Albers Mentor Program Accounting Mentor Program MSBL Mentor

Albers Mentor Program Accounting Mentor Program MSBL Mentor

Albers Mentor Program Accounting Mentor Program MSBL Mentor Program Student Orientation Albers School of Business & Economics Fall 2019 Purpose To provide a rich and rewarding opportunity to learn from successful Puget Sound executives, top business leaders and seasoned managers Serve as a bridge from education to real world Listening ear, wisdom, source of support in your career journey Albers Mentor Program: 30 years Accounting Mentor Program: 17 years MSBL Mentor Program: 2 years Mentorship Definition

Mentorship is an intentional relationship between a student and someone with more experience or access to skills/resources providing: Encouragement Neutral listening presence Challenge & coaching Wisdom & knowledge Growth Discernment & reflection Objectives

Career/ Job Search advice Career transition Observe job function or industry Networking contacts Insight into company culture Community building

Learn how to market yourself professionally Support, validation, growth Wisdom from someone who has been there Explanation of Programs Albers Mentor Program Accounting Mentor Program

MSBL Mentor Program Grad students, UG seniors (any major) Contact: APC UG Jr & Sr Acct, MPAC, Grad students interested in accounting Contact: Acct. Dept MSBL Program students Contact: MSBL

Dept. **Can only join 1 program** Commitment October June Graduating early? Must stay with program until June Studying abroad? Talk to APC or Acct dept Commitment MEETING Meet with mentor group every 4-6 weeks

Meetings are 1.5-2 hours SCHEDULING Preference goes to mentor Check online to see mentors preference Juggling multiple schedules- FLEXIBILITY is key Sometimes mentors have their assistants help Timeline Early October: Mentor Fair Late October:

Notification November: First meeting December June: Ongoing meetings June: Formal wrap-up, thank mentor, complete survey Choosing a Mentor Job function

Professional History Mentors objective/scope Personality connection Advice from students, APC, or Acct Dept. Dont judge a book by its company or industry Group Dynamics 1-3 students per mentor

Be open minded to what you might learn from other students Grads w/ Grads; Undergrads w/ Undergrads Respect different objectives Meet as a group (ideally) Check with mentor about occasional 1:1 meetings

Elements for Success Initiative Student Profile Handbook What do you want out of the program? Year Plan Success Common meeting time

each month THIS IS NOT A JOB PLACEMENT ACTIVITY Formula for Success What you get out of this depends on what you put into this Your Effort Your Experience Troubleshooting Reach out for help

Selecting mentor preferences Issues with mentor Issues with group members Challenges with scheduling Lack of communication from mentor or group members Need activity ideas Schedule/Circumstances require you to withdraw **Feeling uncomfortable** Great experiences too! Albers: Pigott 331; 206.296.5687; [email protected] Acct: Pigott 515; 206.296.5723; [email protected]

MSBL: Pigott 404; 206.296.2231; [email protected] Mentor Fair Sponsored by: 6:00pm6:30pm Reception 6:30pm6:45pm Brief Welcome 6:45pm8:00pm Breakout Rooms Mentor List/Room Assignment Sheet 8:00pm8:30pm

Wrap-Up Can turn in Mentor Selection Form if ready Sample Questions for Mentors Tell me about your company & current position How have you navigated your career? What have you enjoyed most about your career? What has challenged you? What topics do you want to focus on in mentoring students? What is your mentoring style? Why did you choose to join this program? What do you expect from your mentees? Steps to Join the Program Identify goals/objectives Visit APC, Acct or MSBL website for mentor profiles

Turn in Mentor Selection Form (online or paper) BY OCT 14 Receive mentor info by end of October

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