs Highest FitRep Average Using these averages we can evaluate the value of

the report with respect to the RSs overall average 80 FitRep Avg 2.94 90 RS Cum Avg 3.00 100 RS High 3.12

Line drawn through report with a RV of 85 In this case, an 85 represents the 4th of 5 reports How is RV Displayed on your Master Brief Sheet? RV is calculated after an RS writes 3 FITREPS on Marines of the same grade At Processing Vs Cumulative At Processing RV never changes Calculation of the RV at the time the report was written (where your report fell in comparison with others at the time it was completed) Cumulative

Constantly changes as the RS writes more reports Calculation of the RV recomputed each time the RS writes a new fitness report on Marines of the same grade Quiz 5 You are a 1st Lieutenant. It is time to write the SSgt annual fitness reports. You have two Sergeants to write on. As of now you have written 5 reports. Report averages from low to high are as follows: 2, 2, 3, 3, 5. 1. 2. 3. 4. What is your current RV profile average? What report is at the 80 currently. What is the range of your profile? One of your staff sergeants is awful and was averaged as 1.5, how does this impact your average and the others you have written on?

RV Glitches Problem Small number of reports Small distribution of marks A single high or low report can dramatically affect the RV of the other reports This can be spotted using the RS Cum Avg and RS High 87.50 CCCCCCC

100 CCCCCCD 80 90 100 5 Reports - Poor RS Distribution FitRep Avg 3.00 RS Cum Avg 3.01 RS High

3.07 Solution RSs need to distribute their marks to create a range of averages Marking everyone the same gives poor information to the boards RV Glitches Problem Small number of reports and a tight distribution of marks RS writes an adverse report that is significantly lower than the average

All the other reports will have a higher RV than normal This is difficult to spot, but does not hurt the DCDDDEC BABBABC 80 90 100 Small Numbers - Adverse Report FitRep Avg 4.15

RS Cum Avg 3.10 Solution None RS High 4.30 RV Glitches

Problem If reports are processed late the RV is affected This is normally the result of late submission or inaccurate reports RSs must submit reports in a timely manner and ensure SSNs are correct Boards have no way to spot this problem 80 90 100 RV at time of Processing

Solution RSs & ROs need to submit timely and accurate reports. RV Glitches Problem 9906-9912 CCCD If an RS writes a small number of reports and most of them are on the same MRO, then the MRO competes against himself 9901-9906 CCCC

80 0001-0006 CCDD 90 100 MROs Compete against themselves Solution RSs should keep track of their marks to ensure a positive trend of performance if warranted Board members may perceive drops in RV as a drop in

performance RV Glitches Problem Some RSs have attempted to game the system The RV formula includes rules to prevent gaming You dont know all the rules so dont try and game the system Not true CCCCCCC 80 90 100

Gaming the system FitRep Avg 3.00 RS Cum Avg 3.00 Solution RV = 90 RS High 3.00 MBS Reviewing Officer RO Distribution

MRO Percentage Ranges for RO Placement Reviewing Officers should determine where the MRO falls in comparison with peers rated by the RO - Each EGA on the tree represents 2.27% of personnel - There are 44 EGAs for a total of 100% - Each block has a different percentage of personnel in it - The intent is that the bottom and top have the least percentage of personnel with a gradient decreasing as you go up - ROs should ensure that they do an objective, concise, and clear evaluation of all personnel they have reviewed before placing MROs in certain blocks on the comparative assessment tree Percentage Range



where you fell out in relation to other reports - Goal is to be ranked above and with Reporting Senior At Processing Cumulative Grade Upper 93.34-100 Middle

86.67-93.33 Lower 80.00- 86.66 N/A Upper 93.34-100 Middle 86.67-93.33 Lower 80.00- 86.66 N/A SSgt 30%

