Uncovering researcher behaviours and engagement with Open Access

Uncovering researcher behaviours and engagement with Open Access

Uncovering researcher behaviours and engagement with Open Access #oagp 20 May 2015 www.brookes.ac.uk/library Uncovering researcher behaviours and engagement with Open Access #oagp Welcome Professor Alistair Fitt,

Vice Chancellor, Oxford Brookes University www.brookes.ac.uk/library Jisc OA Good Practice Sarah Fahmy, OA Good Practice Manager Supporting OA is a priority for Jisc Challenges Jisc OA Offer Absolute costs Administrative costs

Interoperability between systems Low awareness Jisc Collections Off-setting negotiations/ Total Cost of ownership RIOXX, Monitor, Publications Router Policy confusion International dimension OA Good Practice PASTEUR4OA, OPENAIRE

02/06/202 Title of presentation (Go to View menu > Header and Footer to edit the footers on this slide) 0 4 A O or c t iJ s oni RE M CO Us e

Pu on blica ti s n io t s a n it Ao blic c cO r

iJ s lslec itPou r CoJi Joisnc ute M o R Pay A De PC po sit rep osi in tor y

Ac ce cepta n T C a p FA r O e E pa h

S oM er R Sh Se jou lect rna l comChec plia k n ce Su on bmis

s i Open Access services 02/06/202 Jisc Digital Festival, 9-10 March 2015, ICC Birmingham 0 Re im cord pa ct Re

po rt OA Good Practice Jisc Collections helpdesk Repository technical support Re po rt com pliaon n

Ma xi m ce im ise pa ct U IR U S K

XX O RI 5 Support for HEIs Pathfinder projects OA Good Practice aims to develop shareable examples of good practice, so that a range of approaches can be

collaboratively developed and commonly applied according to the individual needs of the HEI. OA Community development 02/06/202 Title of presentation (Go to View menu > Header and Footer to edit the footers on this slide) 0 6

Support for HEIs Toolkits Case studies Templates Cost savings Cost efficiencies Improved productivity Improved knowledge/ skills/ capacity

Pathfinder projects Improved OA processes/ workflows OA Community Cost management Advocacy Institutional policy

02/06/202 OA Good Practice Project 0 Workshops Webinars Syntheses 7 Pathfinder projects

Coventry University Oxford Brookes University Midlands Northumbria University University of Hull

North/ North East University of Manchester University of Bath North/ North West University of Glasgow University of Edinburgh South West/ Wales UCL

Scotland South East 02/06/202 Title of presentation (Go to View menu > Header and Footer to edit the footers on this slide) 0 8 Pathfinder projects Across regions Across institutional types (mission, scale of research intensity)

Across professions (librarians, research managers, repository managers) Across OA themes (cost management, advocacy etc.) Across policies (RCUK/COAF, REF, Horizon 2020) Across disciplines

02/06/202 Title of presentation (Go to View menu > Header and Footer to edit the footers on this slide) 0 9 Pathfinder outputs OA Lifecycle- Hull (HHuLOA) Interactions that take place across OA ecosystem Examining policy landscape and creating workflows that enable HEIs, researchers to navigate

Advocacy - Edinburgh (LOCH)/ UCL Case study- Dept OA plans Implementation plans/Responsibility matrix Communications templates PURE validation training UCL producing Advocacy toolkit

Case Study- St Andrews Lean Methodology exercise 02/06/202 0 10 St Andrews- before Lean exercise 02/06/202 Title of presentation (Go to View menu > Header and Footer to edit the footers on this slide) 0 11

St Andrews- after Lean exercise 02/06/202 Title of presentation (Go to View menu > Header and Footer to edit the footers on this slide) 0 12 Pathfinder Outputs Cost management FCA analysis of admin cost overheads and how off-setting schemes are embedded into workflows (Bath) Shareable cost modelling tool- model different scenarios in order

to make better informed, strategic decisions on policies and funding (Northumbria) Tools for HEIs with limited resources OA Survival Guide (Manchester opeNWorks) Case studies to build a richer understanding of their various approaches, structures, challenges and potential work arounds (Northumbria) Metadata and standards- Glasgow (E2EOA) Working on CASRAI & RIOXX profiles and towards shared OA metadata

