e-Portfolio for Personal Tutoring What is e-Portfolio? Practice

e-Portfolio for Personal Tutoring What is e-Portfolio? Practice

e-Portfolio for Personal Tutoring What is e-Portfolio? Practice and success Improvements and limitations

Confidentiality, data sharing and standardised practice Conclusions What is e-Portfolio and why are they saying such awful things about it? Electronic portfolio to be rolled out across the university; Allows tutors to schedule meetings with tutees; Provides an oversight of arranged meetings; Allows tutors/tutees to add notes about the content of their meetings.

Practice and Success 85% - used to schedule meetings 54% - added notes 77% - could see why adding notes would be beneficial (even if they did not do it this time round) 71% - instances where notes were added by the tutor Of this 71%, 60% would not consider delegating this job to the tutee Improvements and Limitations Lack of willingness NESS is too similar / favoured Should be more like social media Lack of Outlook integration

Tutors absence Confidentiality, Data Sharing and Standardised Practice Some teaching aspects may benefit from it being like social media There is the risk of accidentally sharing something with somebody who you dont want to see it

No [to social media idea], Im always weary about confidentiality No it should be private and strictly confidential by default. Its not a social media space Id prefer a confidential route how would you regulate police social media? Conclusions Firth (2010) and Symonds (2010) for e-Portfolios to be successful they have to replace previous practice, and be embedded into

standardised practice Willingness of tutors How should e-Portfolio be sold to unwilling tutors? Standardised approach to managing information Senior Tutor? University-wide or school-based? Engagement of students How to engage? How to enforce?

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