50% 20% 2 35% 45% 20% 1 Total 30% 50%

20% 2 35% 45% 20% 1 Reviewing Officer At Processing Cumulative Grade Above

With Below Insuf Above With Below Insuf SSgt 25% 60% 15%

2 20% 65% 15% 2 Total 25% 60% 15% 2

20% 65% 15% 2 Date Gaps/Overlaps/Lateness Do not let these happen to you or your Marines Track observation periods The date a reporting period ends, the next observation period begins the following day. Example: reporting period ended on 31 Oct. New reporting period begins 1 Nov. Overlaps: overlaps occur when two fitness reports cover the same time period. Avoid this by following the rule above. Communication between RS and MRO is key Lateness on fitness reports: Notify your RS or RO via formal correspondence or email. If no response after 30 days, notify MMPR-30 and forward correspondence. (go to manpower website)

Corrections Two types of corrections: Administrative and Performance Evaluation Review Board (PERB) Corrections Administrative Corrections Anything in section A of the fitness report and factual data in sections I and K (i.e. name, rank, billet title); as well as admin fillers If the matter cannot be verified through official records and/or needs additional justification, it is NOT an administrative change. Request turn-around time: 2-30 days PERB Corrections Attribute marks, sections I and K comments, Christmas tree marking, MROs status selection in section A, RS grade recommendation for gunnery sergeants, etc Request turn-around time: 30-180 days How to submit corrections How do I request an administrative change? Email MMRP-31 at [email protected] with your request and attach all supporting documentation Ensure you have RS and/or RO concurrenceif applicable

Call MMRP-31 at (703) 784-3434 Visit in person at 2008 Elliot Road MCB Quantico, VA 22134/2ndDeck How do I PERB a report? FIRST: Read chapter 10 of the PES manual SECOND: Go to the MMRP-13 website and read their guidance Fill out a DD-149 form Email MMRP-13 at [email protected] Call MMRP-13 at (703) 784-5602 Fitness Report Appeals a. The MRO may appeal any report that he or she believes is incorrect, inaccurate, or in violation of the policies and instructions in this Manual once the report is a matter of official record. The MRO must submit an appeal per the provisions of Chapter 10. b. The appeal process is not a substitution for an attempt at proper resolution of an adverse report during its preparation and review. Reporting officials must endeavor to thoroughly adjudicate the report or resolve any perceived injustice before submitting the report to HQMC. For more info on appealing a fitness report go to Go to the page for Performance Review & Modifications (MMRP-13)

Common Errors / Mistakes Missing mandatory section I Dropping a MRO on the profile block based on profile alone and not actually grading the Marine fairly or using trusted assistant only (most PERBd item) Overlap of more than 30 days Date gap of more than 30 days Spelling & Grammar Including events that did not take place during the reporting period (ie: PFT score during off cycle) Insufficient or no justification of adverse or high marks or n/o marks Grading with your emotions Writing a poor or great report just to adjust your profile (common for MROs who are EASing or retiring) Failing to task or do initial and follow up counseling Grading doesnt match word picture Dont stress over your own RV Having fitreps below 90 does not necessarily indicate unsat

performance A poor evaluation should not be a surprise Steps to get above 90- ask your RS RSs owe it to their MROs to indicate what the 100 looks like What PES does not clearly cover RO Worksheet How to actually grade your MROs Velvet Dagger Comments Commendatory comments Tracking fitness reports you have written Tracking your own fitness reports Key Billets Board procedures RO Worksheet Fitness Fitness Report

Report Information Information Worksheet Worksheet Provides additional info from the RO In many cases the RO does not know the MRO very well, maybe not at all Tells the RO major accomplishments outside of billet description, desires for assignments, recommended marking on the tree, RO comment suggestions, RV and comparative assessment, etc MRO: RS: RO: RO:

Billet: Occasion: Date Date Due Due HQMC: HQMC: 1. 1. Is Is MRO MRO in in zone? zone? Yes No

2. Promote? Promote Now! Not recommended Promote with peers Select Now! Not Not recommended recommended Future commander N/A N/A Complete Enrolled Enrolled

Active Lacking Lacking Comments: 3. Consider for command? Command Command Recommendations: Recommendations: 4. School recommendation: 5. PME Status Other Education Initiatives:

6. RS Distribution: (relative standing to all Marines of this grade reported on by you) 7. 7. Recommended Recommended RO RO Comments: Comments: 8. 8. Recommended Recommended Mark: Mark:

9. Your Profile: 10. Addl Comments (As Reqd): Top 10% Bottom 50% Top 30% Bottom 30% Eminently Qualified One of the Few Exceptionally Qualified One of the Many Highly Qualified Professionals Who Form the Majority of this Grade A Qualified Marine Unsatisfactory

Top 50% Bottom 10% History: History: # # of of reports reports submitted

submitted for for the the grade grade evaluated: evaluated: Overall Overall Marking Marking Average Average (all (all reports reports written written for for this this grade): grade): Lowest Lowest Average Average (all (all reports reports written written for

for this this grade): grade): Highest Highest Average Average (all (all reports reports written written for for this this grade): grade): This This report: report:

Average Average this this report: report: How to grade MROs 1. Conduct initial counseling and provide billet description, responsibilities, and tasks. Additionally, tell the MRO what winning looks like on the fitness report 2. Reporting period ends 3. Solicit input from SNCOICs or OICs of individual for where MROs fall out in comparison with each other and to assist in grading 4. Print blank fitness report 5. Grade MRO on fitness report based on the matrices and eval criteria on the 14 subsections 6. Open fitrep tracker and calculate where MRO should fall in comparison with others of the same grade 7. Complete and route the fitness report and provide signed copy to MRO Velvet Dagger Comments Comments that are not helping or even adverse intentionally or unintentionally MRO has nowhere to go but up from here

MRO is full of potential MRO is superbly average Retain if economical Commendatory Comments and Strong Phrases LESS IS OFTEN MORE Example of Bad Comments: SSgt _____ is not producing contracts at the level he is missioned at or the average of his peers. Disappointing is his lack of personal drive and leadership. He is a proven performer who worked hard to be promoted and since then he has become less and less productive. An underachieving Marine. Example of Good Below Average Comments: MRO completes assigned tasks. He is capable Marine and maintains a squared away appearance. MRO read two books off of the Commandants Professional Reading List and volunteered three hours at a local charity. Promote. Example of a Good-Good Comment: MRO is a fire and forget weapons system who takes the initiative on his own to complete tasks. He flawlessly coordinated a PAX movement of __ Marines and ___ Cargo for ___ amount of missions of that occurred during the reporting period, 70% of the missions in comparison with peers of same MOS and grade. SNM is highly recommended for promotion ahead of peers and should be retained at all costs. Example of a bad Good Comment MRO could juggle dust-bunnies in a hurricane or MRO completes tasks well.

Tracking fitreps you wrote Absolutely required 1. Track the reporting period, names, occasions, and how you graded each category 2. Track your highest report, your average, your lowest report, and the range of your profile in order to ensure you are meeting the intent of fairly evaluating Name Rank Oc c J. SMITH SSGT AN

HIGHEST Begin End Spec AVERAGE D D E E E F F F F F G G G H Total Avg 1 1 1 2 3 1 2 3 4 1 2 3 1 5 LOW Tracking your own fitness reports Track your grades and averages Track your relative values Track your RO markings Track your promotion comments Track your retention comments Key Billets & Naming

Ensure they are marked correctly on the MBS Leadership evaluation: Logistics Officer vs S4 OIC, Embark Specialist vs Embark SNCOIC. These phrases matter. Billets in OIC/SNCOIC can weigh heavily with board members Board Procedures All boards (promotion, retention, special programs, command, etcc) are ran differently Its all about numbers Example: USMC can retain 1000 Lieutenants. There are 1500 in the USMC. Board must rack and stack all and remove 500 not so great ones Some boards will look at the math (RV, who your with, above, below, PFT, CFT, Rifle, Pistol, PME, etc) and assign a number to you 1-7 (7 is the high, 1 is the low). Any 1s and 2s are eliminated, any non-eligible population (PME incomplete) are eliminated. Any 6s and 7s are auto selected. 3,4,5, are briefed by briefers to the board to make the selection for the board. The goal is to be a 7,6, or a 5, avoid below that so your selection is not debatable

Quiz 6 Give best example of a velvet dagger comment. Give best example of a commendatory or section I positive comment. Group Discussion on fitness reports

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