OA workflows tab in EPrints - day-to-day management of OA rather than only that data that is required for reporting to third parties such as REF, RCUK and EU 02/06/202 0 13 Things to look out for: Find out more at: OA Good Practice blog:

http://openaccess.jiscinvolve. org/wp/ Pathfinder Project Blogs: http://www.netvibes.com/sara hfahmy#General @OA_GoodPractice [email protected] k 02/06/202 Title of presentation (Go to View menu > Header and Footer to edit the footers on this slide) 0 14

For more information, contact Sarah Fahmy OA Good Practice Manager [email protected] Brettenham House, 5 Lancaster Place London WC2E 7EN T 020 3006 6075 [email protected] Except where otherwise noted, this work is licensed under CC-BY-NC-ND 02/06/202 Title of presentation (Go to View menu > Header and Footer to edit the footers on this slide) 0

15 Uncovering researcher behaviours and engagement with Open Access #oagp Researcher Behaviours and Attitudes evidence so far. The Making Sense project www.brookes.ac.uk/library MAKING SENSE: A RESEARCHER CENTRED APPROACH TO FUNDER

MANDATES Stuart Hunt Uncovering researcher behaviours and engagement with Open Access Oxford Brookes University, 20th May 2015 PROJECT AIMS Provide a relevant, scalable, & practical set of tools that will support the researcher within their own specific context, enabling them to conform to funder mandates as an integral part of the research workflow. Enable Oxford Brookes & associate institutions to

conform to funder requirements in a way that supports the researcher. PROJECT PARTNERS Oxford Brookes University Nottingham Trent University University of Portsmouth DIFFERENT PERSPECTIVES Institutional understanding of OA & compliance Researchers understanding OA & compliance

Supporting & sustaining own processes & workflows Supporting researchers METHODOLOGY Not process-driven Default thinking* Researcher context(s) Constellation Sensemaking

Ethnography Phenomenology Experience Getting people right *Madsbjerg, C & Rasmussen, M (2014). The moment of clarity: using the human sciences to solve your toughest business problems. Harvard Business Review Press. Sharon Potter Research Support Librarian Nottingham Trent University

2/6/20 22 The research landscape at NTU NTU is divided into three Colleges, which are subdivided into nine Academic Schools. The Universitys legacy is largely learning and teaching with a mixture of traditional and vocational courses. NTU has world-leading research in certain fields such as cancer research and social policy but its not a research intensive university. The University strategic aim is to grow its research environment, with School research plans

including targets to increase the number of PGR students over the next five years. 2/6/20 23 What we did at NTU Conducted a small-scale survey based on semistructured interviews. Interviewed 50 researchers over two months. Recorded the interviews, wrote up the notes, and coded the answers using Google Forms to draw out the main findings. Exported the results to an Excel spreadsheet to create profile charts and analyse trends through pivot tables.

Participants were mostly researchers who submitted to REF2014. 2/6/20 24 Profile of the researchers interviewed 2/6/20 25 Interview questions broad

themes Dissemination How do they decide to disseminate research? Do they have a dissemination strategy? Publishing What factors are the most important when considering where to publish? Open access What do they understand by open access, including the difference between green and gold? Do they understand how OA will affect the next REF? What do they think are the benefits of OA?

Are they aware of any funder requirements regarding OA? Do they publish regularly through OA? If not, why not? How can the University help them to publish more regularly through OA? 2/6/20 26 Sample findings Several researchers were aware of embargoes with the green option A few thought gold is best (but werent sure in what way)

2/6/20 27 2/6/20 28 2/6/20 29 2/6/20

30 2/6/20 31 A couple of researchers cited lack of academic standing as the only barrier Lack of funding related to the fact most researchers associate open access with APCs 2/6/20

32 What does this mean for us? The Library Research Team at NTU has created a communication plan to address the barriers, especially around lack of understanding of copyright and processes As a project group we were hoping to find one barrier to address, but the responses have revealed a wide range of answers 2/6/20

