Employee Engagement : Inspiration or Perspiration? A light

Employee Engagement : Inspiration or Perspiration? A light

Employee Engagement : Inspiration or Perspiration? A light bulb moment Genius is one percent inspiration, ninety-nine percent perspiration. Thomas Edison Thomas Edison also said Many of life's failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up. Thomas Edison The rule of David Tong Achieving an engaged workforce is:

20 percent inspiration 30 percent collaboration 50 percent perspiration A closer look at engagement and how we measure it The virtuous cycle of engagement Engagement is: The extent to which employees are motivated to contribute to organisational success and are willing to apply discretionary effort to accomplish tasks important to the achievement of organizational goals. Great managers and supportive work

environment Engaged employees - Satisfied - Committed - Proud - Willing to advocate Better individual performance giving discretionary effort Improved company performance Engagement is measured with Employee

Surveys What do surveys measure? What do we use the information for? The level of engagement in the workforce To understand employee sentiment How engagement varies across departments, countries, job levels, demographic groups etc. To identify best practices and hot spots What issues underpin engagement To set priorities to guide decisions and organisational change Views and opinions on management practices and other issues To open a dialogue with employees to create engagement and focus on areas of

most concern 50% Perspiration: A case study page 9 Maersk Group overview Operate mainly in the transport and energy industries Approx. 89,000 employees 2014 revenue: USD 47 billion

Companies of particular strategic importance: TRANSPORT Maersk Line APM Terminals APM Shipping Services Strategic investments: ENERGY Maersk Oil Maersk Drilling Maersk Container Industry Hegh Autoliners page 10 Time honoured values Constant Care

Humbleness Uprightness Our Employees Our Name Employee engagement trend A 10 year journey of progress Maersk Group has now reached the top quartile benchmark for engagement for the first time since 2012 The increase in engagement is mainly caused by an increase among blue-collar, seafarer and offshore employees Strengths and concerns Employees perception of how Maersk Group upholds its values has improved by 4 points in 2015 and is a significant contributor to the higher engagement level Other strengths are survey follow-up and clarity of strategy Only two questions have less positive results compared to 2014 and both are below the external benchmark Strengths Company upholds the Maersk values

Confident that action will be taken as a result of survey Clear understanding of my companys strategy Diff to 2014 Diff to External Top 25% 4% 2% 0% -8% 3% -3% -1% -2% -3%

Concerns My job allows me a healthy work-life balance My job makes good use of my abilities A program to build long-term capability Recorded training modules Available for HR Business partners and line managers Open Q&A surgeries to take questions and discuss solutions HR Business partners are challenged to Know your Managers - providing the support where it is needed most Manage the tail support for managers High

Low Engagement Level 8 ways HR can help managers start to take action Know your manager Prioritise to focus effort Communicate results first Begin with quick wins Help them get in front of their team

Deep-dive on complexity Delegate to share the load Be creative make it personal Not just a program get engagement into the culture 1:1 talks Team meetings Role model PDP Check-in with individuals

Keep engagement on agenda Required behaviours/values Goals and Targets Are you clear what is expected from you? How are things going since the last time we met? - EES update - Refer to key results in decisions - Ask how people are feeling? Do you check in on yourself from time-to-time? Do you live the values? Use survey results to set personal goals

Lessons from the Maersk Group Stick at it engagement is a long-term game Strong leadership upholding values and clarifying strategy and direction Build capability invest in your long-term programme through HRBPs and Line Managers Manage the tail focus support where it will deliver HR - know your managers Managers make engagement personal for your team 30% Collaboration Four collaborative steps to turn data into action 1 Understand your results

Discuss with trusted colleagues 2 Conduct feedback meetings Transparent sharing of results Discuss implications 3 Develop action plans Delegated teamwork Using

collaborative technology Deep-dive on complex issues 4 Follow up and manage Communicate progress What happens when you do not follow these steps? 100% 80% 62% 60%

47% % Favourable Engagement 32% 40% Engageme nt falls if people think you will do nothing 89% 82% 20% 0%

ry Ve t ou b a nt e id nf o c un rv su ey w llo

fo U p -u (N ) 48 7 =2 t ou b a nt e id nf

o nc rv su ey w llo fo p -u U (N ) 80 6

=4 e ur s n t ou b a rv su ey w llo fo p

-u C (N ) 27 6 0 =1 n ti n e fid n o follow-up

rv su ey w llo fo p -u ry Ve (N ) 08 8 5 =2

n ti n e fid n co rv su follow-up ey w llo fo p -u

(N ) 39 4 2 =1 Collaboration through Connections is Changing the Way we Work Engagement Community Engagemen t Communi ty 20% Inspiration

Back to Thomas Edison Negative results are just what I want. Theyre just as valuable to me as positive results. Thomas Edison FMCG company attends to subtle messages Situation: Global FMCG company with a long-standing emphasis on creativity and entrepreneurship was moving away from private ownership via share offering New performance-based psychological contract more centralised, market-disciplined, measured Survey showed confidence in leadership, but a 2% decline in perceptions of innovation this was treated as a red flag Response:

They did not ignore this signal Deep-dive on innovation where are concerns concentrated? Consultation on obstacles to innovation Crowdsourcing initiative launched - in specific categories Communication of innovation as key response to survey a commitment to traditional company value of entrepreneurship Inspiration from social listening Five products presented in a Social Listening dashboard that provides more in-depth and regular insights about your organisation IBMs Employee Listening platform Daily pulse JAMS Social

analytics Social pulse Mini pulse Case Study: Leo Burnett Worldwide Questions about HumanKind added to the Leo Burnett Worldwide employee survey: These questions reinforced the importance of the initiative, and Generated measures of impact, giving managers a data point to move forward from Leo Burnett Inspiring by Making a Difference Perceptions of HumanKind emerged as the best predictor of Best Agency score judged on financial and creative metrics

$ Offices fostering an innovative and challenging environment are 2.2 x more likely to meet margin goals Turnover rates 8.2% lower in offices with highest engagement levels Lessons helping you build better engagement The lessons for your engagement program Stick at it engagement is a long game

Perspiration Gain leadership buy-in To engage your teams first engage your managers To engage your managers make them accountable and give them the tools and support to do the job Understand the issues find out what is driving engagement Bring an engaging style into your daily work and Inspiration Collaboration Focus your efforts on priority issues and priority populations Get inspiration from collaboration with colleagues Pay attention to the details do not ignore subtle messages in the data Inspire others by making an impact

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