33 What we might have done with hindsight differently Designed the form to capture the responses before conducting the interviews The form was designed on examining too few responses Ensured the interviewers interpreted the responses in the same way Asked more direct questions, e.g. What makes you publish in OA? 2/6/20

34 Making Sense at Portsmouth Andrew Simpson & Emily Bennett University Library Research and Innovation Services Interviews Semi-structured, informal conversations Started with research leads 11 across all faculties interviewed by our Research Outputs Manager

Then extended to academics interviewed by their subject librarians 4 interviewed in Creative Technologies so far Though sample is small, we have learned a great deal through having the opportunity for open conversations Findings Broadly aware of OA and accepted its importance for the REF, RCUK etc. but not aware of the details and their implications Common misunderstandings Didnt consider OA in publication strategy before submitting Difference between OA and hybrid journals

Difference between the 3 month rule and embargoes Assumed you can always take the green route to comply Not aware of the high cost of APCs Dont know what REF panel they will be submitting to Just want to know what they have to do to comply Actions Some common issues were quickly apparent and actions were taken to address these The interviews also helped inform our ongoing activities with awareness raising Some examples

OA awareness plan It was clear no single approach to awareness was going to work So ensured we had a plan with a variety of methods OA sessions

People were happy to attend university wide presentations if at a time they could do OA sessions increased to every 6 weeks at various times Smaller groups Part of general Researcher Development Programme Flow chart - A number requested a one

page printable flow-chart so we created one System They found current mix of systems confusing Reinforced our move to a single portal The interviews also led to some

tailored support We analysed samples (approximately 50) of our Business School and Institute of Cosmology and Gravitation journals. Results demonstrated most but not all journals comply with HEFCE or RCUK via the green route, so there is a need to check before submitting. This helped reinforce the message that they do need to consider where to publish at an early stage, whilst keeping the limitations in perspective We were able to identify staff who already added items to ArXiv and set-up an import to Pure

We were able to set up reports and dashboards in Pure for research leads Individual help The vast majority of people do want to be able to contact someone for advice We have promoted email help We do not validate recent articles without a postprint and so deal with queries at published stage Now starting to get more questions at an earlier stage asking about which journals comply All takes time though! http://www.port.ac.uk/library/help/research/open/

Andrew Simpson, Associate University Librarian [email protected] Emily Bennett, Research Outputs Manager [email protected] What Next? Oxford Brookes Ethnographical Interview Who? How? Grand Tour Tell me about your research How do researchers communicate their research? What triggers them to publish?

How do they choose where to publish? Mini Tour What are you working on the moment? How has the experience been so far? What Next? Longitudinal studies using cultural probes Methodology observations, video, existing record methods eg.lab books, discussing .. (collect the data) The project so far? - Baselining CIAO is a benchmarking tool for assessing institutional

readiness for Open Access (OA) compliance. The tool is based on the CARDIO (Collaborative Assessment of Research Data Infrastructure and Objectiveshttp://cardio.dcc.ac.uk). CIAO The project so far? - Baselining The project so far? - Baselining

More information See how we make sense of it all, follow this Blog: http://sensemakingopenaccess.blogspot.com/ [email protected] QUESTIONS OA Understanding what needs to change and how 1. Individual brainstorm: write down on post-it notes all the problems with OA that they are currently

experiencing (10 mins) OA Understanding what needs to change and how 2. Group reviews all problems and group them as a. Problem from university perspective (e.g. academics dont deposit) b. Problem from researcher perspective (e.g. academics unclear on Green vs Gold) c. If both, break it down into what the problem is for each (20 mins) OA

Understanding what needs to change and how 3. Group identifies top 3 university problems and top 3 researcher problems: discussion - are they the same problems? Are there additional problems? (10 mins) 4. Group selects top 3 researcher problems to take forward to the afternoon session (10 mins) Time for lunch In the Lounge on the Ground floor Back in Chakrabati Room (2nd floor) 1.20

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